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Our DMC Germany knows what makes a good Destination Management Company! It is destination expertise, the ability to meet your needs and the desire to move in new directions! It is the emphasis on good quality and perfect service. We have an experience in all MICE service - incentives, events, business meetings, conferences and galas.

INBOUND Services provides creative and custom-made travel solutions since 2001 for MICE and leisure travel to Germany with offices in Hamburg and Berlin. Over the years, strong relationships with suppliers have been built up, and INBOUND Services has become a reliable partner for them, guaranteeing the delivery of excellent services through our motivated team of project managers.

  • Incentive and special interest groups
  • MICE and Corporate groups
  • Trade fairs and conventions
  • Event services and event management

INBOUND Services has become a reliable partner for our suppliers, guaranteeing the delivery of excellent services. Our highly motivated project managers are constantly working on increasing destination know-how and discovering new products. Meet our team.


Your advantage when choosing INBOUND Services as your German DMC partner

  • Quick response time, offers will follow within one working day
  • A team of competent project managers assists during the project
  • Destination know-how is constantly and personally improved
  • High standards and operative procedures ensure smooth operation
  • Professional database for effective and efficient project management
  • Emergency phone is provided for 24/7 availability
  • A solid and trustworthy company which has gained strong relations to suppliers
  • Membership in ADMEI stands for professional standards and code of ethics


INBOUND Services is a member of several DMC associations, which is a statement of our professional attitude and experience, as well as proof of our eagerness to improve and become better every day. We are a proud member of World of DMCs, ADMEI and The Federal Association of German Incoming Companies and DMCs.

Germany is a destination full of surprises and possibilities, offering great quality, high standards, reliability and efficiency with striking possibilities for MICE and leisure groups. Many cities and regions are worth a visit for several days, historic sights are set in scenic landscapes, romantic rivers and wine regions invite for a stay. Germany is located in the center of Europe and easily accessible through many international airports.The historical highlights and many UNESCO cultural heritage points invite you to stay. Old and modern, traditional and innovative – the contrast is inspiring. From the castles in Bavaria to the hip and trendy city of Berlin, from the historical city of Dresden to the dome of Cologne, many places are full of history and sights. And the beautiful landscapes like the Bavarian Alps with their rural tradition or the river Rhine with its romantic castles and renowned wine production are just a few of the other highlights.

The German cities are perfect for meetings and incentive groups: easy accessibility through international airports with a good infrastructure, a great variety of conference hotels, many thrilling activities and high quality restaurants. Important international trade fairs and congresses take place in perfect equipped conference and exhibition centers. Important international trade fairs and exhibitions, international congresses and conferences take place in major German cities. Many German companies are willing to show visitors around and to share information and experience on technical visits.

Germany is historic sights, magic cities, cultural highlights and natural beauty, and a lot more. Today, one can truly say that Germany is modern and cosmopolitan. It is still Lederhosen and Oktoberfest, industrial leadership and car manufacturing, efficiency and thoroughness. At the same time, Germany stands for future trends, is cool and trendy, hip and multi-cultural.

For Meeting or Incentive groups Germany offers a wide range of possibilities and activities for each demand. German cities are international hot spots with a sophisticated clubbing and music scene, cultural high-class events and a modern economy. The former industrial Ruhr area transformed into an architectural milestone combining old and new economy with cool event locations.


Being one of the economic and political centers in the middle age, the impressive history of the former Free Imperial City shows in any corner of the city center, dominated by the famous Reichsburg on top of the city.
A stroll through Nuremberg’s Old Town is a great way to combine shopping and sightseeing. Museums, churches and twisted, romantic alleyways are just around the corner from the shopping district, modern specialty shops and department stores, the Craftsmen’s Courtyard or small and exclusive specialty shops.
A tradition that also goes back to the middle age and still is famous today is the Christkindlesmarket before the holiday season. Hundreds of small shops sell presents, art craft, gingerbread, mulled wine and sausages and give a very special flair.
But the city has as well its modern history – being center of the Nazi doctrine and host of the Party Rallies and after World War II being place of the Nuremberg Trials, which can be visited in the documentation center.


The Hanseatic city of Bremen has been playing a major role in the Hanseatic League in the middle age, which nowadays shows in many buildings in the romantic old town.
The most important one is the town hall with its Renaissance facade, which states Bremen’s historical importance and wealth. The market place in front of the town hall is a lively place dominated by the Roland, a statue from the 14th century.
In earlier times, the river Weser was an important water way and harbor. As the deep sea harbor in Bremerhaven became more important, the new look along the banks is dominated by restaurants and bars, offering a great outdoor scenery along the water front. The historic quarter Schnoor consists of a network of winding narrow streets and restored houses from the 13th century and invites for a visit.


The city at the river Elbe is also known as Florence of the Elbe, due to its many Italian style buildings from the time when Dresden was the rich capital of the kingdom Saxonia. It is a green and lush city which is dominated by the river Elbe and its green meadows along the river banks and the Frauenkirche, which has been totally rebuilt the last years.
Many buildings and museums witness the importance and wealth that Dresden once had: the Dresden Zwinger, the Semper Opera House and Royal Palace as well as many other historical monuments and ensembles, which determine the image of the city.

The area around Dresden offers a great variety of sights worth a visit: a boat trip along the river Elbe on one of the traditional paddle steamers, an excursion to the Saxon Switzerland with romantic mountains, valleys and beautiful castles and fortresses, or a visit of Meissen, the place where the story of porcelain made in Germany started.


Munich – the capital city of Bavaria – is located close to the Bavarian Alps on the banks of the River Isar. The former capital of the Bavarian Kingdom is full of sights and monuments that show its proud history.
Munich is a city of contrasts – the atmosphere of a large city is combined with rural charm: alpine tradition and Mediterranean radiance, art treasures and Oktoberfest, local customs and high-tech innovation, beer gardens and opera. This exciting coexistence of seemingly opposing worlds is one of the main features of this city at the edge of the Alps.
The famous and worldwide probably best known event in Munich is the annual Oktoberfest, which manifests the German beer brewing tradition. But Munich is also home of BMW car manufacturers, as well as FC Bayern Munich, one of Europe’s best football teams!
The surrounding of Munich offers great alpine scenery with lakes and mountains, romantic castles, such as Neuschwanstein, and traditional Bavarian villages.


Situated on the Main river, Frankfurt is the seat of the European Central Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is the largest financial center in continental Europe.
Frankfurt has an excellent transportation infrastructure and a major international airport and European transportation hub, the Frankfurt International Airport. Its central location at Europe’s heart and its excellent accessibility, as well as the many international trade fairs, make Frankfurt very attractive.
A mix of traditional and modern styles form the city, especially skyscrapers hosting international banks, leading to the name “Mainhatten”. And just next to it, the old Frankfurt quarters, such as Sachsenhausen or the rebuilt town hall Römer, which show the traditional Frankfurt. Here, one can enjoy typical German food and the local apple wine in cozy pubs and inns.
Close to Frankfurt is the Rheingau, where Germany’s best wines are growing along the river Rhine. An invitation to learn about the German Riesling cultivation, visit castles or monasteries, or the romantic town of Rüdesheim for wine tasting.


Due to its perfect location at the river Rhine, Cologne was already an important city during the Roman Empire and later became one of the largest and most powerful cities in northern Europe during the medieval age.
Today, the famous Cologne Dome is the major landmark in the city and still shows the importance the city once had. And the spirit of a proud city still shows in many aspects, like the carnival, which reaches its peak in a crazy parade through the city, or the Kölsch, a beer which is only brewed in Cologne.
The beautiful surrounding of Cologne is inviting as well – especially the romantic Rhine area south of Cologne, with its many castles and fortresses, the Lorely rock and vineyards producing the famous German Riesling wine.


Düsseldorf is the capital of the federal state North Rhine Westphalia and center of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region with a population of 11 million people and is an important location for leading international trade fairs.
By the mid-19th century, Düsseldorf enjoyed a revival thanks to the Industrial Revolution. Since then the city’s construction proceeded at a frenetic pace and the economic transformation saw Düsseldorf growing into the wealthy city of trade, administration and service industries as it is known today.
As a city by the river Rhine, Düsseldorf is a stronghold for Rhenish Carnival celebrations which starts in November and reaches its climax in February, featuring a huge parade through the streets of Düsseldorf.
The old town is known to be the longest bar in the world with many pubs and restaurants, serving the local brewed “Altbier”.


The “Free and Hanseatic” City of Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and in terms of economy and culture, the center of Northern Germany. On the river Elbe, the port of Hamburg is the second largest port in Europe and an important cruise harbor.
Hamburg has a strong connection to the water. Big parts of the city are formed by canals and town canals, the lake Alster in the city center and the river Elbe with its port facilities on the other side of the river. So it is not surprising that many activities take place on or nearby the water, such as the annual harbor birthday or the international Cruise Days.
In Hamburg new buildings are built all the time: the Hafencity and the Speicherstadt – a former part of the harbor and the custom free area have been transformed into a new living and working quarter and show architectural highlights. The city offers a variety of attractions, ranging from cultural to sports events and attracts numerous domestic and overseas visitors every year.


Berlin is one of the most influential centers in European politics and culture. Today, besides its pulsating and trendy appearance, Berlin also stands for historical sights, modern history and political change!

The rapidly changing metropolis enjoys an international reputation for its festivals, vibrant nightlife, contemporary architecture, and avant-garde arts. Being home of people from over 180 nations, Berlin is a magnet for individuals who are attracted by its liberal lifestyle, urban eclecticism, and artistic freedom.

After decades of desolation caused by the Wall, Berlin represents outstanding architecture and culture. The city is formed by its moving past and invites to a journey through the different periods of time. Caused by the long separation in a western and eastern part of the city, a lot of districts have their own vibe and are worth a visit. The German capital offers a variety of sights that is second to none and limitless possibilities of activities and events.

Welcome to a culinary journey through Germany

We will take you to German cuisines of different regions and introduce you to some well-known but even surprisingly unknown typical German dishes. Travel with us into four different cities and get to know different German “must-eats”:


We start in the north of the republic with Hamburg. The typical cuisine of the hanseatic City is clearly more fish-orientated as in all other regions of Germany. Take a fresh crispy bun, cover it with thinly cut herring, saithe, mackerel, matjes or northern sea shrimp. Refinish with raw onion rings, sour cucumber slices, green lettuce and add a homemade remoulade … now you will enjoy your first fish sandwich.

In the north, these freshly caught delicacies are one of the most popular snacks and have a long culinary heritage.



We continue our search for typical German dishes in the capital! The Berlin kitchen is grounded and offers “good traditional fare”. However, we want to introduce you to a meal, which is rarely found in the domestic kitchen, but often on Berlin streets.

The currywurst, today one of the most typical snacks of Berlin, was not invented all that long ago. Surely, their origin is not finally proved, but Herta Heuwer, should have been the own to serve the first currywurst in September 1949 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Today you will find currywurst in Berlin almost everywhere.


Right in the middle of Germany, the traditional dishes of the Main metropolis Frankfurt have a lot to offer, and look back on a long tradition: Pressed wine from apples, green sauce made of seven herbs and a “royal”, gold-shimmering cake. But the Handkäs is even more popular. Its name originated from the former method of production, since it was knead and shaped by hand during the 19th century.

This traditional cheese is served with “music”, a marinade consisting of diced onions, vinegar, oil, cumin, pepper and salt. “Handkäs’” is usually accompanied by apple cider.


A little further to the south and we enter Bavaria, our last culinary stop through Germany. Across the borders, the Munich classics such as Bavarian veal sausage and pretzel are well known. But have you ever heard from “Leberkäs” a very special treat from the Bavarian kitchen? Whether hot with potato salad and fried egg or cold with sour cucumber in a bread roll, Leberkäs is always a pleasure.

Leberkäs directly translated means liver and cheese but both of these ingredients are not contained in this specialty. The name derives from the old German word lines “Lab” for loaf and “Kasi” for solid mass


Take the opportunity to taste one of our specialties during your next visit to Germany!


Pictures: © Pixelio – Fischbrötchen1by_Rolf Handke, Currywurst_by_Betty, Handkäs_by_Heinz Ober, Leberkäs_by_Wolfgang Floedl

Ice Hockey World Championship, Cologne & Paris: 05.-21. May 2017

The countdown has started: In less than 100 days the best Ice Hockey teams come together in Cologne & Paris!

The 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship will be held for the 3rd time in Cologne and the 2nd time in Paris. The tournament days are from 5th to 21st of May in 2017. The preliminary round will be played in both cities. The Semi-Finals, the Bronze Medal and Gold Medal Game will be played in Cologne.

The preliminary round of group A is hosted in Cologne’s LANXESS arena. The teams of group A are: Russia, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, Latvia and Italy.

Get on overview of the games: Overview games

Situated in the heart of Cologne, Germany‘s media capital in the River Rhine Valley, the LANXESS arena offers a new dimension for indoor events. With a future oriented concept it operates one of the largest, sophisticated and most frequented multi-purpose arenas in Europe.

Tickets are still available!

Organizing the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey Word Championship together, Germany and France have broken new ground. For the first time two countries jointly applied for the tournament. They have planned and organized it together, putting in practice every day its motto “Together for 2017”.

Check out our new videos on our youtube Channel!

For further information please contact Wenche R. Werner:

Copyright picture: © Arena Management GmbH

Hamburg welcomes the Elbphilharmonie


It is finally done! It almost took 10 years to build the new sign of Hamburg: The Elbphilarmonie – and today is the big day of the opening! In a ceremonial act with a great light show and an opening concert the concert hall was opened in January 2017.

The Elbphilharmonie is more than an impressive and modern concert hall. The 5-star hotel “The Westin Hamburg” with its 244 rooms, meeting facilities, restaurant and bar is located there as well.

Between the old warehouse and the new glass structure, a plaza of about 4.000 m² has been built at 37 meters high, which is open to the public and offering a spectacular view of the city and the harbor. / Maxim Schulz


Hafencity Hamburg – the new “downtown at the water”


The new district HElphilharmonie Queen Mary 2afenCity in Hamburg is one of the most outstanding urban development projects. The idea to transform the edges of the port around the city center of Hamburg was partially developed in the 1990s. Based on a sophisticated concept, the new district expands the area of Hamburg City by 40 percent.

With its over 100 projects and places the Hafencity already regarded as a model for major international urban development projects, although its development time scale continues through to 2025.

There are three major projects that play a special role in the cultural and architectonical make-up of this new part of town: the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall, the International Maritime Museum Hamburg and the Science Center.

Especially the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall is important as it is the new incomparable landmark of the new district and the entire city. Swiss star architects Herzog & de Meuron have created a spectacular concert venue. On top of the historic Kaiserspeicher A, a former cocoa warehouse built 1963-1966, the new facade of the Concert house is installed.

This architectonic hybrid is worldwide unique and a fantastic and outstanding landmark of the Hanseatic city. The official opening of the Elbphilharmonie is in January 2017 and will add a new spot on the touristic and cultural map of Hamburg!


Picture source: Elbphilharmonie ©Photo: Jörg Modrow

ALLIANZ ARENA MUNICH – events in the home of FC Bayern München

Bild 2Bild 182Bild 53

What is your first thought of Munich? Oktoberfest, Hofbräuhaus and the FC. Bayern München? Our suggestions for an unforgettable event in Munich is of course the ALLIANZ ARENA, home of the famous football club Bayern München where 75.000 enthusiastic spectators support their teams. The most modern football stadium in the world  offers the ideal setting for your event up to 2.000 people in more than 20 rooms. Whether it is a gala dinner in the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt for 150 guests, a meeting in an Eventbox for up to 60 persons or party in the Sponsor area for up to 500 guests. The ALLIANZ ARENA is the perfect venue for exclusive business meetings, a presentation, a gala dinner or simply a private party. And all of it can be combined with guided tours of the arena including a visit of the team rooms, a visit of the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt or a VIP tour.

Cap San Diego – the event cargo ship in Hamburg


The harbor and the ships belong to Hamburg as the famous Reeperbahn or the Alster lake.

The best way to get the ideal Hamburg feeling is to have your Gala Dinner on a great and special venue directly in the harbor and the very city center. The Cap San Diego, build in 1962, is the biggest in the world and still fit to drive, once known as “The White Swan of the South Atlantic“. Travel back into the past and experience a maritime and historic evening in a traditional and rustic ambiance. The Cap San Diego has different areas for events: the outdoor area at the pool deck for BBQ parties with the perfect view on the harbor and the river Elbe; the Salon for up to 70 persons in a typical setting of the 1960’s for passengers or the larger freight rooms for dinner or party events up to 500 guests.

DMC services Made in Germany – reliable and safe

In a fast spinning and transparent world, the safety reputation of a destination becomes more and more important for a buyers decision today. In fact, safety is not only created by politics and police authorities, but also by selecting a professional DMC partner. Why so, you may ask?

When choosing a DMC for your ground handling, it will not only reduce your workload, but also ensure that all suppliers are well selected. You can rely on local expertise, up to date information and the experience of the DMC with these particular suppliers. The know-how of a DMC about solid suppliers is inevitable for securing standards as well as following local rules and laws. Also, you have one point of contact managing all relevant suppliers for you. Another vital point is the 24/7 availability of an emergency phone for all your booked services through the DMC.

Made in Germany is not only limited on machinery and cars, it also includes services. When choosing Germany as your destination, you get well trained and experienced staff from the suppliers side and the DMC will guarantee with its local know-how that these services will be rendered as expected and ordered – on time and on place!

Choosing a DMC aside does not mean you buy a particular transfer or event service, but you get the liability and the professionalism of the DMC, not to mention long experience which helps saving time and effort.

So, when deciding for your DMC partner, go for expertise and safety, stated by memberships in well regarded associations like ADMEI and World of DMCs.


Germany’s best wine growing area – the Rheingau


Rheingau – Home of Riesling wine

“Sheer joys of life”, is the best way to describe the Rheingau, this sunny landscape with an extension of 38 km of length between the cities of Wiesbaden and Rüdesheim.

The Rheingau region can be reached by direct flights by Frankfurt International Airport – Germany’s largest airport (about 30 km from Wiesbaden).

The Rheingau is also called the “German Riviera”, due to its mild climate throughout the year and its proximity to the river Rhine and therefore known for excellent wine cultivation.

The area offers many possibilities for attractive tours and activities centered on the topic of wine like visiting wine productions, vineyards and wine tastings in the nice surroundings of the Rheingau. All in all, a great combination for meeting and leisure groups.


Wiesbaden is one of the oldest spa towns in Europe. Its name literally means “Bath in the meadows” – 15 hot springs are still flowing today and have their influence on the cityscape. Despite its rather small size, Wiesbaden is an enchanting city with a lot to offer.

One of the main sights is the Kurhaus (spa house) which also houses the city’s famous casino, and was built by Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Some of the oldest and most luxurious hotels in Germany are located in Wiesbaden, but the city also offers a variety of good tourist class hotels.


Rüdesheim, which lies in the Rheingau region, attracts many wine fanciers from all over the world. The famous “Drosselgasse” enjoys international reputation. Every year, more than 3 million people visit the “Gasse” to celebrate the Rhenish cheerfulness, wine, music and merry gatherings.

In and around Rüdesheim, wine can be experienced in all its facets – whether through a vineyard tour, a wine tasting directly at the place of production or by visiting the many small restaurants which serve the local wines

Activities in the Rheingau

Hiking tour through the vineyards

The winery Georg Breuer offers different wine tastings and tours through the vineyards of the region, for example to the famous Niederwalddenkmal. A cable railway from Rüdesheim leads directly up to the monument. From here one has a fantastic view over the region and can enjoy a picnic with local specialties and wines before walking down through the vineyards.

Wine tastings at Wine estate Georg Breuer

A tour through the wine cellar of one of Germany’s finest wine estate offers insight in the fermenting, pressing and bottling process and gives backgrounds to the estate’s history and cultivation philosophy. To experience the quality first-hand, a wine tasting is the best way to conclude the tour.

Looking for a teambuilding activity which is not usual and obsolete?

Inbound Services – Teambuilding in Hamburg

AlsterRallye 1.jpg

Then the iChallenge on the water in Hamburg is exactly what you need.

Drive with your boat from one quiz-spot to another where different puzzles pop up on the iPad. Experience Hamburg at its best and enjoy the different views of Hamburg. Same-sized teams play against each other, taking one ore more boats.

In addition special tasks, adapted to a maritime theme, demand creativity and especially good communication within the team and have to be solved on board and on land. Teamspirit and puzzle fun are required, since each team would like to win the competition and finish at the very top of the podium.

You can play it in 2 different ways:


Make yourself comfortable on the launch – having a tour over the Elbe river – while you are solving the tasks in your team. Depending on the group size you can play it with all teams on one launch or one team per launch.


If you want to be more active you can play it with canoes, paddling on your own, on the wonderful Alster lake.

BarkassenrallyeAlsterrallye3AlsterRallye 2alsterrallye 4

Duration: 2-3 h

Participants: up to 200

Johann Strauss Ball in Vienna

Dance the night away!


Vienna is celebrating carnival just like in Rio de Janeiro. Viennese are dancing!

Not necessarily on the streets because the weather is simply too cold to wear short dresses and high heels to trudge through the snow. What Viennese do is that they dress up festive, women in a long evening dress and men wear a tailcoat. They put on their shining dancing shoes and enter one of the historic venues or city palaces to enjoy a night of dancing and entertainment on one of the almost countless balls.

Ballstimmung mit Musiker

Picture: Kursalon Betriebs GmbH

More than 450 balls take place in Vienna each year in the short season from November until Ash Wednesday. A highlight every year is the Johann Strauss Ball that takes place at the legendary Kursalon Hübner, where the famous musician Johann Strauss celebrated his biggest successes. Now there is the opportunity to experience this high class event on February the 13th, 2016. Kursalon is located right next to the city park and just around the corner the hotel Intercontinental Vienna offers the perfect combination for two breathtaking nights in the capital of music – in Vienna.

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International airports: largest ones are Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Dusseldorf and Berlin

All major cities have airports with European flight connections.

Top cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Dresden. Leipzig, Nuremberg and Munich


Top sights: Castle Neuschwanstein, The Berlin Wall, Cologne Dome, Dresden Frauenkirche, Hamburg HafenCity


Top regions: Rheingau wine district, Mosel valley, the upper middle Rhine, The Black Forrest, Swiss Saxony, Baltic Sea coast


Top Events: Oktoberfest Munich, Carneval Cologne, Christmas market Lübeck, Rhine in Flames


Top activities: Trabi Safari Berlin, HotRod Tour Hamburg, Speed boat on river Rhine, BMW Driving Experience, Video bus tour

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