Finnish Lapland – not just for Christmas!

Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region, roughly the size of Portugal, a sparsely populated area with around 180,000 inhabitants – and more than 200,000 reindeer!  Lapland is bordered by Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea. It’s known for its vast subarctic wilderness, ski resorts and natural phenomena including the midnight sun and the Northern Lights.



With six airports, a well-maintained road network and accommodations ranging from luxury hotels to quaint hostels and cosy cottages, Lapland is well equipped to host groups and incentives of all sizes, all year round.


Where to go

Rovaniemi is the lively capital of Finnish Lapland and embraces two major rivers right on the Arctic Circle. The wilderness of Lapland is a mere ten minutes from the city centre, beckoning adventurers to explore its untouched expanses. The most exciting Arctic Circle crossing is also located in Rovaniemi, as is Santa’s Village, where Lapland’s most famous inhabitant, Father Christmas himself, is on hand to welcome visitors.


Snow Restaurant


Rovaniemi offers a wide variety of incentive and group travel experiences, catering to events and groups from ten to thousands of participants.


Levi is the destination for active travellers, and only 15 min away from Kittilä airport. Levi is a trendy ski resort with a definite Lapland vibe, where everything is close at hand for relaxed fun and entertainment.


Saariselkä is the ideal destination for those looking for an authentic and natural experience in Lapland. A good local infrastructure and a nice selection of hotels provides a comfortable base to explore winter at its best. Highlights include breath-taking snowmobile safaris, rides with husky sledges around the beautiful Urho Kekkonen National Park and a visit to an authentic reindeer farm hidden deep in the forest.


Local Cuisine

Lapland cuisine is inspired by nature and the pure ingredients it offers; simple, yet full of the fresh flavours of the local produce such as berries, mushrooms and game.

Reindeer is traditionally sautéed and served with lingonberries and mashed potatoes, but the delicacy is also available as ribs, pizzas, burgers, and even sushi!

Soft bread cheese leipäjuusto has been slightly grilled, giving it the distinctive brown marks. The food is also known as ‘’squeaky cheese’’ due to the sound it makes when you chew on it. The cheese is traditionally paired up with cloudberries and served as a dessert, but some also enjoy the cheese in their cup of coffee!

Arctic forests and bogs grow bilberries, cloudberries and bright red lingonberries, which visitors are permitted to pick. Berry picking is popular in Lapland for both young and old, and the best berry patches are usually kept secret!  Unless, of course, you are exploring with the right DMC!! 

Some of the best salmon rivers in Europe and the many lakes make Lapland a fisherman’s paradise. The fish is often cooked slowly near an open fire or by smoking it, which gives the food a strong, hearty aroma.

There is even a ‘native’ potato!  Much like some of the world’s finest cheeses and wines, ‘’Lapin Puikula’’ has the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) label in the European Union, which means that only this specific type of potato, cultivated in Lapland, can carry the name. Enjoy the starchy potatoes as a side with reindeer or fish, or try it as chips!


When to visit Lapland

Winter in Lapland means flying down the slopes on skis, trekking Finland’s most iconic mountain with snowshoes, and visiting castles made of snow and ice, but summer also offers exciting adventures.


Summer in Lapland, for example, offers the magic of the Midnight Sun.  Lapland is the place to experience round-the-clock light when the sun doesn’t set…. It is also the perfect time to enjoy magnificent flora and fauna, covering over 70% of Finland’s area.  Camping, and Campfires, biking, berry picking, trekking, learning arctic survival skills…..  the list of activities available throughout the year in Finnish Lapland is as endless as your imagination.


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