Planning a Group or Incentive Trip?

Planning a Group or Incentive Trip? World of DMCs has you covered

Planning, arranging, and executing a group or incentive trip is both time consuming, and a mess of potential disasters! There is enough to think about before you travel, let alone having to worry about whether the transportation will show up for the transfers, the hotel will have the correct rooms allocated, the weather will stay fine for the gala dinner outside, and so on. Not to mention the team building activity you have been asked to conceptualise!

That is where a destination management company comes in!

World of DMCs members are professional event organisers, with an intimate knowledge of their own destinations, and close relationships with the suppliers you are going to need. These DMCs are your ears and eyes on the ground, your in-destination partners from arrival to departure.

All World of DMCs members have been vetted and approved prior to joining the network, so you can rest assured that they know what they are doing, are fully insured, are members of relevant local and international professional bodies, and experienced in whatever type of trip or event you need.

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