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MICE : Meetings, Incentives, Congress & Events:
Across Morocco, our Moroccan DMC, makes its know-how and its experience at your disposal.
Together, we work on developing an original concept, we advise you in the selection of adequate sites and partners and follow up on the customized project from its inception to its fulfillment.
We conduct our work with a great attention to detail, we respect your time and budgetary constraints and plan your event with a concern for maximum impact.
Even we never cease to be amazed by the hidden treasures of our country and attempt to continually devise new moments of intense emotions for you all the time.

Across Morocco offers a complete range of high quality group and individual trips.
Following its rigorous selection of charming and luxurious hotels, Riads, Kasbahs, Bivouacs, Across Morocco is committed to creating the trip of your dreams, a customized trip that meets your expectations and caters to your desires while taking into account your budget.

A la carte trips: FIT Luxury
Across Morocco offers a complete range of high quality group and individual trips.
Following its rigorous selection of charming and luxurious hotels, Riads, Kasbahs, Bivouacs, Across Morocco is committed to creating the trip of your dreams, a customized trip that meets your expectations and caters to your desires while taking into account your budget.

Our service

  • Incentive Travels
  • Conferences, Seminars, Business Meetings
  • Event Planning
  • A la carte Travel

Morocco: a good image as a destination

  • Good positioning in the minds of visitors
  • Value added and differentiation from other destinations (Special offering, culture and spare-time activities according to the client needs, good value for money)
  • Professionalism of the tourist industry and a varied offering of mediators and product specifiers (DMC, PCO, incoming and incentive travel agencies …)
  • Social and political security and stability
  • Weather conditions broadly favorable for the organization of events

Morocco: A diversified global offer

  • Hotels of all categories and particularly a top range hotel structure adapted to the MICE segment (5-star hotels, Riads, palaces, etc…)
  • Existence of international hotel chains
  • Conference centers fully equipped with conference and banquet facilities.
  • Event-supporting Services (hostesses, translation services, audio-visual and technological equipment)
  • Diversified cuisine and high quality catering.
  • Leisure and cultural activities to meet the client needs
  • Events of international reputation (music festivals,sporting events, …)
  • Shopping, Well-being, Watersports activitiesNature & Adventure...

Morocco: Huge growth in transport infrastructure

  • Airports with required services
  • Developing national and international air frequencies
  • Road and highway network in good condition
  • A private transport service tailored to the sector requirements (coaches, minibuses, cars, luxury cars…)
  • Train services and High Speed Railways will soon be available
Casablanca … The metropolis

Though not as atmospheric as other Moroccan cities, Casablanca is the best representation of the modern nation. This is where money is being made, where young Moroccans come to seek their fortunes and where business and the creative industries prosper.

The number of construction projects currently under way here is simply extraordinary – major redevelopments include those at Pl Mohammed V and the Parc de la Ligue Arabe, and new public buildings include the Grand Théâtre de Casablanca.

The city’s handsome Mauresque buildings, which meld French-colonial design and traditional Moroccan style, are best admired in the Downtown area. Visitors who spend time there, in the Quartier Habous and in the beachside suburb of Ain Diab are sure to get into the local swing of things and realise that this old pirate lair is looking towards the future, embracing the European-flavoured urban sophistication that has underpinned life here for the past century.

Southern Morocco

The Souss Valley, where goats climb argan trees beneath the sun-baked Anti Atlas, draws a line across Morocco. South of this fertile valley, the pace of life in mountain villages and Saharan gateways is seductively slow.

A sense of somewhere really fresh and undiscovered gusts through the region like the spring winds – and you’ll want to savour it. On elegantly wrecked seafronts, sip a mint tea and gaze at the wild Atlantic coast. When trekking, mountain biking or driving through wrinkled Anti Atlas foothills, stop before the next oasis village and appreciate the silence.

The locals, from Chleuh Berbers in the Souss to Western Sahara’s Saharawi people, seem determined to complement the landscapes. Their light robes flutter under desert skies, and their dark herds dot rocky hillsides.

Continue even further south to Dakhla for some of the world’s best kitesurfing, and an emerging scene for outdoor activities and desert exploration.

Tangier… The mythical

Guarding the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier has for centuries been Africa’s gateway from Europe. Its blend of cultures and influences is unique in Morocco – for much of its history it wasn’t even governed by Morocco.

Tangier has always carried a slightly seedy allure, in part due to its time as a semi-independent international zone that attracted eccentric foreigners, artists and spies. Officially sanctioned neglect later gave it a dismal reputation, and visitors were often were quick to flee its sleaze and hustle.

Contemporary Tangier could hardly be more different. Investment has flowed in and the white city gleams with an air of confidence. The corniche bustles, entrepreneurs in the new business district have replaced the hustlers, and a new marina is under construction, along with the new TGV train line to Casablanca. Tangier’s cultural life is buzzing in a way it hasn’t done since the 1950s.

Fez…. The Spiritual…

An ancient breeding ground for scholars and artisans, imams and gourmands – Fez is a supremely self-confident city with a historical and cultural lineage that beguiles visitors. And there is something intangibly raw about a place where 70,000 people still choose to live in the maelstrom of a medina so dark, dense and dilapidated that it remains the world’s largest car-free urban area. Donkeys cart goods down the warren of alleyways as they have done since medieval times, and ruinous pockets loom around every corner – though a government drive to restore Fès el-Bali to its former glory is spurring changes.

Fez’ medina can seem like it’s in a state of perpetual pandemonium; some visitors fall instantly in love and others recoil in horror. But its charms are many. Seemingly blind alleys lead to squares with exquisite fountains and streets bursting with aromatic food stands, rooftops unveil a sea of minarets, and stooped doorways reveal the workshops of tireless artisans.

Essaouira… The magnificent Mogador…

Essaouira is one of the most enjoyable and attractive of the Atlantic coastal towns, famous for its laid-back atmosphere and its long sandy beach.

The Portuguese created a military stronghold there in the 15th century, then lost the town in 1541. It became a haven for pirates until the 18th century when Sultan Mohammed ben Abdullah established it as a free port.

The town quickly developed into a major trading centre with a large foreign and Jewish population. In the 1960s Essaouira became popular as a stop on the ‘hippy trail’.

Today, Essaouira is a fortified seaside town with a wide range of architectural styles – a charming place with blue-shuttered, whitewashed houses, quiet squares, art galleries and beautiful long beaches.

Marrakech…. The pearl of the desert …

Marrakech the red city, pearl of the desert …

Founded in 1070 by the Chief of the Almoravides dynasty, Youssef Ben Tachfine, Marrakech is an oasis town, located in a sumptuous setting at the foot of the majestic, snow-capped Atlas mountains. It has been for centuries a major trading post between Africa and Europe and is known as “The Red City”, “The Pearl of the South” and “The Gateway to the Desert”. More than nine centuries of imperial glory mixed with Arab and Berber traditions still very much alive give the city an unrivalled charm. Marrakech features an abundance of attractions: It is a very safe destination with an ancient tradition of hospitality so travellers feel secure and very welcome by some of the friendliest people in the world.
It evokes relaxation, sun, calm, lazing beside swimming pools, in an enchanting setting of perfumed gardens, exotic plants and palm trees. It is a true paradise for shopping at absolute bargain prices, winter sunbathing – with beautiful weather almost all year round, especially in Winter. There’s golfing from a choice of three world-class golf courses or even skiing at the nearby High Atlas Mountains.

An Atlas of Stars… By Across Morocco

To greet your star performers on their incentive or end a great day of teambuilding….

Glamp the Across Morocco way under the Milky Way and party in the desert with the Atlas Mountains as your backdrop.

Across Morocco can add those luxury touches and star entertainment tailored to your budget and concept.

Dine royally like a Berber King, party and dance the night away.

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