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Hadler DMC Scandinavia can assist you in organizing activities for groups of any size that you want to treat with an unforgettable experience. For meetings, incentives, galas, conferences, events and team building you can rely on Hadler DMC Scandinavia for skilled and professional planning and execution of your arrangement. We've worked  in Scandinavia since 1984 and operates daily in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the rest of Scandinavia creating unforgettable experiences for our guests.

We like to describe ourselves as a ’boutique DMC’ – meaning that we are a small team of dedicated staff, motivated to provide good and professional service. By being a small company, we can move fast and everyone can quickly take action on any itinerary.

Our project coordinators and other staff all have MICE industry experience and relevant educational backgrounds to ensure the quality of work that we want. We continuously strive to improve and renew our services. International networks, educational institutions and the general travel industry are some of our sources of inspiration. Therefore, you can rely on us to be up to date with the latest news, trends, and happenings.



We believe that reliability, availability and speed are key success factors in the battle for orders. Therefore, you can expect a qualified proposal based on your RFP within 48 hours. For us it is an honor to fulfill the specific requirements of every group, and we always guarantee a customized and professional itinerary. We understand that requirements can change during the process of creating the best possible program for a group. We are also aware of the crucial importance of quick responses to adjustments. With Hadler DMC, you can expect a Danish DMC that is devoted to keeping our promises. Therefore, you can rely on swift replies and competent handling of any inquiries or adjustments. We offer you organising professional:

  • Events
  • Meetings and Conferences
  • Incentives
  • Team-building



Hadler DMC Scandinavia is one of the leading organisers of meetings, conferences, incentives, events and team-building in the Scandinavian market. We have been among market leaders since 1984. Our primary target groups include agents, travel agencies and conference facilitators. 87% of our clients have been recommended by other clients. To find out more read our clients' testimonials.

Among others we were happy to host The Meetings Space, CNN Turner Communications, Tupperware, Scania, Lloyds TSB, Osram, Peltor, Royal Bank of Scotland, Hobrat Foster, DFDS Seaways, Sporveisbussene, Toyota, Jaguar, Izusu and thousands of other clients.



We are happy to announce that we are a winner of ADMEI 2016 Excellence Awards. To provide a better service to our clients we are associated in following organisations - ADMEI, World of DMCs, SITE, Hosts Global Alliance, Wonderful Copenhagen, Stockholm Visitors Board, MPI.

Denmark is a popular destination for meetings, conferences and incentives – you will find various venues for small and big events, and several international conferences take place in Denmark during the year. Denmark offers something for all! A metropolis, state of the art culture and sub-cultures, world famous gastronomy, folksy atmosphere, beautiful rural sites, historic sites and castles, idyllic villages, and beaches. We will be happy to inspire you!



Copenhagen has many times been ranked one of the best cities for meetings, conferences and incentives. Topping the ranks in punctuality, low-corruption, sustainability and other categories, the capital is the place to go.
Experience the Danish innovation that brought us world famous design, architecture and gastronomy. As an International metropolis, Copenhagen has easy accessibility and good infrastructure, which gives visitors an enjoyable travel experience during their stay in the city. Copenhagen offers state of the art culture and subcultures to those who enjoy broadening their mind and knowledge.



For decades, Danish design has been world renowned, and for those interested in architecture, Copenhagen is definitely worth a visit. Just like the Danish design and architecture, the world famous new Danish cuisine is characterized by clean, elegant, and simple style with one of the world’s best restaurants NOMA as the flagship. Among our partners are restaurants from The Michelin Guide, but also casual restaurants, international kitchens, and traditional Danish restaurants.



In Denmark, various green initiatives are in progress. Copenhagen has several times been listed as one of the most bike-friendly cities world-wide, and more than 71% of all hotel rooms in the city now hold an official eco-certification – that’s the highest percentage of any capital city! You are guaranteed to have a green sustainable tour, even if it was not your intention.



This beautiful city of over 210 000 inhabitants was has more than 1300 years of history! It’s a unique combination on a postindustrial spirit and many green areas. If you are a fun of theaters and operas, you need to know that Alborg has a big cultural offer for you. If you like the feel of adrenaline running in your veins, don’t forget to visit Alborg’s amusement park!


Aarthus, was first established by Vikings in 10th century. The city has a wide range of attractions including planty of museums, theaters and parks were you can spend your time actively, not to mention opportunities that gives you Aarthus’ cost.


Denmark’s capital city took a long road from Viking fishermen’s village in 10th century to a world famous metropolis nowadays. Copenhagen offers you its beautiful Old City, many attractions, world famous design and architecture, great cuisine and modern spirit.

Award Winning DMC in Denmark

Hadler DMC Scandinavia, the only accredited DMC in Northern Europe, and your preferred DMC in Denmark, have recently been awarded two prestigious awards during the ADMEI Awards show.

Hadler DMC Scandinavia won the awards in the categories “Excellence in Cultural and Tradition Integration” and “Best Overall Program” for their brilliant tailor-made program for 30 Australians coming to Scandinavia for a 9-day program across Denmark, Iceland and Greenland.

Are you looking for a destination and DMC that is prepared to go the distance, to give your guests a memorable incentive, inspirational meeting or conference, or a mind-blowing event? Then you need to look no further than Hadler DMC Scandinavia in Denmark.

Contact us today at and receive a tailored proposal for your next event!

Glamourous Camping – Denmark

Camping in style


Glamourous Camping, or Glamping, is the concept of camping without the hassle of work or dirt. We combine the luxuries of a home, with the beauty and extraordinary elements of nature. We built a bridge between the people who don’t want it rough, with the fun hassle-free experiences nature has to offer.

Near one of Denmarks many mansions, is the shelter city ready to accommodate your delegates. With over thousands of square meters, your group will be able to tire themselves doing mental exercises, tree climbing, shotting with bows and arrows, or creating their own raft to cross the local river.


Contact for a talk about your next event. Lets us get to know you, so we can create your next awesome experience together!

Unusual Luxurious Hotel in Denmark


When travelling the world, all standard hotels will largely look the same, offer the same and feel the same. This is why we, at Hadler DMC Scandinavia, have gathered a short list of a few unique, creative, inspirational, and unusual luxury hotels from our destinations.

Copenhagen – Tivoli Gardens

Located in one of Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens, lies one of the city’s best-kept secrets – Nimb Hotel. This boutique belle offers 17 individually styled rooms and suites fusing clean lines, beautiful art and antiques, luxury fabrics and high-tech perks such as Bang & Olufsen TVs and sound systems. All rooms except three also feature a fireplace, while all bar one come with views over the amusement park.

Nimb Brasserie is amongst the hottest restaurants in Scandinavia with its French-inspired kitchen. The newly opened restaurant Nimb Gemyse offers its guests a unique 100% organic menu, consisting primarily of vegetables and exotic spices, executed in a Michelin worthy precision and style.

A Royal Day with Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Denmark is one of the world’s oldest monarchies. With more than 126 castles and palaces, there is plenty to look at, whether you are a fan of Renaissance or Rococo style castles and palaces, and some more than 900 years old.

With a country famous for its rich history, gourmet food, happiness and ‘hygge’, there is plenty of memories to be had, when you together with design the amazing memorable moments that last a lifetime. Below is a full-day tour, great for groups in the size range of 25-1000, available from 750 USD per person with everything included.


Welcome to Denmark, A Beautiful Road Trip

Start the day with a smile, as our local authorized guides welcome you and the group to a day spent enjoying all the good things in life. Road Trips are a big part of growing up in Denmark, as we often travel around the country to visit family and friends for a visit or a special occasion.

The Danish nature is therefore treasured by many Danes, as the fields of corn, wheat, canola, and mustard are painting the landscape in their colours. While on the journey, our guides will tell you about what it is like to be a Dane. Who knows – maybe he will share a few secrets about Danish Happiness?


Into the Home of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’

At the coast of Helsingør, towering above the sea and bristling with cannons, lies Kronborg Castle, the fictional home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. After a photo session in the courtyard invited inside the old king’s wine cellar for a Danish lunch of ‘smørrebrød’ or other delicious dishes made with ingredients of the season.

Once our stomachs have been filled with tasty treats, we venture out into the old halls and secret passages, to hear all about the royalties who used to reside here, the battles which were fought, and the ghosts which are still haunting if you go around alone. Also get an exclusive look at ‘Ogier the Dane’, who is sitting asleep in the casemates of Kronborg – until the day when Denmark is in real trouble, and he will wake up and defend the mother country.

Once our tour has ended, we end outside in for a live play with actors, festivities, and drama. The play about ‘Hamlet’ is staged each summer at the castle, which enjoys UNESCO World Heritage patronage.


Fairy-tale-like Dinner

For centuries, kings and queens have celebrated victories, weddings, and births at the castle. You can now do the same. Welcome your guests with a fanfare of trumpets. Fire the canons. Hold a reception in the royal chambers. Start with drinks on the flag-lined bastion overlooking the sea.

The gastronomy at Kronborg Castle is of very high quality. It is inspired by Nordic cuisine with a focus on seasonal ingredients from North Zealand, an area steeped in Danish royal history. The menu can be adapted so that it draws inspiration from the Renaissance. The wine menu is carefully selected to match the menu and grapes enjoyed by the kings and queens through the centuries.

For entertainment, watch classic plays inspired by love or war, see the royal guard in a sword fight, or take the hand of your fair maiden and join the actors for dance and music. Truly a fairy-tale-night to remember.

Hadler DMC Scandinavia is one of Denmark’s leading DMCs and the only Accredited Destination Management Company in all of Scandinavia.
Contact our team (, and let us ask a 100 questions, so we can tailor the perfect program for you.

Safari under a Black Sun

“Our arrows will block out the sun” – “Then we will fight in the shade”

Visit Denmark for one of the most unique European nature phenomenon – “Sort Sol”. During spring and autumn between 500.000 and 1 million starlings gather as they migrate towards their new homes. In the hour before sunset until well after sunset, the starling’s dances in the sky, as they get ready to sleep. The dance in the sky is what gave the phenomenon its name “Sort Sol”, which translates to Black Sun in Danish.

Scandinavia’s Oldest Town

After a Sort Sol safari and watching the sunset, we journey to Scandinavia’s oldest town, Ribe, as you are invited to participate in the Scandinavian feast in the town 400 year old inn. With decorations older than the first watch, the inn enthrals the guests with a sense of historical mystery and Danish hygge. Taste the Danish classics made with all Danish seasonal ingredients that will leave you with a savoury feeling of pleasure in your mouth.





Copenhagen offers exciting and thrilling activities in the city and its surroundings, so whether you are looking for an adrenaline kick, a fun and playful day or just an experience out of the ordinary, there is plenty of opportunities here.

High roping forest

Climb the outdoor high roping course filled with obstacles between the trees. Different scenarios offer different challenges from a height of 10 meters to 22 meters above ground. The course offers great fun and an excellent way to do team building and push boundaries.

Take flight

Imagine if you could fly? Imagine if you could control your movements through the air, without the risk associated jumping from a plane. Well, Copenhagen offers just that experience. Body flight is a unique way to feel like you are soaring through the air feeling free. The wind tunnel in Copenhagen is blowing a constant stream of air, giving you the feeling of being weightless, allowing you to learn how to fly without leaving the ground.

Quite time in the sky

Enjoy the peace of the skies, as you take off in one of the beautiful hot air balloons. While the air is getting thinner, the view keeps getting better. Gaze upon the landscape of Denmark, while you drift below the skies towards Malmö in Sweden.

Water is Blue, Wind is Green

Hop onboard the RIB boat, as we take you out of the vast sea of Oresund, speeding past the old forts. The combination of speed, water mist in the air, and the scenery will leave you breathless. Along the tour, you will see one of Denmark greatest windmill parks with over 20 windmills.

Denmark Prepared for Emergencies

Hadler DMC Scandinavia’s Event Crisis Plan

Event Emergency procedures are a must unless you want to play with the lives of your event participants. Event emergency preparedness has been a key aspect of the DMC industry, and has caused several DMC’s to develop standardized “Event Emergency Preparedness Plan”.

“What do we do in an emergency?” This should be the easiest question to answer for any event planner. In recent years, it has become clear that emergencies can happen at any time, anywhere. From terror threats to environmental issues, the potential for something interrupting the event or program is now more real than ever. Unpreparedness is no longer an acceptable stance to take because negligence to prepare for the worst is reckless towards your clients’ safety.

More DMC’s are developing standardized Event Emergency Preparedness Plan templates to use together with their clients. At Hadler DMC Scandinavia we are always updating our own “Event Emergency Plan”, to match the threats that have appeared in the past several years. Risk avoidance and mitigation are important values we wish to provide every client.


“Fail To Plan, And You Plan To Fail.”


Hadler DMC Scandinavia’s well-documented “Event Emergency and Crisis Guide” details what to do before the event. The guide also states which procedures to follow if a crisis, emergency, or incident happen during an event. With new research and technology advancements, it is now also proactive. It also outlines how to safeguard against and handle any cyber security issues that may arise throughout an event. Together with World of DMCs we wish to set the highest standards in destination management,  by making sure that we are prepared for any emergency.

We at Hadler DMC Scandinavia offer our clients both risk avoidance and mitigation, through careful planning of every possible event scenario. Do not take risks with safety procedures – make sure you and your suppliers have proper plans and guidelines to handle emergencies during events.

Contact Hadler DMC Scandinavia if you want a DMC who values your safety, reliability, availability and speed.


Educational Wine Tour In Denmark

Denmark DMC Wine Tour Incentive Educational

”You can never have too much of a good thing” – Danish Proverb

And here in Denmark we agree. Wine tasting can be quite an exciting adventure, as the taste buds go through a world of wonderful different flavors. Denmark is known for simplistic design, New Nordic Cuisine, the happiness of the people and an extensive folklore and history. In recent years, Danes has begun growing and producing their own wine from their own vineyard.

Independent Wine Makers

It was only 15 years ago, when EU allowed commercial production of wine, and now the fruits of the farmers’ labor are ready for harvesting. After many years of self-education, the best grapes for planting, growing and harvesting in Denmark are finally paying off. Grapes like Rondo, Leon Millot, Regent and Solaris are predicted to have a bright future in the Danish vineyards.

Get a Wine Education

With an incentive educational wine tour from Hadler DMC, you will return with a little more than a memory. We thrive to make every incentive personal as well as educational for your guests. We love knowledge, and we are a firm believer that knowledge is the key to success in life – both simple and complex knowledge. Come join us for an adventure in the vineyards, and get a little bit closer to becoming a knowing wine connoisseur.

Click – here – to learn more about an incentive wine tour in Denmark.

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International Airport: Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, is the largest and busiest airport in the Nordic countries with more than 26 million passengers each year. It is also one of Europe's oldest airports, but it is still a modern and beautiful airport.

Copenhagen Airport have connections to many international destinations.

Top cities: Copenhagen, Aalborg, Aarhus and Odense.


Top Sights: The Little Mermaid, Amalienborg Palace, Tivoli Gardens, The Blue Planet, Paper Island,


Top Events: Roskilde Festival, Copenhagen Marathon, CPH Fashion Week


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