What Brazil Taught Us About Event Planning During the Olympics

The way in which Brazil handled the astronomical hurdle of hosting the 2016 Summer Olympic games, the first time they’ve been held in South America, is tantamount to the ideal way to produce any event and troubleshoot the steepest obstacles. Here are some lessons learned from this event!

brazil 1


1- Start your event with a bang: The opening ceremony on the first day of the Olympics was a colorful feast of Brazilian culture; no one knows how to have a good time like Brazil does! Following supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s rendition of the “Girl from Ipanema” the lavish evening ended with the promise of an athletes’ forest to be planted at Radical Park in Deodoro after the games are over, heralding a greener future for the country.


2- Frugal doesn’t mean cheap: Brazil’s opening and closing ceremonies depended more on the country’s local talents and natural resources and less on technology, maximizing the event’s budget while creating a memorable and unique experience.

brazil 2


3- Create a contingency plan for everything: Amid health and safety concerns regarding the Zika virus, Olympic venues went through a daily inspection before and during this summer’s Games in Rio, demonstrating a capacity to foresee any issues that may arise, and taking preventative measures. The event also incurred no major accidents following Brazil’s biggest security operation with 85,000 troops.

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4- Keep an eye on the future: Based on the effects hosting the Olympic games had on the last three cities (Athens, Beijing and London), Brazil’s ministry of tourism is anticipating a 6% rise in the number of tourists next year.


5- Exude positivity: If Brazilians embody anything, it’s joie de vivre. Following the London Olympics was no easy task, especially considering the baseline advantage that the UK had in terms of infrastructure already in place. Despite the clear disadvantage Brazil had, the event was put together and executed by the locals with a big smile on everyone’s face, and that is contagious!


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All photos courtesy of www.sharpsoltech.com