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Our DMC Cuba - Cubafortravel/Dorsemo SA is an experienced Destination Managment company that offers you a real Cuban experience. Some say Cuba is another world and if you want to bring your best clients here you need someone with the know-how and the contacts. And that’s what we do, we manage this destination for you. To make it even better we are a member of World of DMCs and SITE.

Johan Dorssemont, manager of Cubafortravel and an experienced MICE industry expert, is of Belgian origin and after some world-wide travels ended up in Cuba in 1998. Since then his life has been dedicated to get the best out of this wonderful and orginal country and offering Cuba to foreign visitors as a unique but always enjoyable experience.
He welcomes your guests in fluent English, French, Spanish, Dutch or German.

Among others we offer you:

  • Incentive travel
  • Tailor-made travel
  • Private travel
  • Theme travel
  • Cuba roundtrip
  • Special interest tours

See who chose us:

  • IT businesses: Toshiba, Infotec, Canon
  • Car Industry: Renault, Fiat,..
  • Financial World: AXA, OVB, RVS, MLP, Wesbank
  • Telecommunication: Vodafon

Cuba is about blending. Cuba is not one identity; it is a mixture of eras coming together. It is the past still hanging on with old building, old cars, and old ways of thinking while the future is knocking on the door. It is the colonial times of clearly Spanish influences together with the economic boom right after the turn of the century under strong US presence, and then a 180 degrees turn with the communist organization and a Soviet stamp. Even after the collapse of the Eastern Block Cuba is still hanging on and the future is looking good. Since the US is opening up to Cuba after 55 years of embargo tourism is growing at unprecedented speed.  “Come now before it all changes!” is the message you hear everywhere and the only problem is: they are right.

Cuba is about enjoyment. You come here to drink the original mojitos, to listen to the real Cuban music, to dance the true salsa. You come here to savor a kitchen prepared from natural products. You come here to converse in a direct and friendly way with the locals.


Why should you visit Cuba?

  • Cuba is a treasure of cultural history. From the 17th till the 20th century Havana has been one of the leading cities of the world, the Latin-American city by excellence, with a huge architectural patrimony. Nature is very varied here with protected tropical forests, mountains and sea side areas.
  • Havana along with some other places have a buzzing nightlife carried by creative native musicians. This is the motherland of rum and the birthplace of many cocktails like mojito, cuba libre and piña colada.
  • The weather is year round pleasantly warm, tropical and inviting. Very rarely the weather conditions make the planned activities impossible, on the contrary the weather makes them that much agreeable.
  • People are authentically friendly and hospitable. People are honest and good in nature, not always efficient and professionally serviceable but they are good people with an open heart, very sociable and communicative.

Cuba has the all-inclusive beach resorts for total relaxation, at all levels of luxury, in accessible places like Varadero or more remote as Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Coco or Holguin beach. Quality chains have their hotels  like Melia, Iberostar or Warwick. The perfect ending for the Cuban experience.


Dive into the Cuban provincial life and enjoy a stay of a few days in Trinidad. It has everything: accessible mountains with trails through tropical forests leading to waterfalls where you can swim in, the perfect Caribbean beach with the unpretentious thatched roof bar and restaurant, the colonial pedestrian center dating back to the 18th century. And above all a natural night life of small bars and restaurants and music in the streets.
Trinidad is not about luxury but about immersion into a jovial safe provincial city where time stood still long ago.


No city is like Havana. It is the identity of the country. The majestic Malecon or Sea Front Boulevard with its architecture from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th Century is the post card picture of Cuba. But the best is to get lost in the pedestrian zone of Old Havana and discover plaza after plaza. Or explore the residential architecture in Vedado or Miramar.
Havana is about the streets with the variation of transportation means between bici-taxis, vintage cars of the 50ies, Ladas or Polish Fiats from the Soviet era, colonial horse coaches, all blending together with the pastel colors of the buildings.
Look out for those small paladars or private restaurants who understood the art of mixing Caribbean, Cuban and International kitchen. Enjoy their genuine hospitality.
Sure you won’t forget the night life and the music. More and more bars and music places pop up where you can try the true Cuban mojitos and daiquiris listening to the latest Cuban music being performed life, of course.

Come and Try your Mojito in Havana?

The mojito was invented by Angel Martinez, a shopkeeper of a small grocery, in the middle of a Street in Old Havana. That is why everybody knows it as the Bodeguita del Medio, the grocery store in the middle of the Street. Ernest Hemingway came by there a lot as his printer lived in front. And to kill all that printing time Angel served him refreshments which ended in the mojito we all know now worldwide.

You take a spoon full of sugar, some good lemon drops and fresh mint leaves. But not any mint. It has to be the one that grows only in Cuba. You squash the mint so it mingles with the sugar and the lemon. Then you add the genuine Cuban rum at best 3 years old, softly aged. Add to your liking and don’t be shy. Add quite some ice cubes before you add enough soda to fill the glass. There is your mojito. Enjoy it as it refreshes you from the Cuban tropical sun.

Cubafortravel sets up incentive programs in Havana and for sure we include lots of mojitos and a visit to the original Bodeguita del Medio.


Your gala night in Old Havana

Cuba is the place for gala dinners because from an appetizer cocktail to a digestive cigar we dance to life music in the exotic surroundings of a beach with palm trees or the background of a colonial palace or plaza.

With Cubafortravel you can enjoy Cuban culture with all senses. We propose here a gala dinner during the stay of your group in Havana.

At sunset guests are picked up from the hotel by classic American convertible vintage cars. Don’t get dressed too fancy because Cuba is no place for tie and cocktail dresses. Just feel at ease and dress to dance.
You drive over the Malecon Boulevard to Old Havana while you see the Cubans enjoy the sunset and they see you drive by.
On arrival at the Plaza Vieja a variety of Cuban cocktails are served. The Plaza is public but a corner is set off for the group. The tables have gala outfit and are set in front of a stage. The surroundings is all colonial style architecture
When guests are seated a 4 set menu is served with lobster as main dish accompanied by fish and shrimps.
During dinner a band plays traditional Cuban music world widely known as Buenavista Social Club. Of course guests are invited to dance on the rhythm of the music.

After dinner we continue by bus to the newest night venue in Havana the Fabrica de Arte. In a former vegetable-oil-factory a group of Cuban artists have made a night venue that combines art exhibitions with modern music performances and not to forget the many bars with Cuban cocktails. The building houses many areas and quiet corners to walk around, meet people, listen to music or observe the art on exhibition. Guests have a special credit card to drink in the many bars of the place. There are buses returning to the hotel.

This gala dinner is possible starting 25 to 750 pax.

Come and try them in Havana with


Cuba in the spotlights

No other destination has received so much positive attention last year as Cuba. Since Obama and the Cuban president Raul Castro have agreed to work towards reconciliation the increase in arrivals is above all expectations. People want to see the old Cuba before it changes.

Truly Havana is still a charming old lady with surprising architecture of the last 500 years from colonial buildings over neo-classic and eclectic styles to the Modernism of the 50ies. Everywhere in the streets you see the classic American vintage cars of the 50ies next to the ladas of the Soviet era. People are genuinely friendly and hospitable and it is one of the safest big cities in the world.

The country side is a green oasis of tobacco plantations with farmers working the lands in the most organic and manual way possible.  The beaches are pristine, white and inviting.

At Imex Frankfurt World of DMC stand F430 you find the member DMC Cubafortravel with Mr Johan Dorssemont always ready for a talk about the possibilities for your incentives to Cuba.


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