DMC Poland - DMC - Destination Management Company

DMC Poland - DMC - Destination Management Company

DMC Poland is an award-winning agency experienced in full on-site management of meetings, incentives, conferences and events.

Passion and experience of our team let us deliver optimized solutions to our clients. We are valued for unique approach, personal involvement, creativity and flexibility. We love challenges, we look after the details, we work hand in hand with our clients and providers in order to keep the event participants satisfied. Our SPINE says it all about us: we are here to deliver Solutions to you, we have Passion for people and for our work, we are Integral in who we are and what we do, our achievements make us a Noteworthy partner, Excellence is our trademark.

Over past 12 years of event management we have created very strong ties within MICE industry and our achievements were recognized with awards (MICE Poland Personality of the year, Meeting Planner best DMC).

Poland is conveniently located in the very heart of Europe, with easy access for visitors from all over the world. Favorable climate with 4 distinct seasons give great scenery for your meetings and corporate events. Poland is one of the biggest European countries offering nature at its best with old-growth forests, mountains, lakes and Baltic coast with sandy beaches. Visitors who are more interested in the country heritage will find in world-class monuments of a great historic importance, old towns of Krakow, Warsaw and Gdańsk being among the most recognized ones.

Widely known facts are that Poland is a country rich with history, beautiful nature, good economy. What you may not know before coming here is that Poland is a country with a great vibe, home of friendlly, hospitable and down-to-earth people.

Hospitality and high level of services is what our clients emphasize as one of biggest values for events they found in Poland. Everyone simply feels like at home here.

Furthermore, what Polish MICE industry offers is value for money. Add to that creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and good sense of humor and you’ll get the key elements of events and incentives in Poland.

Leave the well-trodden paths of your mind and let DMC Poland team show you new and surprising destination. Set for a discovery of modern European country, proud of its legacy and sharing its young spirit.


Krakow, on its side is a vibrant city that welcomes everyone. City has retained much of its splendour, there is a tranquillity here that can be overwhelming. And here lies one of the keys to the city’s magic. It is the kind of place where every day you might stumble across something that you have not noticed before – a little baroque church, a hidden courtyard, or perhaps just one of the dozens of statues that observe us passing by from the city houses’ facades. Krakow is a city where everyone feels at home.


Hanseatic city of free trade and great ideas. Situated at the intersection of ancient trade routes and among a variety of coexisting cultures. Gdańsk is a city of impressive history and a fascinating future. Together with Sopot and Gdynia, Gdańsk creates a metropolitan area called Tri-city. Gdańsk Is famous for its beautiful Old Town, Sopot for its seaside resort charm and Gdynia for its Tall Ship Races.


Warsaw is Poland’s capital city, brimming with life and energy of its inhabitants. Visiting Warsaw is being right where the nation’s cultural, financial and political heart beats. Throughout the challenges of its 20th century history, Warsaw always managed to rebound and start over again, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Great creativity and open mind are between major assets of this metropolis linkin Eastern and Western Europe.

Sailing on grass? Not possible? Yes, it is, but only in Poland!

The Elbląg Canal, constructed in 19th century can accommodate small vessels with up to 65 passengers on board. The difference in water levels approaches 100 m, and is overcome using locks and a remarkable system of tracks between picturesque lakes – the only existing in the world. This unique cruise opportunity gives an unforgettable experience of seeing one of Seven Wonders of Poland. Cruise vessels are modernized, guide service and catering on board can be provided. Private charters available. Sail on grass then and spend a few wonderful hours admiring untouched nature and unlimited possibilities of the human mind. Just an hour and a half drive from Gdansk Airport, well connected with the world.


Hosting an event like royalty in Poland!

Poland is full of magnificent castles, palaces and other monuments, converted into luxurious hotels and venues. Great heritage in outstanding modern costume. A few examples that we are most proud of.



The Royal Castle – most prestigious venue of Poland, carefully raised from ruins after WWII. A must in Poland’s capital. Dine where kings, presidents and prime ministers did…



Pearl of Gothic architecture – Collegium Maius of Jagiellonian University, the oldest in Poland. World famous astronomer was among the first students there in the 15th century. Follow the greatest, while in Cracow…



Truly the most brilliant castle hotel in Poland. Former residence of bishops, who knew very well indeed how to create an unforgettable event. Take a step to heaven…

PIEROGI GOURMET – Taste of Poland

Considered to be the dish which Poland is famous for, Pierogi is good for all occasions. Whether eaten in a high-class restaurant, in a market place cafe with a cold beer, or home-cooked for a few friends – it’s hard not to eat in and enjoy them.

As everybody likes eating well and if it takes place in a nice scenery of Krakow’s places and if in addition this food is being prepared before our very eyes by a person, who is not only an excellent cook but also tells brilliant stories about origins of prepared dishes… This is a very interesting activity for people interested in getting to know more about the Polish culture and, of course, its gastronomy! We start in the morning walking Old Kleparz market where we will buy the ingredients for today’s cooking class. For the pierogi – dumplings, we will hand out a buying list, together with a few euros – at Kleparz, all ingredients are fresh and best quality.

In the restaurant the chef is already waiting for us with all necessary equipment and cooking stands and ready to start preparation of pierogi. In the beginning of the lesson, you will receive a booklet of Polish recipes for pierogi. Pierogi are served in a variety of forms and tastes ranging from sweet to salty to spicy. Pierogi were traditionally peasant food, but eventually spread in popularity throughout all social classes, including nobles. They are served at many festivals, playing an important role as a cultural Polish dish.

Roll up your sleeves and put on your aprons for a few hours of hands-on cooking – Polish style!

Would you like to learn how to make pierogi? Contact us


Have you ever eaten a St. Martin’s Croissant, better known as rogale marcińskie?

111111111 What makes the St. Martin Croissant so special?

This is a traditional delicacy of Poznan: yummy croissants with white poppy seeds, nuts and raisins. There are many legends associated with the ‘rogal’ . One of them has it that the first person to bake the ‘rogal’ was the confectioner Jan Melzer, who encouraged his employer to bake croissants and offer them to the city’s poor. He came up with the idea in the middle of the 19th century, having listened to the preachings of a priest in St. Martin’s parish. As to the shape of the ‘rogal’, legend has it that it resembles a horseshoe because the town’s confectioners found a horseshoe which was said to have been lost by St.Martin’s horse.


On 11 November – St Martin’s Day – and prior to it, about 400 tonnes of the delicacy are sold – and eaten – in the Poznań region.

All the year round croissants taste the same and therefore being in Poznan it’s worth a try. And even better idea is to shop, where you can learn how to bake.


A new interesting haunt on the map of Warsaw – Koszyki Hall.

Finally, a new place radiating with the feel of New York`s Chelsea Market or, for some, Madrid`s Mercado de San Miguel, has opened up in Warsaw. Under one industrial roof dozens of restaurants and bars with wide ranging menus have sprung to life. You can eat on the spot or pick and choose form the assortment of gourmet shops where to stock up for the weekend. Koszyki Hall invites friends for a casual get together but is also prepared to cater for business meetings. The place oozes with exceptional atmosphere.

kosztyki-1kosztyki-2 kosztyki-3kosztyki-4

Why come here? We can think of three reasons:

ONE: this newly refurbished art nouveau marketplace hall dating back to the beginning of 20th century impresses with its space and persistently minimalistic décor,

TWO: it is the food enthusiasts who create its unforgettable atmosphere – vendors can talk about fine taste for hours on end!

THREE: it`s smack in the middle of Warsaw. No excuses, just make your way over there!


A healthy getaway in Poland! Make your event in one of great SPA hotels in Poland!

Growing interest in physical activity and healthy living transforms the face or our business. High standard of accommodation or breath-taking views have long stopped to impress. When choosing a hotel availability of healthy lifestyle options plays an increasing role. Polish four and five star hotels offer wellness zones and spas as part of their standard package, however, guests` requirements continue to raise. They inquire about gym facilities, diet consultants and fitness classes with personal trainers available.

narvil poziom511

Investors quickly respond to those global trends aiming to enrich their portfolio with specialised wellness hotels. These facilities, early on from the design phase, strive for highest standards, best equipment with newest infrastructure all planned and executed to cater for needs of most demanding guests, attended to by highly qualified staff.

Location is also of paramount importance and Poland – famous for its wonderful nature – offers many possibilities. Lakes of Masuria, rocky skyline of the Tatras, Jurassic Highland just outside of Krakow – each of those locations may be reason enough to plan a getaway from the city.

poziom5112 mera-spa-hotel-w-sopocie-5aleja-2-940-500-wplok

One of the most recognized brand names in this branch of industry was created by Dr Irena Eris. Doctor of Pharmacy, she created her brand in the late 1990s and has grown a cosmetic empire, later branching out into Spa and Wellness Hotels in Poland. Currently, Dr Eris owns three luxurious Spa Hotels in Poland: in Krynica Zdrój, Wzgórza Dylewskie and Polanica Zdrój. Irena Eris brand is the only Polish brand admitted to the prestigious Comite Colbert, a club whose members are exclusive brands like Guerlain, Cartier, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc.

spa-krynica-4 czarny-potok dr-eris

Poles make wine? Yes we do!


Poland is not a leader in the winemaking business – for sure we consume much more wine in Poland than we produce.

These are all small vineyards, with their area totalling approximately 1000 hectares – but they are surely run by people with true passion for wine and wine making, who have to have patience and love for what they do. Polish wines can be more and more often found in specialist shops, quality restaurants, and wine fairs. They are appreciated by experts and win awards, also in international contests.

Interestingly enough, wine was made in Poland in Middle Ages- first mainly in monasteries and later also by the gentry. Allegedly, the oldest 10th century vineyard was located on the Wawel Hill – in the Kraków royal castle. Today, we again have a vineyard and winery in Kraków, making wines served in Kraków restaurants. Srebrna Góra winery is located in historical buildings of Camaldolese Hermit Monastery in Bielany. The wine making tradition of the place dates back to the Middle Ages. This 12-hectare vineyard is the second largest in Poland and one of the most beautifully located ones – on the southern slopes of Bielańskie hills, bordering on “Las Wolski” wood, near picturesque Vistula River valley. The success of the winery lies in the owners – people of passion, who do love wine and are committed to make the best possible wines. It is an experience worth having when you come to Kraków – trying Polish wines in the picturesque countryside scenery will surely be an extraordinary experience that will stay with you for long.

For more info contact us

THE LADY IS MISSING | Team Building in Poland

What happened to the Da Vinci painting?!?! Help us to find it!

The peaceful life in thw city of Krakow is suddenly stopped, city is shocked by the news – the Picture was stolen!!!!

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Lady with an Ermine”, the most precious and important object in the Polish collection of art, undoubtedly one of the most valuable paintings in whole Europe has disappeared!!!

From the newspaper found in their rooms guests find out what happened and that anyone who might help is mostly needed. No one can stay indifferent to this appeal – guests form groups which specialize in solving different enigmas. Armed with detailed information and all instructions, iPads equipped with maps and clues, groups set off into the city.

Strolling the streets of Old Town of Krakow, participants have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the most beautiful sights of the city, keeping in mind that the goal is one – to get as soon as possible the data about robbery and find missing painting. Equally, the agents have to do their best not to betray their real identity. Time is pivotal. The faster groups trace the thieves and get the painting back, the better.In order to win, the group has to solve the task set, but has to split into smaller team and thank to this their chances of remaining unrecognized will increase and help to fulfill the mission. Satisfaction from finding the painting is a wonderful award and a capstone of the long quest.




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