Argentina – By ATP DMC

ARGENTINA, the second largest country in South America, is a vast, diverse and stunning nation known best for its romantic tango and political heroine Eva Perón.

The earthy colours of Northwest Argentina

The name ARGENTINA has its roots in the silver – argentums – gifts that the native Indians offered the first Spanish conquerors in the early 16th. Century.
ARGENTINA today offers a wealth of rich experiences for groups, incentives, MICE travel and individuals, imbued with the same spirit of generous hospitality that has characterised its people throughout the centuries. From the Spanish and Latin immigrants who brought their customs and music to Buenos Aires, to the native Wichi and Toba communities in the North or the Welsh villages in Patagonia.
Buenos Aires
The country’s capital, Buenos Aires, is one of the world’s most sophisticated cities with excellent theatre and art, fine restaurants and wide, elegant boulevards that give the city a decidedly European feel. Located on the shores of the River Plate, Buenos Aires has outstanding hotels, restaurants, sensuous tango clubs, gaudy flee markets and excellent shopping.


Away from Buenos Aires, the country has a immense wealth of experiences and adventures to share:
The Pampas, an immense area of land located west of Buenos Aires, stretches out as far as the eye can see reducing the Gaucho, herding his cattle, to tiny dots under a vast sky.
Bariloche, the Argentine Lake District, where the Andes Mountains spread in to a land locked lake area of breath-taking beauty, complete with winter ski-resorts and summer boating, walking and riding activities to suit all ages and interests.
The thundering roar of the Iguazu Falls, the largest waterfalls in the world , surrounding you as you walk out on sturdy walkways over the plunging water.
On the foothills of the snowy Andes the city of Mendoza, the home to the Argentine Malbec grape, dark, rich and velvety, the perfect complement to the tender and tasty Argentine steak. An excellent destination for incentives!
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