Unique seating arrangements

Whether our DMCs are hosting a workshop or a gala event, one of the first things on their mind is hunting for ever-more innovative ways to arrange the seating that will speak both to the eyes and the minds of the guests. Here we highlight a few unique options according to the event style.

1 – Informal vibe: Lounge Style

As the name implies, it is ideal for an informal, flowy event. Because seating is usually quite low, maximum visibility is given to décor. The causal vibe is perfect for a free flowing crowd and the option to stand at the high tables or sit in the cozy lounge couches and chairs makes it ideal for a crowd who requires options.

lounge seating event


2 – Team building exercises : Pod Seating


This arrangement is perfect to ensure that a) every participant is able to visualize the presentation and b) breakout groups can work on an exercise together, brainstorm, etc. It is a much more intimate setting than traditional meeting arrangements. It also allows room for laptops and meals if the event requires it.

Meeting Seating Arrangement


3 – Plenary Sessions : Mix and Match


Plenary sessions can often be such a mixed bag of presentations, some more interactive than others. Because of this, we love the idea of having various seating options available to the guests, to offer something a bit different for each session. Here for example guests have the option to fully partake in the session at the theater seating area, breakway into groups at the round tables, or quietly chat on the high tables near the back.





World of DMCs Welcomes a DMC in New Zealand, Parnell Partners!

PPG is one of New Zealand’s leading destination management companies with our extensive local knowledge and expertise of all aspects of this iconic destination. This also extends to inbound Incentive programs of any size and duration.

Tony Regan, CEO of PPG, says We want to work with the best and be part of the best  – an organisation both Global in vision, and local in knowledge.”

PPG DMC have an integrated set up in all main New Zealand centres to ensure coverage for all and any destination /Management services requirements in New Zealand.


New Zealand is one of the world’s most varied and wondrous destinations. Whether it’s the wonderful scenery, the natural film sets, the modern cities based in most picturesque settings or many of the other highlights it has something for all.

It caters for those who are adventurous and those who enjoy a more leisurely itinerary, it caters for small and large groups and every day will be different with mazing contrasts.

PPG is made up of a group of dedicated professionals each with their own detailed experience and client engagement. Together they create a formidable team – a team with both the global experience and local knowledge to create , manage and enhance any event or program for you, whether it is sporting or not

Our 5 Favorite Convention Centers Across the World

1-Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC), managed by Accor Hotels, is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art convention facility. Boasting 37 breakout rooms, it offers state of the art IT, sleek design, and a plenary that can hold 6,000 delegates. The entire area, thanks to its mobile, operable walls, can be divided into 6 different spaces.

hicc hicc 3 hicc 2

2-Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DIDEC). With flagship multipurpose halls – more than one million square feet in total, one can host gatherings from 500 to as many as 12,000. DIDEC has retractable seats; soundproof walls; interpretation booths, and state of the art technology.

World Trade Centre Tower_jpg DICEC aerial view_jpg DWTC Convention Gate_jpg

3- Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). Located right next to the strip, it measures approximately 3.2 million square feet, with 2 million square feet of exhibit space and has a meeting space of almost 250,000 square feet. It seats 20 to 2,500 delegates and allows simultaneous set-up, break-down and exhibiting of multiple events.

lvcc  City Tour for 70+ Germans on their first trip to Las Vegas  Whether you need Big Blue, a sedan, minibus, sprinter, etc. We have you covered!

4-Tivoli Congress Center in Copenhagen. Today, sustainability is everything. The Tivoli Congress center is green key certified, which means that the center will do everything it can to ensure environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.47.01 Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.46.52 Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.46.40

5- Halic Congress Center Turkey.  A short 10-minute drive from the downtown hotel and shopping districts and you’re in one of the nicest congress centers around that boasts a panoramic and spectacular view of historic Istanbul. With an area of 102,000 m2, and 16,000 m2 of outdoor space, this center is perfect for hosting anything from meetings, conferences, product launchings to exhibits.

abouthalickongrecenter  Eyüp'ten Haliç Kongre Merkezi  ee1 (1)

Need a DMC in Every Corner of the World?

You’ve come to the right place! World of DMCs was born in 2007, and since then we’ve Global DMCcome a long way.

Today, our family consists of quality DMCs worldwide. All our DMCs are specialists on MICE – Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events. Our global network is run by our board of directors, all DMC members, at no profit and we would love to work with you!

Our network is built on the pillar of continued, strong engagement with Industry Education, and communication between all of our members, upholding Quality Management.

Because we have faith in how our DMCs run their business: All communications, financing and project management goes directly between the DMC member and client. No extra intermediary nor 3rd party fee is ever involved. We are not centrally-owned, so your event can be as unique as you would like it to be.

Every one of our members meets the following criteria:

  • Minimum 5 years in business
  • Physical office in the country (or US state) of operation
  • Professional webpage accurately describing their DMC services Business license issued by national or regional government
  • Public liability insurance
  • Membership at a relevant industry association such as SITE, MPI or ADMEI
  • Membership at a national or regional Convention Bureau or Tourist Board Reference letters from clients and suppliers

What are you waiting for? Send us an RFP!

Tech in the Events Industry; Let us Tell You What’s App


Here is a rundown of the coolest and most useful technology we’ve seen used in the MICE industry! Have a read and let us know which ones we’ve missed.



beacon in events

  • iBeacons: they enable smartphones, tablets and other devices to perform actions when in close proximity to the device. This technology can do so much, from helping your guests pick up their tickets to prompting them to get involved in talks through push notifications. You can even have an “around me” function to have instant access to other attendee’s linked-in profiles in your vicinity, no matter where your destination is!




  • EventsTag: EventsTag is the hottest thing in social right now. EventsTag enables users create a their own slideshow on a display. By choosing a hashtag and the social networks from which they’d like to collect social posts, these are instantly uploaded onto a display as an animated live show at your client’s meeting or event! There are so many different options as well, from on-site printing, facial recognition, analytics, and more.




  • Crowd Compass: Created by Cvent, Crowd Compass has too many different features to name them all, but here are our favorites. The Interactive Map function allows guests to zoom in an out of maps, and have full access to data on any given point. This can be used from anything to a tradeshow or conference, to an interactive treasure hunt! We also love the Social Sharing function, which allows attendees to, via hashtag, share photos and comments via social media.




  • Spotify: We know this one is not groundbreaking! But we are loving the idea of shared playlists lately! Gone are the days where you have to submit yourself to an endless playlist of less than thrilling tracks at corporate parties and meetings. The option to collaborate on the playlist is also such an icebreaker!


Which ones did we miss?


The Sharing Economy and the MICE Industry

What can be said about the “new normal” sharing economy in the MICE industry that already hasn’t? Not so long ago, companies like Uber and Airbnb were the new kids on the block, but those days are gone. The sharing economy along with innovation in general has become ubiquitous and longer established rivals like hotels and taxis have had to step aside or up the ante by reducing prices.

Even as recently as three years ago we kept hearing that Airbnb would never penetrate the MICE industry (though some of us were a bit more skeptical) but it is slowly seeping into our life. Last IBTM in Barcelona, we met an extraordinary amount of members and clients who had opted out of Barcelona’s oft-overpriced accommodations and opted in for trendy modernist flats in the heart of the city. And it’s no longer just for the “relief value” due to competitive prices; in our era of mindfulness and healthy lifestyles, some travellers truly do prefer a “home away from home” which affords them more flexibility than even the poshest of hotels. There is even talk over at Airbnb headquarters of starting a meeting planner section in the near future.

Same goes for Uber, once valued mostly for its competitive prices, now is being preferred to traditional cabs for ease of payment (who has time to exchange currency these days?) and choice. Need a helicopter? Uber Chopper has one.

Sounds great, right? But as the newcomers grow, they start to feel less like a sharing economy and more like an access economy, with all the perils attached. Uber, (worth around $50B as of mid-2015) keeps up to 30% commission from its drivers’ gross revenue, leaving many drivers making less than minimum wage. And since 2015, Airbnb has systematically hidden the price for their listings in the hosts’ currency, and in the exchange rate, Airbnb adds an additional 3%. This is called “Dynamic Currency Conversion” or DCC.

What does this mean for the near future? Will the word get out? Will there ever truly be a “sharing economy” that is fair? Or at least a bit closer to the ideal? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

World of DMCs Welcomes Lancaster Events as its UK DMC Partner!

Lancaster Events have built an International reputation for delivering superbly executed events time and again. Lancaster Events is a creative-led, experiential DMC and events agency with international resources and worldwide connections. That’s rare. They are team players with 34 years’ experience. Their passion and professionalism mean they deliver exceptional results time after time. That’s rarer. They produce measurable results and a tangible return on our clients’ investment. That’s pretty well unique.

Mike Lancaster says: “At IMEX America and EIBTM in Barcelona, we discreetly observed the impressive levels of activity on WoDMCs substantial booth.  It did not go unnoticed that some of the most respected DMCs across the globe are very active members.  Logically, we very much want to be part of their success by sharing their philosophies and high standards of innovative programs and customer service. Becoming an active member of WoDMCs is a terrific start to our 2016.


We give them a hearty welcome on board and are so excited at this new partnership!


Eda Ozden’s Inside Scoop on SITE (Society for Incentive Travel Excellence) as Board of Directors

Eda Ozden - SITE

Eda is the Director of Business Development at MEP DMC IN TURKEY. This year, she has been voted onto the Board of Directors of SITE GLOBAL!


Q: Eda, how did you first get involved with Site?

A: My parents actually founded SITE Turkey 2 decades ago along with some industry peers, so they were always involved with SITE Global. While I was still a student getting my masters degree in London, my parents encouraged me to attend the Young Leaders Conference in Iceland, this was in 2009. I ended up falling in love with the industry and joined the company officially January 2010. I got involved with the Global YL community in 2011, acted as the co-chair in 2012 and 2013. During that time we organized a variety of meetings, educational sessions and really grew the network. For example an idea I had really caught on, the idea of doing a “in the know” session with an industry professional each month on the YL Facebook page. The members this way had direct access to these industry leaders. We also had a competition for example with industry leaders as judges – so our aim was to get the YL community to learn from each other and get guidance from YL Alumni & industry leaders. We had some fabulous people get involved over the years as mentors.


Q: What are some areas you’d like to explore within your new role at SITE?

A: During my tenure I’d love to work on several areas that are dear to my heart; growth of SITE in the developing world, better communication & harmony among world chapters (especially support for small & ailing chapters) and better digital presence for SITE. Of course I’ll always have a special place in my heart for YLs and anything I can do for them would be my pleasure.


Q: How do you maximize your participation at SITE and similar associations?

A: My advice to whoever wants to get involved in SITE is to become active in Committees, it could be their regional chapter committees or global ones – either way is fine. The idea of walking into a large conference and immediately meeting people (especially important buyers) is daunting & unrealistic. You meet people through people, so start creating your group of peers – create a first circle, through that you meet your peers peers then form a large network for yourself. Whenever you go to lunch with your SITE friends, they invite some of their friends and them theirs, I’ve met so many important clients this way! Another way I use SITE is for sales appointments, wherever I travel I get in touch with my SITE friends and ask for their help – it’s always easier to get appointments from people with mutual connections. Final way to make the best use of SITE is of course the education they provide and the certifications like CIS that you can get through SITE. Especially in the Western Markets, such qualifications are immensely important. Last but not least – do attend regional events, they are often smaller and thus easier to network at!


Big congratulations to Eda on her new role and thanks for the interview!