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Boutique DMC Iceland is a multi-lingual team of experienced & highly knowledgeable MICE professionals, each with over a decade of designing and operating incentives, meetings, conferences, events and group travel. The Boutique DMC team is renowned for its creativity, excellence of operations, flexibility and strength of client and supplier relationships.

Boutique DMC Iceland only works with the best suppliers in each area and has developed strong and close relationships with them to ensure the very best in creative solutions delivered with precision and accuracy.

Boutique DMC Iceland cares about our clients and that each service we provide should surpass expectations.

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Iceland is a destination full of unique experiences, destinations, accommodations and activities. It is a country of glaciers, volcanoes, ice caves, thermal pools, lava fields and rugged, wild open spaces. It offers opportunities of cultural immersion with its strong local traditions of culinary specialties and crafts. It lets visitors experience challenging land and sea adventures from unique super jeeps to explore it’s off the beaten track wilderness, snowmobiles to journey across vast glaciers and sailboats to get up close to majestic animals such as whales and dolphins.

Iceland offers the best all year around destination for incentives, special groups, meetings and events.

Winter offers a wide array of exhilarating snow & ice adventures such as snowmobiling, glacier hiking, snow buggies and an opportunity to see the unique and spectacular "Northern Lights" whilst relaxing in thermal spa waters.

Summer offers the unique experience of long summer days, wilderness hiking, horse riding, unique remote accommodations in stunning scenery and "al-fresco" dining in spectacular backdrops.

Iceland can also be combined in a fabulous dual-destination trip with places such as London, New York and Greenland.

Iceland DMC - Boutique DMC Iceland & GreenlandSkogarfoss (Iceland Tourism Board)




With a population of 120,000, Reykjavík is not a whirlwind metropolis. Few skyscrapers grace the skyline, traffic jams are rare and faces are familiar. But don’t be deceived—a steady beat of energy and events keeps the city alive and pulsing with excitement.akureyri-vetur09-123

Sunny days feel like spontaneous holidays in Reykjavík. Sunbathers and picnickers fill Austurvöllur, the green square in front of Parliament; locals and tourists alike stroll up and down Laugavegur, the main drag, shopping, stopping for coffee, and people watching. The thirsty jockey for sparse outdoor seating at bars as happy hour rolls around. Crooning buskers line the sidewalk; performance artists stage surprise acts; maybe a marching band appears from the ether. Anything can happen.

Downtown Reykjavík (also known by its postal code as 101) is the nucleus of Iceland’s rich culture and arts scene. By day, café-culture rules supreme. A steady hum of conversation keeps the city’s several cafés lively. With free wifi and refills on drip coffee being fairly common, Reykjavík’s café-goers like to linger until they’re sufficiently buzzed on the strong, dark elixir. As day turns into night, people start filing into many of the cities excellent restaurants.

Throughout 101, playful murals and street art testify to the city’s sense of creativity and fun. Art galleries such as the Reykjavík Art Museum and the National Gallery showcase the works of classic Icelandic artists, while smaller independent galleries display the projects of cutting-edge, contemporary Icelandic and international artists.rvk-jolastemning-snjor-vetur-2011-291

Various museums preserve the culture and history of both the city and the country at large. Designated as a UNESCO City of Literature, Reykjavík is also the core of Iceland’s literary heritage where you’ll discover a treasure of literary works and a wealth of talented poets and authors.

Local music is one of the mainstays in Reykjavík’s cultural life. Reykjavík’s musical acts represent a broad spectrum of musical genres: from bluegrass folk to death metal, rap to lo-fi, punk rock to reggae. Downtown record stores are eager to show off the industriousness of Icelandic musicians, but it’s just as easy to experience acts first hand at live concerts. Bars and clubs around 101 regularly host live shows that can draw large crowds of fans and friends.

Catching live music is in fact an excellent way to kickoff an evening on the town. Reykjavík is known for its vibrant nightlife that starts late and carries on long into the early morning hours. The clubs start filling up around midnight, the party starts bouncing around one in the morning. It’s hard not to run into a familiar face during a night out. Serendipity keeps things exciting.



Reykjavík is the natural starting point for any visit to Iceland, and not undeservedly so. The capital is world-renowned for its culture, history, and natural beauty on all fronts.

Reykjavík is truly the gateway to Iceland, and mareykjavik-snjor-jan-2012-102-1-1ny day trips can be taken from the city to the surrounding mountains, glaciers, volcanos and hotsprings. Day-excursions from Reykjavík include horseback riding, glacier climbing, river rafting, caving, whale watching, and more. Meanwhile, downtown, in the city’s museums, galleries, theatres, cafés, and swimming pools, busy locals bustle about with a seemingly inexhaustible energy. At the restaurants downtown, local ingredients are served fresh with delicious lamb, seafood or wild game.

Reykjavík is a city of bold contrasts: it is both cosmopolitan and small-town; vibrant and sophisticated; young-at-heart and yet full of history. Many monuments, new and old, are also worth a peek, including the newly built oceanfront music and conference centre, Harpa. Luckily, everything in Reykjavík is close by, and the city is perhaps best explored by foot or bike.




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Super Jeep & Snowmobile Safari on Europe’s 2nd largest Glacier

In Iceland we have to use special vehicles to access some remote areas ..

One of our favourite, call it safari or expedition, is to reach the top of Europe 2nd largest Glacier Langjokull

We start with super jeeps, specially modified suspensions, differential locker, horse power and 46” tires. this will able us to get to the glacier, going through rough tracks, rivers and snowfield .. Driving on snow is like driving on sand, we have to deflate the tire pressure in order to get more grip ..

At the glacier base camp, do the final climb on snowmobile to add some fun. ready to try ?

more info: [email protected]

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