Walpax Brazil Travel Partners

    Walpax is a Brazilian DMC with a young and creative team but a long experience in Brazilian MICE industry.

    Just like samba dancers, the Walpax team knows the steps to make our clients’ dream program successful. Walpax destination management company is always looking for new ideas, products and ways to meet clients’ needs when a new request comes by.

    Product knowledge and negotiation with suppliers are the key to achieve the goal. Suppliers are Walpax’s partners when we are discussing ideas for a program, or how to surprise people, what to include, what to adapt. Since its onset, Walpax has been a bellwether company setting up a very high standard to its operation. Our clients know that there is no challenge that could be too big for our adventurous team.

    We offer among other activities:

    • Incentive travel
    • Group Travel
    • MICE travel
    • Ecotourism
    • Business meetings
    • GITS
    • FITS
    • Special interest programmes

    Walpax is the right choice when thinking of Brazil as a destination for your clients. A solid reputation, acquired in more than 30 years of services, is what makes Walpax your perfect DMC for Brazil.

    Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, its territory makes up almost half of the total of South America. Thanks to its size, it offers a various attractions and spots you just have to see!

    There are three main reasons to visit Brazil: the absolutely superlative nature, rich culture, folklore and its people! A legend says that once a Visitor had left Brazil without being touched by one of these points. But who believes in legends?

    What does Brazil offer you?

    • Samba!
    • 20 properties inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list
    • Nature
    • Carnival in Rio
    • A unique mix of cultures
    • Amazon river
    • People's endless passion and energy
    • Rain forests
    • Modernist architecture
    • Beach resorts
    • Trekking
    • Adventure

    Brazilians have a knack to make people welcome and will go out of their way to help and show what is best to see in one given place. Culture and folklore are highlights from the gentle curves of architecture to a simple person working with clay and making the most unexpected and beautiful statues or pieces of ceramic you can imagine. In the cities by the sea the energy of the young is the fuel to a day of endless hours. Beach activities, a hearty meal and dancing until wee hours the trademark. Summer fashion trends start in cities like Rio, Salvador and Recife and beachwear and bikinis are exported worldwide.

    With a favorable currency, Brazil is an interesting proposition where you may include more than one destination in one program. You just have to name what you want to see and our team will draw the perfect program to match your ideas.

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