An Atlas of Stars… By Across Morocco

To greet your star performers on their incentive or end a great day of teambuilding….

Glamp the Across Morocco way under the Milky Way and party in the desert with the Atlas Mountains as your backdrop.

Across Morocco can add those luxury touches and star entertainment tailored to your budget and concept.

Dine royally like a Berber King, party and dance the night away.

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Athens, but not as you know it!









Metropolitan DMC selects the best, most thrilling Athens experiences to motivate your incentive group. Voted second on the list of best European destinations for city breaks in 2016, Athens surprises & charms visitors.


New 5* Hotels open in Athens

The past few months have brought exciting new arrivals on the scene, most notably the much anticipated Wyndham Grand and the Electra Metropolis. A new 5* Coco Mat Hotel in the Acropolis area is set to open in 2018. Stunning views combined with top notch service and new facilities ensure your delegates have an unforgettable experience.













































(from top to bottom) Electra Metropolis roof top bar, room with a view at the Wyndham Grand Athens, the existing Coco Mat Hotel in Kolonaki area.


Unrivalled Night Life

Athenians are known for their love of enjoying the finer things the city has to offer, meaning there is no shortage of bars and restaurants that are continually upping their game. Cocktails are a serious business, and at Baba Au Rum they are treated with the respect they deserve! No wonder the bar earned a spot on the Worlds Best Bar Selection 2016. Another favourite is The Clumsies, a bar that  combines a modern yet cozy atmosphere with world class cocktails. For cutting edge cuisine right next to the Acropolis head to Epta, a sophisticated and imaginative restaurant that seamlessly combines the classic and the modern.






































































(from top to bottom) Unique cocktails created at Baba Au Rum, the Clumsies bar interior, a feast at Epta 7 Restaurant.


Al fresco entertainment

To make the most of the amazing climate many forms of entertainment that are usually enjoyed indoors are taken outdoors. Amazing amphitheaters like the Herod Atticus, just below the Acropolis, or Epidavrus are truly unique and unforgettable. The open air cinema is another unique Greek summer experience. Set in lush gardens or on rooftop terraces, some with views of the floodlit Acropolis. Let Metropolitan DMC arrange a private showing with cocktails & canapes under the stars!


































(from top to bottom) The Herod Atticus Odeon constructed around 174 AD, open air cinema in Thision area.


Unique History

The New Acropolis Museum houses an astounding array of marble sculptures & artifacts. The building itself is a work of art based on the mathematical & conceptual clarity of the ancient Greeks with an award-winning restaurant facing the Acropolis.

































(from top to bottom) Terrace bar of the new Acropolis Museum, overlooking the Parthenon temple, and the temple itself.


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Victoria Falls Zambia may just be THE Adventure Capital of the World for Incentives


Here’s a stirring challenge. Can any global destination match southern Africa’s “Wonder of the World” Victoria Falls (Livingstone, Zambia) for the pure thrill and wide array of adrenalin eco-adventures for incentive groups?

Can any destination also offer four countries in a day? See me at IMEX World of DMCs F430.

Victoria Falls, now in its 150 millionth fantastic year, is aptly acclaimed as the supreme Adventure Capital of Africa. It’s an incentive planner’s logistical delight as there are more than 30 adventure activities to excite the senses and all are centred on the Zambezi River and within 20 minutes from your hotel.

Then, just an hour away by coach, in Chobe National Park, Botswana, you may experience some of the finest wildlife on earth, including the largest elephant herds anywhere and the special added dimension of safari by boat, where crocodiles, hippos and elephants swimming are regular sightings. The narrow Chobe River overlooks Namibia’s Caprivi Strip and thus, as a creative DMC, we are able to offer the enticing possibility of visiting four countries in a day! You’ll have the passport stamps from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia to prove it.

The signature adventure is the world’s finest one-day white water rafting in the mesmerising gorges below Victoria Falls. Check it out on Trip Advisor – it’s the number one of 34 activities featured. You may select from half-day full-day or multi-day camping trips. Just look at

Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls may be the ultimate adventure!


Right up on the high-adrenalin list are several Wow! Wow! Wow! activities that include taking a plunge in the rock pool at the very edge of the mightiest curtain of falling water in the world (with a 111m drop); canoeing the Zambezi through gentle rapids but being ever-aware of the presence of hippos and crocodiles; micro-lighting over the falls; the gorge swing and the terrifying 111m bungee jump off the bridge with the Victoria Falls as a backdrop.


Look at all of this and many more temptations on and Let’s Keep Exploring!



The Copper Canyon is one of the longest and deepest canyon systems in the world, by far larger than the Grand Canyon. A spectacular railroad crosses the canyon, and the area is also home of the Tarahumara.
The Tarahumara Indians – also known as “The Running People“ – have been doing long-distance running contests through the immense Copper Canyon for hundreds of years. They just wear sandals, and they don’t train. Your Incentive to the Copper Canyon can include running and competing next to Tarahumara runners.
Thrill-seekers can also zip across the canyon along seven lines as high as 450 meters above the ground, for a total length of 5km.

Active Incentive Activities in Greece


Athens may have a reputation for it’s relaxing atmosphere, however there is plenty to offer for those who prefer a more action packed program.


Rib Boat Coastal Adventure










Excitement, Adrenaline & Fun, Swimming & Snorkelling – all this in one seaside adventure on Athens coast!

Super inflatable rib boat for a day of sea & sun along Athens Riviera. Stops are made at small islands and secluded coves for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing. Depending on time available, it is possible to cruise to the bay below the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion.

Here the group could disembark and enjoy a casual lunch at a simple seaside tavern before returning to the rib boats.


Vintage Scooter Art & Architecture Tour















Explore the unique beauty of the Athenian architecture. Your vintage scooter will offer you flexibility and comfort while discovering masterpieces of classic and contemporary architecture, exquisite neighborhoods and public spaces. A different way to approach sightseeing!




Copenhagen offers exciting and thrilling activities in the city and its surroundings, so whether you are looking for an adrenaline kick, a fun and playful day or just an experience out of the ordinary, there is plenty of opportunities here.

High roping forest

Climb the outdoor high roping course filled with obstacles between the trees. Different scenarios offer different challenges from a height of 10 meters to 22 meters above ground. The course offers great fun and an excellent way to do team building and push boundaries.

Take flight

Imagine if you could fly? Imagine if you could control your movements through the air, without the risk associated jumping from a plane. Well, Copenhagen offers just that experience. Body flight is a unique way to feel like you are soaring through the air feeling free. The wind tunnel in Copenhagen is blowing a constant stream of air, giving you the feeling of being weightless, allowing you to learn how to fly without leaving the ground.

Quite time in the sky

Enjoy the peace of the skies, as you take off in one of the beautiful hot air balloons. While the air is getting thinner, the view keeps getting better. Gaze upon the landscape of Denmark, while you drift below the skies towards Malmö in Sweden.

Water is Blue, Wind is Green

Hop onboard the RIB boat, as we take you out of the vast sea of Oresund, speeding past the old forts. The combination of speed, water mist in the air, and the scenery will leave you breathless. Along the tour, you will see one of Denmark greatest windmill parks with over 20 windmills.



This adventure starts by crossing the Mayan jungle (near Cancun/Riviera Maya) on board a Mercedes Benz Unimog, and then rappelling 12 meters down into a beautiful turquoise ‘cenote’ or sinkhole. The Yucatan Peninsula has over 3000 cenotes, formed by underground fresh water rivers, and sacred to the Maya because they represented the entrance to the underworld.
The adventure continues by flying over the lush jungle on a zip-line, and snorkelling in the otherworldly Nohoch Nah Chiich cavern. This is the entrance to the Sac-Actun system, the longest underground river on earth!
At the end of this amazing experience, a local shaman will perform a Mayan purification ceremony.

The Elephant Cafe at Victoria Falls is a bush gourmet cuisine sensation


In the remote wilds of authentic Africa, on the banks of the Zambezi River 14 kms above Victoria Falls, the exclusive Elephant Café is pursuing a passionate vision that excites the senses – to provide a sublimely unique gastronomic bush gourmet cuisine experience “like none other in the world.”

Gourmet Chef de Cuisine, Annabel Hughes, heads the team that conjures up wild menu delights. She’s a devoted “foodie” who uses the fresh fruits and nuts of the wilds and states on her delightful Blog: “I cook, I garden, I forage, I write a Blog about African fusion food where garden-to-table meets bush cuisine.”

Follow Annabel’s blog, Savanna Bel, about The Elephant Cafe and the cuisine of the wilds near Livingstone (Victoria Falls Zambia.

Annabel lives on a farm near the restaurant. “The Elephant Cafe provides an experience like none other in the whole world – interacting with elephants in the remote wilds on the banks of the Zambezi River while eating delectable fresh local food with a wild element,” she says.

The Elephant Café is part of The Explorer Club Africa group that incorporates adventure activity operator Safari par Excellence, the Victoria Falls Conference Centre and the luxury 77-room David Livingstone Safari Lodge & Spa.The Café has been shortlisted for the 2017 Luxury Travel Guide Awards and is Zambia’s Best New Restaurant 2016.

The specialist MICE ground-handling division – including southern African incentive pioneer Glen Byrom – creates and delivers unique incentives and meetings for blue-chip clients. The Elephant Café seats just 24….Imagine! Your blue-chip incentive group using this exclusive venue. Arrive by jet boats (20-minute trip includes exploring the channels of the Zambezi) or on 4 x 4 safari vehicles through the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park.

For such a small and exclusive group seeking sheer luxury in the wilds then our own group’s River Club will astonish and delight!

Just 11 magnificent suites in total harmony with nature and its own sumptuous boardroom too…not to mention gymnasium, grass tennis, croquet, sublime pool, a Rolls Royce and more.

Here’s a link to typical Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea and Dinner menus at The Elephant Café menu to tantalize your taste buds!

The Menu

PIEROGI GOURMET – Taste of Poland

Considered to be the dish which Poland is famous for, Pierogi is good for all occasions. Whether eaten in a high-class restaurant, in a market place cafe with a cold beer, or home-cooked for a few friends – it’s hard not to eat in and enjoy them.


As everybody likes eating well and if it takes place in a nice scenery of Krakow’s places and if in addition this food is being prepared before our very eyes by a person, who is not only an excellent cook but also tells brilliant stories about origins of prepared dishes… This is a very interesting activity for people interested in getting to know more about the Polish culture and, of course, its gastronomy! We start in the morning walking Old Kleparz market where we will buy the ingredients for today’s cooking class. For the pierogi – dumplings, we will hand out a buying list, together with a few euros – at Kleparz, all ingredients are fresh and best quality.


In the restaurant the chef is already waiting for us with all necessary equipment and cooking stands and ready to start preparation of pierogi. In the beginning of the lesson, you will receive a booklet of Polish recipes for pierogi. Pierogi are served in a variety of forms and tastes ranging from sweet to salty to spicy. Pierogi were traditionally peasant food, but eventually spread in popularity throughout all social classes, including nobles. They are served at many festivals, playing an important role as a cultural Polish dish.

Roll up your sleeves and put on your aprons for a few hours of hands-on cooking – Polish style!

Would you like to learn how to make pierogi? Contact us