Benefits of Working with a DMC

Why should you use a DMC?


A DMC, or Destination Management Company, is an invaluable partner for inbound group and incentive trips, in your country of choice, for many reasons.

Local Knowledge

When you want to impress your group, there is nothing quite like a little local knowledge and a whole lot of connections! A professional DMC will know their destination inside and out, including all the special locations that you would never hear about, as well as having local connections for everything you might need.


Professional Team

A DMC will already have a network of tried and tested professionals for every event or eventuality – a team that speaks the language, and yours, and has cultural insights enabling you to avoid all those trickly little problems. Have you ever tried hiring a local team from a distance? Why would you even want to try?

The DMC will act as an extension of your office, your eyes and ears on the ground, the pre-event team and the post-event clean-up brigade! Leaving you the time and headspace to handle the VIPs in your group!



Negotiating Power

A good DMC will have been working in that destination for several years, will have a number of events each year, and thus bargaining power when it comes to rates. Let the locals handle it!


Finger on the Pulse

A good DMC will know all the newest places, the best hotels, the hottest spots in town and the best activities available. You might know a destination, but if you have not been there in a while, things change. A good DMC knows what is hot, and what is not!


Why would you try to arrange your corporate group or incentive trip without local support? It simply makes no sense.

To see if World of DMCs has a professional DMC in your chosen destination, check out our members on this website.