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Italy is the cradle of Western civilization and it is known for its rich historical-artistic and cultural heritage; it is the capital of fashion and design and known throughout the world for its passion and culinary tradition.

The Italian territory extends from the North, starting from the chain of the Alps, going through the Apennines to the countryside and plains until it reaches the beautiful coastline and islands of the South.

UNESCO has also recognized Italy as the country with the greatest number of world heritage sites in the world. Some of them are The Sassi of Matera, The Royal Palace of Caserta, the Arian Baptistery in Ravenna, the Basilica of Aquileia, the Historic Center of Rome, the National Park of Abruzzo, Pompei etc.

Moreover the good climate, the medieval villages and historic cities, the breathtaking view of the coasts, the islands, the good wine, the green landscapes of the Tuscany countryside, the love for food and the local culinary traditions handed down from generation to generation, make of Italy a country to discover and admire. A fascinating journey through the most beautiful Italian cities and destinations.

Italy is not only home to historical cultural finds, but is also the ideal destination for the realization of events and business activities, such as business meetings, conferences, incentives, tours and team building activities, in modern, design or historical locations depending on the needs of each client.

Florence and Tuscany

There are few regions which can compete with Tuscany charme: art, natural beauties, and enogastronomic tradition make the region famous all over the world. This is the perfect setting for unforgettable events.


Florence is one of the most important artistic and cultural centers in Italy since the Middle Ages, considered the birthplace of the Renaissance. Rich in magnificent monuments and museums, Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, destination of millions of tourists every year.
Florence is also a perfect location for organizing meetings, conferences and incentive trips.


Tuscany is one of the most famous Italian regions, undisputed protagonist of the world tourism. Italian language was born here, as well as famous artists and writers, among the most renowned Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarca, Giorgio Vasari, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello and Botticelli. In 2018 almost 100 million people have visited the region, the turnout in part centred to the tourism conference. In particular, farmhouses in Tuscany are one of the most selected locations for events.




The beauty of Sardinia fascinates millions of travelers every year. Thanks to all the agreements Target Motivation signed, we can organize product launches, meetings and congresses in luxury hotels with convenient rates.

Sardinia is famous for its white beaches and the magnificent coast, but it is also rich in cultural history and can offer beautiful experiences to all the visitors who would like to explore this extraordinary place.

The mystery of its ancient ruins, the festivals in the cities that celebrate the glories of its past, the craftsmanship which demonstrates the traditions of its artisans and a tasty cuisine that highlights its local products. This is just a summary of what Sardinia offers and our agency, Target Motivation, takes the best from this beautiful region to offer it to our customers.

The most famous cities of Sardinia are:

  • Cagliari: the capital of Sardinia
  • Carloforte: a small village on the Island of San Pietro (located in the South of Sardinia)
  • Olbia: a modern citiy located in the north-east of Sardinia
  • Castelsardo:a historical medieval village
  • Orgosolo: famous for his murals
  • Bosa: a village located in the south Alghero
  • Alghero: considered one of the most beautiful cities of the region
  • Santa Teresa di Gallura: a colorful village located in the north of the region
  • Pula: a famous tourist town located in the south-west of the region.



Sicily. Millennial cultural heritage and numerous places, interesting from a naturalistic point of view, make Sicily an excellent destination for the organization of congresses, conventions, incentive trips and much more.

The most famous cities of Sicily are:

  • Palermo: the capital of Sicily, famous for its baroque palaces
  • Catania: famous town for its proximity to Mount Etna a historical vulcan
  • Syracuse: historical and cultural town founded by the Greeks
  • Taormina: a town rich of historical heritage, famous for the ancient amphiteather
  • Agrigento: one of the major tourist center, famous for its Greek ruins
  • Cefalù: one of the most popular town of the region, famous for the seaside area
  • Messina: developed along the coast, is a town where you can admire beautiful hills landscape




With its 3000 years of history, Rome is a unique location for every kind of event: from pharmaceutical conventions to gala dinners. Target Motivation manages events in the Capital city guaranteeing the best service along with competitive rates.

Further to be a fascinating city, Rome has several locations for the realization of meetings, conventions and many other. Thanks to the cultural and artistic heritage of the city, it is possible for the visitors planning visits to museums, monuments and archaeological sites to discover the lesser known beauties of the city.

As an alternative to cultural activites, may be organised tastings of wine and food and excursions in the Roman countryside. You’ll can find in Rome also other less conventional entertainment proposals, ideals for team building, such as escape rooms and murder-mistery dinner, a perfect combination to impress the participants of the event.





One of the most popular destinations in Italy is Venice, thanks to its historical-artistic heritage and to its proximity to the international airport Marco Polo.

Recognized World Heritage by UNESCO, Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, rich in history, art and culture.

The wonderful palaces overlooking the Grand Canal and the magnificent Piazza San Marco enchant every visitor. Organising an event in Venice is the best choise if you want to make a meeting or a conference memorable.

Venice as well as being a beautiful city, offers various entertainment activities during all the year, with a rich programme of event such as The Venice Carnival, the Biennal and the historical Festival of Redentore.


Milan and Como Lake

Milan and Como Lake are just two out of the countless settings which instill the charm of Lombardy, a region where Target Motivation boasts professional partnerships with the most important accommodation structures.


Milan is the beating heart of the business world and the Italian financial capital. The city is theatre of events that involve thousands of visitors every year, like Milan Fashion Week, Salone Internazionale del Mobile (International Furniture Fair), Digital Week and TUTTOFOOD. For this reason, the lombard capital is the favorite destination for companies that are wishing to increase awareness of the brand through the participation and the organization of events in Milan.

Como Lake

Como Lake is one of the most Italian popular tourist destinations. In 2014, the newspaper The Huffinton Post ranked Como Lake as the most beautiful lake in the world. Como Lake is a unique and enchanting place surrounded by ancient villages and villas, it is also a perfect location for the organization of corporate events, like meetings or conventions. The aim is to give prestige to the company by organizing an exclusive event, thus improving the corporate identity.





Target Motivation and M9 – 20th Museum

M9 is the new multimedia national Museum of the Italian history of the 20th century located in the heart of Mestre, a well-connected location from Venice by transports.

Target Motivation, as Priviledge Business Partner of M9, proposes the M9 – Museum as a perfect location to organize events, congresses, conventions, meetings and gala dinners. The Museum provides different spaces:

  • a courtyard and external areas, perfect places for a cocktail or to organize external exhibitions
  • an area of 1400 square meters dedicated to temporary exhibition, that could be an unusual and special place for a gala dinner or meeting
  • an auditorium that includes the necessary equipment for a congress or conference
  • small venues for training courses
  • a multimedial museum fitted by technological installations






















M9 M9


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