Discover Cavas Codorníu and Learn the Origins of Cava!

Codorníu Quest is an original and funny way to discover Cavas Codorníu and learn the origins of cava. Clients will bean active part of the visit and will take part in a gymkhana around the cellar.

A set of skills and ingenuity tests will be waiting for the contestants, who will have to successfully overcome them all during their tour around Codorníu cellars. Emotions, laughter, competitiveness and teamwork will constitute a funny and different day that for sure will also be unforgettable.

Note: Gymkhanas help improving the collaborative spirit of people, and
games area good strategy to facilitate team members’ involvement, improving their personal relationships and encouraging their collaborative and team work.

EvENT ChroNoloGy:

– Welcome, Ipad delivery and explanation of use.
– Team picture.
– 3D lm (10 min).
– Mr. Monocle comes alive and welcomes the group. Julio Tubilla’s modernist

– Tour by train (Codorníu gardens and buildings. National heritage in Spain).
– Museum and old cellar: tests of wit and smell, among other.
– First cava: Manel Raventos comes to life and explains the creation of the rst

bottle of cava.
– Descent into the underground cellar: Challenge removed and create your own


among other.
– Casas, the painter, comes to life and explains the relationship of Modernism,

advertising and Codorniu. Test giant puzzle. – reverse reading test.
– Tasting & snack.
– Manuel raventós farewell.

– Visiting the Shop and a nal surprise. A bottle with their label design.

Adicional Información:
– During the activity, groups will answer questions related to the production of cava. They will

always have 4 possible answers.

  • –  Groups will compete to earn as many points as they possibly can to win activity.
  • –  All challenges have limited time.
  • –  2 hours duration. Duration adaptable to the needs of your group.
  • –  20 pax minimum.
  • –  In this activity ipads are provided.