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Throughout the world, Southeast Asia is renowned as the home of the most exotic, alluring, and fascinating cultures on the planet. It is well-known for its sumptuous tropical resorts, invigorating spas, five-star hotels, and delectable cuisine against its vivid backdrop of culture and history. The colourful peoples, timeless traditions, and spectacular landscapes of this inspiring region make it to one of the world’s best travel destinations.

As a provider of corporate and luxury travel services in this exciting area, Refine Asia stands at the forefront as your exclusive host in Vietnam and its neighbouring countries.

Whether for pure MICE arrangements, or for a mixture of business and pleasure – Refine Asia’s customized tour packages open the doorway to all the extraordinary, fabulous, and most exclusive experiences that await discovery in the mysterious continent of Asia.

Our full range of services include:

- premium transfers on land, sea and air
- world-class accommodation arrangements
- private events with unparalleled dining experiences
- productive meetings and incentive programs
- conference and congress arrangements
- team buildings
- VIP concierge services
- expert-lead leisure excursions

Refine Asia is a member of the renowned Focus Asia travel group, a highly successful tourism operation combining decades of industry experience with an extensive supplier and partner network. Our dedicated MICE teams draw from a wide range of experience and disciplines to benefit our valued clients. We continually strive to design events that perfectly fit each of our clients’ needs.

With our own operational offices throughout Southeast Asia and sales offices worldwide, Refine Asia offers only proven, original, and high-quality tourism services for corporate guests in Asia.

Vietnam, has finally won its last battle, to capture the imagination of the travelling public. Elegant Hanoi now vies with its dynamic sister, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) for the attention of visitors drawn by the eclectic mix of old and new.

More modern than other Vietnamese cities, Ho Chi Minh City has also retained its French colonial influences. Its vibrancy is maintained by the ever-entrepreneurial Saigonese and the streets are jam-packed with mopeds and scooters, often carrying whole families. The markets are chaotically busy and full of life.

Elsewhere, the scenes are timeless. Early morning on the Mekong Delta brings the daily floating markets where fruit and vegetables are peddled.

Everywhere the green patchwork of rice paddies stretches into the distance, broken only by the silhouette of water buffalos and farm workers wearing conical hats bending down to tend the young plants.

The soaring mountains in the north of the country tower over tiny villages where life continues much as it has done for centuries, with traditional costumes still proudly worn.
The old French hill stations have survived throughout the country offering a welcomed respite from the heat.

And, in the South China Sea, the 3000 chalk islands in Ha Long Bay are not to be missed.

The ancient former imperial capital, Hue, takes you back to a time of concubines and eunuchs.


The capital city of Vietnam and one of the most beautiful cities in all of Asia. Hanoi is full of history; a maze of winding, narrow, wooded lanes full of shops, taverns, bicycles, cyclos and motorbikes. The city centre is an architectural museum piece, its blocks of ochre buildings retaining the air of a peaceful and austere provincial town, contrary to the fast-living and bustling air of Saigon. The city of Hanoi is a small part of now Greater Han oi, which has a lang area of 2,139 and a population of about 3,000,000. In the past, Hanoi was first chosen by Kind Ly Thai To as the capital of country and was named Thang Long (Ascending Dragon) in 1010. Through several successive dynasties, it remained as the country’s capital city, the heart and soul of the whole nation, and has borne a variety of names, including Dong Kinh (Eastern capital), from which the Europeans derived the name they eventually applied to all of northern Vietnam, Tonkin. The city was finally named Hanoi (the city in a bend of the river) by Emperor Ming Mang (Nguyen Dynasty) in 1831. From 1902 to 19-53, Hanoi served as the capital of French Indochina.


Vietnam’s third largest city, and largest major port city, Danang is an ideal base to explore the nearby Old Town of Hoi An, or historic former royal capital of Hue. Located directly on the coast, Danang boasts some of Vietnam’s most beautiful beaches and beach-side hotel resorts. The city’s origin dates back to the ancient Champa Kingdom, established by Indonesian settlers in 192AD. At its peak, the Cham’s sphere of influence stretched from Hue to Vung Tau. With the expansion of the Chinese, Vietnamese and Khmer, the ultimate fall of the Cham occurred by mid-15th century. By the 19th century, Danang had superseded Hoi An as the most important sea port in the central region. The presence of the French in the 19th and early 20th centuries and the Americans in the 1960s, has lead to the continued growth of Danang, making it one of Vietnam’s commercial hubs.

Saigon/ Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam’s largest and most up-and-coming city, buzzing with activity 24 hours per day! French colonial buildings and historic landmarks and museums are highlights of this rapidly developing city. The city is crammed full of restaurants and bars ranging from simple pavement stalls where you can buy a bowl of noodles for a few cents to sophisticated restaurants serving fine European cuisine at a fraction of the price you would pay in Europe. Ho Chi Minh’s nightlife has become very cosmopolitan in recent years and there are literally hundreds of bars, pubs, nightclubs and discotheques to pick from for a night on the town. It is also a real shopper’s paradise with modern shopping centres and trendy boutiques rubbing shoulders with traditional street markets.

Check out the latest MICE Products in North Vietnam with Refine Asia

Vietnam’s North and in particular the capital Hanoi and the famous Halong Bay boast a lot of great MICE potential and the following new products and services are a great addition to the already existing MICE portfolio of Refine Asia.


The newly opened Legacy Yen Tu Resort, a boutique hotel close to Ha Long Bay.

About 50 km from Ha Long bay, on the road to Hanoi, we find the Yen Tu mountain. This is the ancestral land of Truc Lam Zen Buddhism. For centuries it has been the destination for spiritual pilgrims. Since the Tran dynasty in the 13th century different pagodas, towers, and temples have been constructed. At the same time, the mountain has maintained its natural diversity. This idyllic setting is the décor for the Legacy Yen Tu resort.

The hotel has been designed following the Yen Tu region’s traditional architecture. It was built by the nearby villagers with handcrafted materials and ancient construction methods. Spending a night in one of the luxury rooms is a true testament to the rich history of this sacred place.

The Legacy Yen Tu resort is the first boutique hotel option close to the Ha Long Bay that can accommodate MICE groups. Making those long trips back to the capital after a day cruise a thing of the past.

Besides offering an upmarket overnight option close to Ha Long Bay it also has a large conference hall of 852m³. More importantly, the venue can be broken up into 5 separate meeting rooms and a dedicated foyer. The Legacy Yen Tu resort has a broad choice of trekking and adventure activities. A wellness and meditation center will be available starting from the second quarter of 2020. Altogether, it provides one of the most exceptional options for Incentives and Management meetings in Vietnam.




Cocktails and sightseeing, what a combination!

Looking for that conversation starter at the beginning of your event? Hop On Hop Off Vietnam offers an experience that does just that! Get on one of their well-known doubledeckers for a cocktail reception. Up to 40 participants can buckle up their seatbelts while taking in the view of the different monuments of the capital.




Meet Dr. Marc Rapoport and get an interactive introduction into Vietnam’s ethnic minorities

Dr. Marc Rapoport first came to Vietnam as a volunteer physician in 1969. At the time, few American doctors gave medical attention to the ethnic people of central Vietnam. During his work, he developed an interest in the local cultures and started collecting old artifacts. After gathering a vast collection of over 1000 antiquities he opened a gallery on Hang Bun street in 2001. At “54 Traditions”, Dr. Rappaport can share his passion and knowledge of the cultures of central Vietnam. Some of the activities include; a round table discussion with a woman of an ethnic minority, making traditional Batik beeswax patterns on textiles, a discussion with an active shaman from the northern mountains. Dr. Rapoport also holds private lectures in larger venues

Refine Asia – Let’s start again together!

Being a DMC in Asia, that is serving clients from all over the world, the recent COVID 19 outbreak is certainly a challenge for Refine Asia and we take it very seriously. It is a difficult time for everybody, including our valuable partners, clients and suppliers, but as a team we firmly believe in the industry, its positivity and its optimism – thus we will use the upcoming weeks wisely to prepare for a bright future!

Rember! There will be a time after and although your MICE groups might not be able to travel now, it does not mean that they have to cancel all their plans. Change the dates, rethink the arrangements and use the time to fine-tune your programs with our help!

It is our pleasure to share the latest product update and trends with you in order to enable a succesful operation in 2021!

Let’s start again!


Your Refine Asia Team

Ricefield Venue – Hoi An


With the intention of creating a serene oasis for your next event while bringing Vietnam’s wonderful nature and charming countryside closer to your guests, Refine Asia would highly like to recommend a special venue that will leave your audience speechless despite its simplicity.

Get a sense of Vietnam’s village life, let the city stress behind you and spend an evening full of authentic impressions in a Rice Field in Hoi An!

It is the perfect gateway after a long meeting day in Central Vietnam’s Metropolis Danang and easily accessible from most hotels within less than an hour.

The rice field is an ideal location for groups of 80 – 400 pax and suitable for different types of events, like gala dinners, banquets, product presentations or teambuilding’s.



Depending on the group size and requirements a bamboo house is built in the middle of the rice field in the countryside, next to the river. Besides the dining area in the bamboo house, a village market can be established, and both areas can be beautifully connected with bamboo bridges.

Authentic local Vietnamese food will be freshly prepared and cooked in front of the guests on several cooking stalls set up in the market.

In addition to the culinary treats guests can engage in some traditional folk games and enjoy hands-on craft stations including pottery, calligraphy, conical hat weaving and lantern making.

Various entertainment options can be added including a Lion dance, a traditional drum performance or a Vietnamese band.



Moreover, there are many corporate branding options available that go as far as floating company logo on the river.

When it’s time for your company to shine, a simple rice field can provide all the spectacle you need to set yourselves apart from your competitors. Let your next event sparkle against the gorgeous backdrop of Vietnam’s nature and feel free to contact us for further information via

Pho – Vietnam’s elixir of life!

Pho and Vietnam – this belongs together lke France and Croissants, Italy and Pizza or the Netherlands and cheese.

Apart from being Vietnam’s national dish, this soup is regarded as a kind of miracle cure that can heal almost everything!


Taking a stroll through the little alleys of Hanoi in the early morning hours, you will notice people sitting on plastic chairs lapping up this traditional breakfast soup with relish at nearly every corner. There are hundreds of little street stalls selling it and actually every family has their own recipe. But no matter where you try it, the basic Pho always consists of a hearty broth with pieces of beef (phở bò) or chicken (phở gà), rice noodles and many different herbs and spices , topped with individual add-ons.

All ingredients are super fresh and healthy!


Coriander is good for the stomach, the Vitamin C of the lime helps against colds and in beef there is a lot of zinc that strengthens the immune system and acts anti-inflammatory. This combination is unbeatable and no matter if you are suffering from flue, tummy ache, cold or lovesickness – Pho will definitely support your soon recovery and apart from that it is just soooooo tasty!

Although the Vietnamese cuisine definitely offers other great and even more exotic dishes, a good Pho alone is worth a trip to Vietnam and can become an exciting element of your next Incentive trip. Whether you surprise your guests with a traditional Pho breakfast at an authentic local street stall or let them prepare their own Pho during a cooking class with a Michelin star awarded chef – there are many different possibilities to let them experience the magic of the Pho 🙂

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