Come and Try your Mojito in Havana?

The mojito was invented by Angel Martinez, a shopkeeper of a small grocery, in the middle of a Street in Old Havana. That is why everybody knows it as the Bodeguita del Medio, the grocery store in the middle of the Street. Ernest Hemingway came by there a lot as his printer lived in front. And to kill all that printing time Angel served him refreshments which ended in the mojito we all know now worldwide.

You take a spoon full of sugar, some good lemon drops and fresh mint leaves. But not any mint. It has to be the one that grows only in Cuba. You squash the mint so it mingles with the sugar and the lemon. Then you add the genuine Cuban rum at best 3 years old, softly aged. Add to your liking and don’t be shy. Add quite some ice cubes before you add enough soda to fill the glass. There is your mojito. Enjoy it as it refreshes you from the Cuban tropical sun.

Cubafortravel sets up incentive programs in Havana and for sure we include lots of mojitos and a visit to the original Bodeguita del Medio.


Ice Hockey World Championship, Cologne & Paris: 05.-21. May 2017

The countdown has started: In less than 100 days the best Ice Hockey teams come together in Cologne & Paris!

The 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship will be held for the 3rd time in Cologne and the 2nd time in Paris. The tournament days are from 5th to 21st of May in 2017. The preliminary round will be played in both cities. The Semi-Finals, the Bronze Medal and Gold Medal Game will be played in Cologne.

The preliminary round of group A is hosted in Cologne’s LANXESS arena. The teams of group A are: Russia, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, Latvia and Italy.

Get on overview of the games: Overview games

Situated in the heart of Cologne, Germany‘s media capital in the River Rhine Valley, the LANXESS arena offers a new dimension for indoor events. With a future oriented concept it operates one of the largest, sophisticated and most frequented multi-purpose arenas in Europe.

Tickets are still available!

Organizing the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey Word Championship together, Germany and France have broken new ground. For the first time two countries jointly applied for the tournament. They have planned and organized it together, putting in practice every day its motto “Together for 2017”.

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Hamburg welcomes the Elbphilharmonie


It is finally done! It almost took 10 years to build the new sign of Hamburg: The Elbphilarmonie – and today is the big day of the opening! In a ceremonial act with a great light show and an opening concert the concert hall was opened in January 2017.

The Elbphilharmonie is more than an impressive and modern concert hall. The 5-star hotel “The Westin Hamburg” with its 244 rooms, meeting facilities, restaurant and bar is located there as well.

Between the old warehouse and the new glass structure, a plaza of about 4.000 m² has been built at 37 meters high, which is open to the public and offering a spectacular view of the city and the harbor. / Maxim Schulz


Metropolitan DMC: Our promise to you for 2017










Christmas is a time of giving. We believe this caring and thoughtful outlook on life and our fellow human beings should define us all-year-round. To this end, we have decided to launch a more far-reaching, holistic project to support causes in Greece close to our hearts and hope that our clients will be inspired to engage and complement our efforts. We have selected the Bodossaki Foundation as our partner. Since its establishment, the Foundation has administered over €400 million, in education, improving medical and research infrastructures, protecting the environment and reducing inequality of opportunities. We firmly believe that we rise by lifting others.

Christmas is a time of giving. A time to consider those in need. A time to make a difference in someone’s life and help them improve their living conditions.

We believe this caring and thoughtful outlook on life and our fellow human beings should define us all-year-round.

Metropolitan DMC and DB Meetings and Events are two companies who have for years specialized in tailor-made programmes in Greece for incentives, meetings, conferences and specialist groups. Recently, we have begun a collaboration, drawing from each others pool of expertise, contacts and inspiration, to optimize our capabilities for innovation in meetings, events and incentives in Greece.

This Christmas, instead of sending out cards and gifts to all our esteemed clients and cooperators, we have decided to launch a more far-reaching, holistic project to support causes in Greece close to our hearts. Throughout the coming year, we will be introducing a tailor-made corporate responsibility element into all our quotes and proposals, in the hope that our clients will be inspired to engage and complement our efforts. We will regularly share information on what we achieve. And clients participating in a specific event will be kept abreast of the impact their participation has had.

All the causes are in support of individuals and institutions in Greece. People who believe in the uniqueness of this little corner of the world, its beauty, its amazing energy and its potential for excellence.

To ensure transparency, efficiency and due diligence in all our CSR activities, we have selected the Bodossaki Foundation as our partner. The Foundation was established in 1973 and is one of the largest privately owned public-benefit organizations in Greece. Since its establishment, the Foundation has administered over €400 million, in education, improving medical and research infrastructures, protecting the environment and reducing inequality of opportunities.

The initiatives we will be proposing cover the following areas:

• Supporting the unique agricultural products of Greece
• Supporting cutting-edge biomedical research in Greece
• Supporting hospitals in Greece with much-needed specialist equipment
• Supporting schools in Greece with equipment and books
• Supporting young people in their studies through scholarships
• Supporting young people in finding a job through work experience placements
• Supporting people who live below or along the poverty line
• Helping unaccompanied refugee children in Greece
• Supporting NGOs

The projects we are passionate about and will be proposing, are designed to bring about maximum social impact and will seek to highlight the “essence” of Greece that our two companies embody through our approach and business activity. Namely:

● Feelings: Solidarity, Compassion, Empathy
● Landscape: Beautiful colours and richness of the land and the sea that constitute its diversity and uniqueness
● Values/Qualities: Innovation, Excellence, Self-Development, Sustainability, Originality/Uniqueness

We firmly believe that we rise by lifting others.

Have you ever eaten a St. Martin’s Croissant, better known as rogale marcińskie?

111111111 What makes the St. Martin Croissant so special?

This is a traditional delicacy of Poznan: yummy croissants with white poppy seeds, nuts and raisins. There are many legends associated with the ‘rogal’ . One of them has it that the first person to bake the ‘rogal’ was the confectioner Jan Melzer, who encouraged his employer to bake croissants and offer them to the city’s poor. He came up with the idea in the middle of the 19th century, having listened to the preachings of a priest in St. Martin’s parish. As to the shape of the ‘rogal’, legend has it that it resembles a horseshoe because the town’s confectioners found a horseshoe which was said to have been lost by St.Martin’s horse.


On 11 November – St Martin’s Day – and prior to it, about 400 tonnes of the delicacy are sold – and eaten – in the Poznań region.

All the year round croissants taste the same and therefore being in Poznan it’s worth a try. And even better idea is to shop, where you can learn how to bake.


A new interesting haunt on the map of Warsaw – Koszyki Hall.

Finally, a new place radiating with the feel of New York`s Chelsea Market or, for some, Madrid`s Mercado de San Miguel, has opened up in Warsaw. Under one industrial roof dozens of restaurants and bars with wide ranging menus have sprung to life. You can eat on the spot or pick and choose form the assortment of gourmet shops where to stock up for the weekend. Koszyki Hall invites friends for a casual get together but is also prepared to cater for business meetings. The place oozes with exceptional atmosphere.

kosztyki-1kosztyki-2 kosztyki-3kosztyki-4

Why come here? We can think of three reasons:

ONE: this newly refurbished art nouveau marketplace hall dating back to the beginning of 20th century impresses with its space and persistently minimalistic décor,

TWO: it is the food enthusiasts who create its unforgettable atmosphere – vendors can talk about fine taste for hours on end!

THREE: it`s smack in the middle of Warsaw. No excuses, just make your way over there!


Mexican Caribbean, perfect for wellness

The Riviera Maya Area, is well known for the archaeological sites, amazing beaches and lately for the high quality hotels focused in wellness and spa services.

During your next visit we highly recommend the following options to have a wellness experience.


Rosewood Mayakoba – Riviera Maya

Hotel Rosewood Mayakoba is a sanctuary for both physical and spiritual rejuvenation. Guests of this Riviera Maya spa resort calm their minds and bodies within the spa and fitness facilities — including a heated pool, fully equipped gym, saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzi, cold plunge pool and relaxation areas as well as yoga and meditation classes.









Viceroy Riviera Maya

The Spa at Viceroy Riviera Maya is a full-service resort spa near Playa del Carmen. As an eternal source of regenerative energy, the sea symbolizes equilibrium, comfort and the restoration of indispensable life forces. Similarly, Mexico’s tropical expanse of forest along the Maya Riviera is a treasure trove of natural curatives, blessed with one of the world’s most extensive and diverse selections of native herbs.

Drawing from each of these bountiful sources, the Spa’s treatments offer powerful combinations of natural marine elements joined with native, aromatic herbs. The Spa’s special Phyto-dermocosmetic products tap the wisdom of ancient Maya traditions, utilizing Mexican herbs with potent healing benefits for both body and soul.


A healthy getaway in Poland! Make your event in one of great SPA hotels in Poland!

Growing interest in physical activity and healthy living transforms the face or our business. High standard of accommodation or breath-taking views have long stopped to impress. When choosing a hotel availability of healthy lifestyle options plays an increasing role. Polish four and five star hotels offer wellness zones and spas as part of their standard package, however, guests` requirements continue to raise. They inquire about gym facilities, diet consultants and fitness classes with personal trainers available.

narvil   poziom511

Investors quickly respond to those global trends aiming to enrich their portfolio with specialised wellness hotels. These facilities, early on from the design phase, strive for highest standards, best equipment with newest infrastructure all planned and executed to cater for needs of most demanding guests, attended to by highly qualified staff.

Location is also of paramount importance and Poland – famous for its wonderful nature – offers many possibilities. Lakes of Masuria, rocky skyline of the Tatras, Jurassic Highland just outside of Krakow – each of those locations may be reason enough to plan a getaway from the city.

poziom5112   mera-spa-hotel-w-sopocie-5aleja-2-940-500-wplok

One of the most recognized brand names in this branch of industry was created by Dr Irena Eris. Doctor of Pharmacy, she created her brand in the late 1990s and has grown a cosmetic empire, later branching out into Spa and Wellness Hotels in Poland. Currently, Dr Eris owns three luxurious Spa Hotels in Poland: in Krynica Zdrój, Wzgórza Dylewskie and Polanica Zdrój. Irena Eris brand is the only Polish brand admitted to the prestigious Comite Colbert, a club whose members are exclusive brands like Guerlain, Cartier, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc.

spa-krynica-4   czarny-potok   dr-eris

Blooming Beauty in Bali

five_elements_bali_herb five_elements_bali_set_menu_course five_elements_bali_treatment

Revive your beauty radiance in this luxurious journey of supremely nourishing spa rituals. Feel the benefits of Bali’s plants that promote anti-ageing, wild-crafted flower essences, and the nurturing care of our Balinese therapists. Followed by a three-course gourmet lunch/dinner at the Sakti Dining Room.


Pick up from your hotel in South Bali or Ubud, and transfer in an air-conditioned vehicle to Five Elements eco-wellness retreat in Mambal. The exclusive day experience begins with the Aroma massage, which is a traditional Balinese massage using aromatic essential oils for healing and relaxation. A bathing ritual follows, which uses colorful Balinese flowers and Ahimsa bath oil. The signature Super Food Facial deep cleanses and reactivates healthy glowing skin.

In the treatments the healing powers of plants are combined with a comprehensive range of authentic beauty rituals, fresh organic bathing and skin care, and the deeply relaxing touch of healing massages from dedicated therapists.

After the sessions enjoy lunch or dinner at the Sakti Dining Room in beautiful surroundings overlooking the Ayung River, which is dedicated to healing cuisine.

After lunch spend time relaxing at the swimming pool before the transfer back to your hotel.


*Healing Massage: Aroma Massage

Referred to as “nature’s living energy”, aromatic essential oils have been recognized for more than 6,000 years for healing and relaxation. Inhaling their fragrance can be helpful in improving our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Combined with the soothing power of our traditional Balinese massage, these oils are absorbed through the skin and carried around the body stimulating our natural immune system. Select your favorite scent from our array of Five Elements aromatherapy blends with pure “Phyto” essences promoting inner harmony, allowing an organic healing process to unfold.

*Facial Care: Five Elements Super Foods Facial

Dedicated to supreme nourishment, this signature facial is the perfect solution to deeply cleanse and re-activate healthy, glowing skin. Experience the benefits of Bali-grown Neem, containing natural anti-oxidant properties, followed by an aromatic floral steam bath. A fresh pineapple serum rich in enzymes will then be applied to draw out oiliness and impurities. Chilled quartz crystals are used to stimulate and re-awaken the skin while fresh Aloe Vera gel renews the complexion. To further nourish your skin, you will receive a relaxing face-décolleté and neck massage followed by a spiraling seaweed mask, to compliment this luxurious journey in revitalizing your skin.

For more information please contact