From our home/office in Surabaya in 2007, Come2Indonesia has become one of the traveller's first option when preparing their trip to Indonesia. Our travel agency has expand from two avid travellers and nature lovers into a full service travel agency with a passionate team and offices located in several parts of Indonesia: Bali, Sulawesi, Sumba and Borneo.

Come2indonesia is dedicated to supporting the local environment, economy and people in the areas we visit. Come2Indonesia only works with partners who share our core values in terms of sustainability. Booking your trip to Indonesia with us means you are supporting local community and helping protect our environment through our sustainable missions.

At Come2indonesia, with a license and a special department for MICE, we assist companies and institutions in the arrangement, coordination and management of incentive trips, meetings, exhibitions, conferences, corporate and sporting events in Indonesia.

Our activities in Indonesia over the years allow us to plan and arrange personalized trips for group and incentive travel, groups of friends, family, co-workers, or any club or association, adjusted to their needs.

Organizing a group is complicated and takes time but through Come2Indonesia, we will recommend the most efficient and cost-effective options, and 100% adjusted to your preferences.


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Embark on a journey through Indonesia with our array of tours, tailored to suit various interests and activities. Let us guide you in discovering your ideal adventure in Indonesia. Our selection of wildlife and nature tours unravels the treasures of Indonesia's unparalleled biodiversity, inviting exploration of over 50 national and marine parks. Immerse yourself in captivating landscapes and vibrant ecosystems.

Our cultural tours provide a rich tapestry of ethnic groups, spanning the length of Indonesia from east to west. Experience the sensation of traversing diverse countries as you delve into the vibrant cultures that shape this extraordinary nation.

Photographers, seize the opportunity to capture Indonesia's beauty through the lens of our experienced guides. From endemic birds in Sumba to the tribes of Papua and the nomadic Bajo communities, our guides are attuned to the perfect places and moments for striking photographs.

For those seeking spiritual and physical enrichment, we offer an array of options, including yoga retreats that rejuvenate the soul. Dive into the depths with our premier diving tours, or ride the waves with exhilarating surfing trips that showcase Indonesia's aquatic wonders. Your journey with us is bound to be unforgettable.



Encompassing a landmass rivaling Europe and adorned with an astounding 16,000 islands, Indonesia emerges as a cultural colossus. Boasting a populace exceeding 250 million, this nation stands as an unparalleled repository of cultural opulence and diversity.



Enveloped by over 54,000 kilometers of captivating coastline and nestled within the esteemed Coral Triangle, Indonesia boasts a collection of idyllic beaches that span from the western shores of Sumatra to the exquisite Raja Ampat Archipelago in Papua's realm.



Indonesia stands among the world's paramount nations for its remarkable nature and biodiversity, hosting an immeasurable abundance of flora and fauna.



Indonesia reigns as a nation blessed with unparalleled wildlife abundance and rich forest biodiversity, providing a canvas for crafting unforgettable wildlife encounters and invigorating hiking adventures. With over 50 national and marine parks at your disposal, this country beckons you to embark on journeys of sightseeing and exploration that are second to none.



Nestled within the heart of the Coral Triangle lies Indonesia, unequivocally the premier diving destination on Earth. Here, the Indian and Pacific Ocean's diverse species converge with Indonesia's endemic marine life, culminating in the world's most extensive marine biodiversity.



Diversity serves as a magnet for photography enthusiasts, and Indonesia stands as a veritable treasure trove in this regard. With its multicultural populace, architectural variety, sprawling rice fields, cascading waterfalls, heavenly coastal vistas, endemic avian wonders, and marine utopias, Indonesia emerges as one of Asia's prime destinations for photographers in search of authenticity and unfiltered beauty.



For yoga enthusiasts, Indonesia unveils a realm of spiritual bliss and an ideal sanctuary for yoga practice. The island of Bali, revered by many as one of the global epicenters of yoga, stands as a testament to this, a haven where serenity and self-discovery flourish through the art of yoga.



Bali unquestionably secures a spot on every surf enthusiast's dream destinations list, boasting pristine beaches and flawless waves. At Come2indonesia, we are equipped to facilitate your upcoming surf escapade, not solely in Bali, but also in other exceptional Indonesian havens like Mentawai, Rote, Sumba, Lombok, and Java. Surfing experiences beyond compare await your discovery!



Our journey as a company commenced with grand expeditions and ventures into the less-traveled corners of the nation, encompassing remote islands and lush jungles. We meticulously oversee every logistical detail and secure the necessary permits. Our expertise spans from immersive journeys into the heart of Papua's interior to sea expeditions in pursuit of the fabled Spice Islands. Your extraordinary exploration is our commitment.



Pioneering Adventure & Sport endeavors, our offerings span from exhilarating climbs and hikes up majestic volcanoes to immersive jungle expeditions. Our expertise in scuba diving sets us apart, revealing Indonesia's finest reefs and its unparalleled marine life, unveiling a realm of unique species and aquatic wonders. Your exploration knows no bounds with us.



Whether your heart yearns for a luxurious private villa boasting a pool and commanding sunset vistas over the Indian Ocean, or envisions a serene spa cocooned in nature, with the gentle symphony of a river as your backdrop while you indulge in pampering beauty treatments and massages, we cater to your desires. Your ultimate getaway, designed exclusively for both of you, awaits.



Your honeymoon in Indonesia promises to be an enchanting chapter, a timeless memory etched in your hearts forever. We curate tailor-made journeys that transcend your expectations, crafting experiences that resonate beyond imagination, ensuring your cherished moments are nothing short of extraordinary.



Embark on unforgettable family adventures, meticulously designed to maximize quality time and foster shared experiences. Our family trips ensure an optimal pace for all ages, allowing you to delve into Indonesia's wonders while creating lasting memories together.



For couples and friends seeking to make their Indonesian journey truly exceptional, we offer exclusive private trips that capitalize on your time and aspirations. Embark on an unparalleled adventure accompanied by expert guides, unveiling hidden gems beyond the conventional travel guides, and exploring destinations accessible only through our bespoke itineraries. Your exploration with us is a gateway to the extraordinary.



Indonesia travel destinations

What Places Would You Like To Visit In Indonesia?


Renowned as the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia boasts an array of captivating travel destinations waiting to be explored. From breathtaking natural landscapes to the rich tapestry of its diverse cultures and ethnicities, from hidden, untouched beaches to rugged, unexplored mountains, the country offers an abundance of remarkable and enchanting destinations. The opportunities for discovery and adventure in Indonesia are truly limitless.



Amidst the vast expanse of uncharted islands, Come2indonesia has meticulously curated a selection of 16 indispensable travel destinations within Indonesia for our esteemed customers to uncover. Join us in traversing these remarkable locales as we delve into each destination, allowing your adventurous essence to flourish and thrive!



Bali, often referred to as the “Island of the Gods” and recognized as the “Island of a Thousand Temples,” stands as Indonesia’s most iconic destination, celebrated for its all-encompassing appeal that caters to every individual’s preferences and desires.



The renowned Gili Islands comprise a trio of petite paradises: Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. Nestled in the northwestern reaches of Lombok, these islands collectively boast pristine white sand beaches, crystalline waters, vibrant coral reefs, and a thriving aquatic tapestry of marine life.



Adjacent to Bali, the enchanting islands of Lombok and Sumbawa beckon as must-visit destinations, especially for those seeking immaculate white sand beaches, upscale accommodations, and the awe-inspiring spectacle of volcanoes.



Nusa Penida, Lembongan, and Ceningan, collectively known as the Nusas, emerge as a triumvirate of idyllic islands nestled in the southeastern waters of Bali. Accessible solely by sea, these paradisiacal retreats offer a secluded haven of natural beauty and tranquility.



Flores invites adventurers to traverse its expanse, journeying from shore to shore, punctuated by captivating pauses in its diverse villages. This voyage is adorned with visits to towering volcanoes and serene desert beaches, savoring mountainous coffee breaks, and beholding the spectacle of majestic waterfalls and rejuvenating hot springs.



As the sanctuary of the ancient and indigenous Komodo Dragon, and distinguished as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Komodo National Park stands as an essential destination for enthusiasts of both nature and the oceanic realm. This park is an unequivocal haven that calls to those captivated by the wonders of the natural world and the sea.



As the birthplace of Indonesian culture, the island of Java, with its population exceeding 150 million, encapsulates a myriad of experiences and facets.



Borneo emerges as a premier haven for wildlife enthusiasts and those intrigued by tribal cultures, being the second-largest island on the planet.



Sumatra, ranking as the world’s fifth-largest island, remains enigmatic and largely unexplored.



Sulawesi beckons as a captivating addition to your upcoming Indonesian getaway. Here, a tapestry of cultures, including the seafaring Bugis and the Toraja tribes, intertwines. Among these vibrant communities, the Toraja culture stands out, deeply entwined with rituals of death and funerals, offering a unique and profound perspective on life and its transitions.



Sumba, a forgotten gem in the annals of history, rests as an awe-inspiring island merely a short flight away from Bali (just an hour by plane). This island retains its customs and landscapes untouched by modernity and tourism’s influence, offering a glimpse into an authentic and unspoiled realm.



Papua, the largest island on Earth, beckons from afar, presenting a realm of unparalleled wonders. It boasts the world’s most remarkable diving experiences in renowned regions such as Raja Ampat, Triton Bay, and Cenderawasih, where aquatic marvels await exploration.



Timor and the Southeastern Archipelago of Indonesia form a cluster of islands nestled between Flores and the Moluccas. This region, seldom explored by tourists, harbors a realm where age-old animism and indigenous traditions persist among the centenarian communities that call it home.



The Moluccas, sought after fervently in European naval history, stand as the coveted Spice Islands—a realm of fragrant allure that played a pivotal role in the discovery of America.



Belitung emerges as an authentic tropical haven, adorned with vibrant coral reefs, untouched white sand beaches, crystalline turquoise waters, and the remarkable distinction of granite rock formations indigenous to this area—an exquisite blend that creates a truly unparalleled paradise.



Comprising a collection of ten verdant volcanic islands, the Banda Islands beckon as an optimal destination for both avid outdoor adventurers and avid history enthusiasts.

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