2017 SITE Index Findings

The Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) has recently released their Annual Analysis and Forecast. The result of polling 599 industry professionals (buyers and sellers and other industry professionals) from 62 countries, the index is recognized as the authoritative analysis and forecast for the global incentive travel market.

Board of Director of both SITE Global and World of DMCs Eda Ozden (our DMC member for Turkey) says:

With the positive findings of SITE Index for the incentives industry, we want to encourage of all the industry players to focus on creating value through innovative ideas. As SITE we are excited to bring this momentum to Rome with our Global Conference in January 2018 and Bangkok in January 2019.

The results propose a generally positive and healthy outlook for next 12 months: 60% of buyers plan to increase incentive travel budgets (Up from 47% in 2016) and 49% of buyers plan to increase incentive travel budgets (Up from 46% in 2016).

Here are some more key findings from the report:

  • 60% of buyers report they plan to increase the number of people eligible for incentive travel awards in the next year.
  • Nearly half of all buyers say that budgets have increased.
  • Concerns around the state of the world economy have increased the importance of creating value, as 76% of sellers report working on greater creativity/innovated event design in order to increase value.
  • Despite general concerns of health and safety, buyers report the highest incidences of increased use of incentive travel to North America, the Caribbean and Western Europe destinations.
  • Only 23% of corporate buyers and 24% of third party suppliers “always” or “almost always” track return on investment (ROI). The primary reason given for not tracking ROI is a lack of requirement from management.
  • The majority of buyers (57%) think disintermediation in the travel industry has negatively impacted their company. This trend may be explained by the growing role of event technology in the purchasing process, with 54% of buyers reporting their use of event technology will increase in the next three years.



Kenya – the Authentic Safari Country

African Quest Safaris presents Kenya – the authentic safari country – offering a diversity of experiences in a short span of time.

It is therefore not surprising that this destination is regaining popularity on the Global Incentive Trip map.
Nairobi has most recently been recognised as the the 3rd most desirable city to visit in 2017 – what with a major airline hub with more than 30 airlines flying regularly, some of the most modern hotel & meeting facilities in the region, host of over 200 restaurants, and so many ‘must see’ sights on the Continent , this is Africa’s youngest and fastest growing metropolis.

Breaking away from the norms, here you can ‘conference under canvas’ in Masai Mara or at the foothills of Mt Kenya, launch your new line on the glistening white sands of Diani Beach or stimulate your team with a thrill of a white water raft or a Sky Dive.
So don’t shy away from the Equator, Kenya is both warm and cool, trendy and classic, modern and still proudly original. African in spirit, Global in service.
Karibu – your next incentive here can set a new benchmark.

Know Thyself: How World of DMCs Helps its Members Maximise ROI from RFPs

During the last quarter of 2016, World of DMCs decided to launch a mystery shopping initiative to give its members insights on how to boost sales opportunities from the resources they already have.

Numerous studies, time and time again, demonstrate that the most tenacious follow-uppers are the ones much more likely to win the client over, irrespective of the resources being utilised. In fact, this is a truth across all industries:


*80% of non-routine sales occur only after at least five follow-ups. Furthermore:

  • 44% of sales people give up after one “no”
  • 22% give up after two “nos”
  • 14% give up after three “nos”
  • 12% give up after four “nos

Here we use two of our highest raking members within the mystery shopping exercise as a prime example of client-winning protocol.

Rajeev Kohli from Creative Travel, our DMC in India, says

“We source new clients through a number of ways – trade shows, through our global sales offices, sales visits, emails and others. Once we make an initial contact or when we get the first RFP, we first send in a note to say thank you, to acknowledge the receipt of the request and also to tell them a bit more about our company. We also reach out by telephone call as the personal touch is very important. I personally feel that clients are now fatigued with working with cold corporate structures and are more open to the warmth given by owner drive & family owned companies like ourselves.”

When asked about the follow up efforts required to obtain a new client, Maxin PRAGUE, our DMC in Czech Republic, says:

“It really depends on event however normally it is average 15 emails, 3 calls, 1 conference call and 1 inspection.”

Another key point to consider when trying to win a client over, is that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in your brain than text!**

Visual Communications

Rajeev Kohli from Creative Travel, our DMC in India, says:

“When we send our first offer, it must must be as detailed as possible. The first impression is most important and we sometimes get just one opportunity to showcase our competencies. There will always be:

  • A detailed email stating what options we are presenting, our reasoning for the routing or choice of hotels
  • An attachment that has a sketch of the program flow
  • An attachment with the detailed program with images and tour/ event descriptions
  • A PowerPoint with images from events we have done ourselves so that the client has a pictorial display of what we are quoting for
  • A detailed line itemised costing sheet with 2-3 options of hotels or as per the RFP

Once we send this, we or our global sales offices will reach out to the client and have a chat to see if they need any immediate clarifications”

Maxin PRAGUE, our DMC in Czech Republic, further adds that:

“First of all we need to discuss with client all possible details about the expectations, past failures, decision keys factors, deadlines. Afterward we prepare draft version of program we think fits his needs and then we are amending in details till we know it is final product in cooperation with the client. If we are taking part in a bid for big conference with a massive support of AV technique, gala evening with themed program production or similar, we have to create tailor made visualisation incl. stage design, followed by detailed scenario as the next step. To support our ideas we are using photos and videos taken during previous events as well as video presentations of musicians, dancers, MCs etc.

Shortly we are using many kinds of modern tools, which are strongly affected by a character of an enquiry.”

What is clearest from these types of exercises, however, is the DMCs’ ongoing quest to understand their virtues and setbacks. We are very eager to continue as an association together towards a path of excellence.

*source: http://www.marketingdonut.co.uk

** source: http://neomam.com/

Good-Bye IBTM!

World of DMCs’ stand L35 thanks congratulates our DMC partners from China, Poland, South Africa, UAE, Germany, Las Vegas, Malta, Zambia and Guatemala for a successful 2016 round!

We had an amazing time at our stand party thanks to Codorniu Wines! Thanks to all those who participated in our Mad Libs Contest and won our member sponsored prizes.

We are already looking forward to the 2017 edition!

Discover Cavas Codorníu and Learn the Origins of Cava!

Codorníu Quest is an original and funny way to discover Cavas Codorníu and learn the origins of cava. Clients will bean active part of the visit and will take part in a gymkhana around the cellar.

A set of skills and ingenuity tests will be waiting for the contestants, who will have to successfully overcome them all during their tour around Codorníu cellars. Emotions, laughter, competitiveness and teamwork will constitute a funny and different day that for sure will also be unforgettable.

Note: Gymkhanas help improving the collaborative spirit of people, and
games area good strategy to facilitate team members’ involvement, improving their personal relationships and encouraging their collaborative and team work.

EvENT ChroNoloGy:

– Welcome, Ipad delivery and explanation of use.
– Team picture.
– 3D lm (10 min).
– Mr. Monocle comes alive and welcomes the group. Julio Tubilla’s modernist

– Tour by train (Codorníu gardens and buildings. National heritage in Spain).
– Museum and old cellar: tests of wit and smell, among other.
– First cava: Manel Raventos comes to life and explains the creation of the rst

bottle of cava.
– Descent into the underground cellar: Challenge removed and create your own


among other.
– Casas, the painter, comes to life and explains the relationship of Modernism,

advertising and Codorniu. Test giant puzzle. – reverse reading test.
– Tasting & snack.
– Manuel raventós farewell.

– Visiting the Shop and a nal surprise. A bottle with their label design.

Adicional Información:
– During the activity, groups will answer questions related to the production of cava. They will

always have 4 possible answers.

  • – Groups will compete to earn as many points as they possibly can to win activity.
  • – All challenges have limited time.
  • – 2 hours duration. Duration adaptable to the needs of your group.
  • – 20 pax minimum.
  • – In this activity ipads are provided.