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With this credo we have successfully conducted events of every kind and size for 25 years –
in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, just anywhere in Germany. By now MR Congress is one of the indicative agencies throughout Germany.  We are an owner-managed full-service creative & event agency with headquarters in Berlin and an office in Munich, in the market since 1993 with exceptional destination knowledge and a nationwide partner network. With our agency, you have one contact person from the initial planning phase until the successful end of your event. In this way we guarantee a personal

and professional support that meets your individual wishes and requirements. Our team of 25 members serves clients in five languages and one unique passion.

Berlin – the city we live in – is pulsing and constantly in motion and we move accordingly. Every day we encounter new impressions and let them flow into our projects. Concepts off the racks are not our thing. We just love to realise every single idea that is a perfect match for each client.

Nothing is impossible for us: Every new vision gives us the chance to surpass ourselves.


Creativity and flexibility over the last 25 years have made us what we are today: An institution in the German events industry, with security of experience and still always moving forward. We find the right location, arrange for a suiting set-up and stage everything with an ideal stage and light concept. No matter if it is a team building or a gala event or you name it – we bring out the best of it for you.


Germany indisputably is the most popular destination for international conferences and culture in Europe! Forty UNESCO World Heritage sites, over 6000 museums, acclaimed theatres and world famous orchestras, top-class events and a buzzing creative scene are just a few highlights of the incredible offer throughout the country.  Amazing architecture, cultural and historical treasures and the highest standards of historic preservation can be found in the capital Berlin as well as in urban areas such as the Rhine-Main region – home to Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz and Darmstadt – the Rhine-Ruhr region with Cologne, Düsseldorf and Essen, and major cities such as Hamburg, Munich or Dresden and Leipzig. There are countless festivals, celebrating everything from music to wine or beer, along with arts and cultural events and, of course, the country’s many Christmas markets, which are as popular as they are enjoyable. The huge diversity of events always makes at stay in Germany worthwhile.

Germany also has diverse natural landscapes. More than one third of the country’s land area is under some form of protection. With a total of 16 national parks, 15 UNESCO biosphere reserves and over 100 nature parks, there are more than 130 preserved national landscapes just waiting to be explored.

Germany offers a wide range of options for sustainable travel. Towns and cities boast excellent public transport networks and a good infrastructure. Hotels and restaurants support the use of regional produce within a very popular and interesting, traditional as well as modern culinary scene that will delight anyone who enjoys good food.




Dynamic meeting destinations for unique events



Germany’s central location in Europe secured the country a leading position as an international conference and meetings destination. In every region one finds attractive towns and cities that meet any requirement, no matter the type of event. The major cities in Germany are among the most popular congress and trade fair destinations worldwide. They feature a first-class infrastructure with a versatile modern hotel landscape and a wide variety of venues catering for different types of requirements and styles. Each city has its own character, and many can score with specific sector know-how, such as Stuttgart or Wolfsburg which are both hubs for the automotive industry. This makes it easy for conference organizers to add a distinctive flair and personality to their events. Be it historic or cozy, urban or arty, a mix of all or a specific industry sector and scientific knowledge. The cities provide the meetings industry not only with the infrastructure needed but also with the opportunity to create truly unique events.























Did you know that Christmas markets date back to late medieval times? Sales fairs and markets – often one-day markets – were held to give townspeople the opportunity to stock up on meat and winter needs at the beginning of the cold season. Only later in the 14th century, it was customary to allow artisans such as toy makers, basket weavers or confectioners to set up stalls for the trifles that children were given for Christmas. Even the tradition to offer stalls with roasted chestnuts, nuts and almonds goes back to the Middle Ages. December or St. Nicholas’ markets they were called. In Munich for instance one of those markets was first mentioned in history in 1310!

Today – more than 700 years later – these wonderful, magical markets are found all over Germany and welcome visitors from around the world from the end of November until the end of December. The figures on the number of markets vary a little, but it is estimated that there are about 3000 different ones.

In cities like Berlin alone there are – would you believe it – about 90 different markets for every taste, every age group, with or without carousel and music, even for dogs there is a special one! And the greatest idea of all – when it is cold and snowing and maybe even dark already in the late afternoon – take a horse-drawn carriage,  wrap yourself in warm blankets, drink some hot & tasty mulled wine and ride from market to market. A truly unforgettable experience!


Christmas Market Season this year starts on November 25th, 2019 … don’t miss it!

















It’s the final countdown … in just a few weeks the biggest and most popular folk festival in the world – the Munich Oktoberfest – opens its doors! In the beer tents at the Oktoberfest, the historic principle is still valid today: the customer is king. It is actually thanks to a bourgeois officer that about six million visitors come together so comfortably each year. A member of The Bavarian National Guard had the idea to celebrate the wedding of his prince regent with a huge horse race. Said and done:  the royal couple married just in this way in the context of such a festival on  October 17th, 1810 and the greenfield where the wedding took place was later named after the bride = the Theresienwiese (Wiese meaning lawn). That was the birthday of the Oktoberfest.

The Oktoberfest in Munich will take place from the 21st of September to the 6th of October,  2019 for the 186th time on this Theresienwiese and on the first day of the festival the first beer will be tapped at 10.00h … in Bavarian that is called “OZAPFT IS”! If you and your colleagues want to dress up in the traditional gear of Dirndl and Lederhosen for a corporate party of the special kind in Munich, feel free to call us any time … we will make it happen! By the way … even though Oktoberfest is on only once a year, Munich has loads of beer gardens and brewery halls to create this typical and traditional Bavarian feeling throughout the year, it is always worth a visit – and it has so much more to offer and explore as well. Not everything there is about beer! Ask us!



From “Tin Lizzie” to Micro-Vehicles

More than 100 years ago, mass motorization began. Then, the carriage-dominated street scene changed completely in 1908. By the end of the 1920s, the ‘Tin Lizzie’, the first Ford Model T car, was sold by the millions. Many carriage builders and coachmen had to give up. Some companies were turning into wagon factories, streetcar enterprises or car dealers. Today, the automotive industry itself faces the biggest change in history. One vision for the future even claims that in 15 years, no one will enter a car dealership and today’s babies could possibly be the first adults who no longer need a driver’s license. In order to cope with the increasingly “thick air” in the cities,  emission control is a major topic and diesel driving bans, city tolls, charging stations for electric cars, as well as the attractiveness of the public transport are on everyone’s lips. Innovative micro-vehicles – so it is predicted – will compete with the car as a lifestyle object and status symbol within the next 5 years.


September 12th – 22nd, 2019 IAA & New Mobility World in Frankfurt

The above – and so much more – are the topics at the IAA, the International Motor Show. It is the most important mobility fair worldwide. Nearly one million visitors and journalists will experience the future of mobility in all its facets at the Frankfurt Motor Show. In an exhibition area of 230,000 m², more than 1,000 exhibitors present their product premieres. In addition to the symposia for trade visitors, a plethora of events complement the supporting program of the IAA in Frankfurt, especially the New Mobility World, which is the world’s most comprehensive platform for the mobility of the future with 5 thematic blocks and 3 event formats – it is the stage for future mobility and the platform for masterminds, entrepreneurs and decision-makers to discuss the future of mobility across all sectors. Representatives from the  sectors telecommunication, energy and automotive  as well as from public transport, municipalities, start-ups, consulting companies and the scientific community discuss and present solutions for our mobility of tomorrow. 2019 will focus on urban mobility, mobility as a service, clean and sustainable energy, connectivity and automation. In the exhibition area leading market participants and newcomers present their concepts for the mobility of tomorrow – from global tech firms to start-ups. In the Expo area with theme parks and demo areas future technologies will be presented.


Digital business models, autonomous driving, smart cities, alternative drives

Exciting topics are discussed, exhibited, illuminated. Not without humor, for example, there is the question “Everything electric – no?”  The whole world is discussing the electric car, but what about hydrogen power? After all, fuel cell technology definitely has distinct prospects! Under the slogan “Driving Tomorrow”, the IAA Expo and the IAA Conference 2019 will focus on alternative powertrains and smart cities this year. It therefore will be exciting to experience what innovations will be presented for hydrogen and urban development in 2019.

Mobility – Innovation – Emotion – Adventure … it’s all there!

And we would not be who we are, if we wouldn’t want to help you with your stay in Frankfurt and your participation at the show to be as perfect, complete and enjoyable as possible. Just overnight stays, breakfast & transfer to the fair? Need to arrange a press breakfast, a hospitality suite, a get-together for your customers?  Want to spend some time to experience a bit of Frankfurt … try the typical regional cider in Sachsenhausen, take a walk on the Römerberg, enjoy the view from the 200m high Main Tower or  take a cruise on the River Main? Challenge us … everything is possible!



On May 7th, 1189 Emperor Frederick Barbarossa issued the people of Hamburg a license, which granted ships on the Elbe to ride through to the North Sea duty-free. Thus this was the birthday of Hamburg’s port and in 2019 it will be celebrated for the 830th time from the 10th to the 12th of May. During this breathtaking event the stars are the ships! There is a most amazing program on the Elbe in front of the jetties as well as in the historic harbor “Oevelgönne” and in “HafenCity” (the harbor city district). In 2019, more than 300 ships from all areas of maritime life will attend the celebration – including windjammers, traditional sailors and museum ships, naval and cruise ships, motor and sailing yachts as well as fire brigade, fisheries protection, water police, federal police, THW (the technical aid organization) and customs vehicles. In front of the unique backdrop of the current port in operation,  traditional highlights, such as the large parades of the numerous ships entering and leaving the harbor and  the popular open-ship actions in between.


Ashore more than 200 maritime, cultural and culinary programs ensure great pleasure for young and old. The “Colorful Harbor Mile” offers gastronomic delights and entertainment. Free concerts and live acts on stages with national and international stars transform the space of the world’s largest harbor festival into a huge festival landscape. After the successful premiere of the “Elbphilharmonie Concerts on Screen” last year, in 2019 concerts from the Great Hall will once again be shown on a big screen on the plaza up front. Exhibitions, guided tours and special offers of the museums complete the cultural program. Another atmospheric highlight is the big AIDA firework display on Saturday evening, which transforms the night sky over the Elbe into a sparkling sea of color. Each year, another country is given the opportunity to present itself as a partner of the event and to inspire visitors for its culture and way of life, including its culinary specialties. Country Partner 2019 is the French region Occitanie.


BERLIN 2019: A year full of festivals & events

From a divided Berlin to a city of freedom – 30 years fall of the Berlin Wall

On November 09th, 2019, the fall of the Berlin Wall will be celebrated for the 30th time. From the  04th to the 10th November, Berlin is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution and the fall of the Berlin Wall with a major festival. For seven days, the city will be transformed into seven locations for a unique open-air exhibition and event venue. The Berlin Route of the Revolution is told through places that are representative of important events in the history of 1989/90.

These stagings of historical images and films, framed by sound installations, also form the backdrop for a diverse exhibition and event program – jointly designed with museums, memorials, clubs, educational institutions, initiatives & artist groups.

Interspersed with seven open-air exhibitions, the themes connect the original venues to a route of revolution along which concerts, podium discussions, eyewitness talks, readings, film screenings and poetry slams invite listeners to join in and join in the conversation.

The highlight of the week-long celebration is a city-wide music festival on the evening of the  9th of  November. Along the route of the revolution, a festival of freedom is to be celebrated together with Berliners and guests from all over the world.

Numerous stages will feature renowned national and international artists whose sound or own history is connected with the events of 1989/90. With a wide musical spectrum – from classical music, rock to jazz, pop to hip-hop – the end of the jubilee celebrations is based on the power of music: in an impressive finale, the same piece will be played on all stages, which the artists and the visitors will hear * co-ordinate with each other and unite the city into a large community of revelers.

Events dealing with the history of division, the struggle for freedom and the process of reunification take place not only in the run-up to and immediately around 09th November, but throughout the year in Berlin.


Bauhaus celebrates 100 years since its founding in 2019

2019 marks the Bauhaus centenary – the renowned architecture and design school was founded in Weimar in 1919, moved to nearby Dessau in 1925 and finally to Berlin in 1932, to beclosed down by the Nazis a year later. For this momentous occasion countless players throughout Germany put together a program which allows the public to re-discover and re-connect with the work of this innovative school for design, architecture and applied arts – among them the yearlong event series in Berlin as well as the city-wide festival “bauhaus week berlin 2019” (August 31 through September 8). Both of these will convey Bauhaus’ experimental, polymorphous, transnational and radically contemporary character.

The festivities start with the grand opening festival at Berlin’s Akademie der Künste featuring various performances of dance, film, and immersive art. The city-wide festival “bauhaus week berlin 2019” which opens on the same night as the “Long Night of Museums” (August 31st) and ends with the opening of “Tag des offenen Denkmals” (Open House of all Berlin Monuments on September 8th) brings Bauhaus ideas to life in a participatory fashion across different outdoor venues.


Specifically decorated shop windows on Kantstraße around Savignyplatz and parts of Potsdamer Straße will give an overview of Bauhaus’ 14-year history by introducing the key players and explaining the school´s intentions. The Bauhaus movement has been famous for critically examining and challenging the rituals of daily life. The festival “bauhaus week berlin” builds on this approach and offers visitors the chance of spending an entire carefully curated day in the spirit of Bauhaus, following the motto “craftsmanship meets art”. Rise and shine with a morning yoga class on a modernist rooftop to combine physical exercise with architectural observation. Enjoy specially designed Bauhaus lunch menus in selected restaurants around Kant- and Potsdamer Straße. Round off the day`s highlights with evening entertainment at the festival center.

MR Congress holds hotel room allocations for major medical congresses worldwide.

Whether EASD, ESC, EAS or ECCO ESMO, ESH, EAU – ask us for prices and availability!

Every congress participation requires a high amount of attention. We are happy to be

your partner so that everything is running smoothly and you can focus more on the content

rather than the trappings. Benefit from our experience and entrust us with your next event!

Our hotel allotments offer you accommodation worldwide: meeting every level of requirement,

suiting the budget, close to the trade fair or the city center. The choice of products includes first class

houses of well-known international hotel brands as well as privately owned and boutique hotels.

We are happy to undertake the complete hotel service for your congress participation from demand

planning to consulting, organizing the correspondence regarding bookings as well as accounting.


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