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Arctic Incentives by Lapland Safaris is the MICE brand of Lapland Safaris group. Lapland Safaris is the largest DMC in all Scandinavia. We are a team of dedicated professionals who want to share with you the uniqueness of Lapland!

Since 1982 Lapland Safaris have been working closely with tour operators and MICE agencies around the World to bring winter and summer unique experiences in Lapland for their clients. From the beginning we have been working with groups of all sizes, but keeping in mind that every client is unique, and they all deserve personal experiences during their business meetings, special events, remarkable incentives, galas and conferences...

Out of the amazing activities where customers are active, we provide high level of accommodation and surprising dinner venues. Come to Lapland to enjoy Arctic activities in Cool atmosphere!

And all started with MICE. Back in 1982 corporate clients from abroad and some companies related with the exporting industry tried to find a supplier of unique experiences in Lapland to surprise their clients. So here we were! With the time Lapland Safaris, now a days through our brand Arctic Incentives, became the most experienced and successful company in the organization of all kind of MICE events in Lapland. We have served many thousands of clients through the most prestigious travel agencies of the World. No matter the size of the groups, from 2 super VIP persons to more than 1000.



santa claus

Santa Claus is, without any doubts, the most famous inhabitant of Lapland! The Santa Claus village is located just 9 km from Rovaniemi, right on the Arctic Circle. Here you...






northern lightsThe Northern Lights are one of nature's most spectacular phenomenons, and Lapland is the perfect destination to witness the magic for yourself. On average the Aurora B...







Snowmobiling in lapland

How would you like to experience the thrill of driving a snowmobile through snowy forests, over frozen lakes and rivers, and venturing far from civilization? ...






arctic animals

Meet some amazing Arctic Animals and discover the peace and tranquility of the Lappish nature on one of our exotic Arctic animal safaris and excursions. A husky safari...






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Evening cruise to Summer restaurant Sauna
Lunch/Dinner cruise by catamaran
Private catamaran cruise on the river
River full of experiences





fatbike rental lapland

All our fatbikes are equipped with an electrical powered engine and with front and rear suspension, and therefore they are super comfortable to ride.






Ice Fishing

Lakes and rivers are an excellent source of food here in Lapland. Each year when the water freezes we need to use a different fishing technique to catch our fish...








Imagine a world of ice and snow! In Lapland imagination becomes reality as we give you the opportunity to explore some of the most unique works of art for yourself.







Several days safaris for those who want to experience the wilderness of Lapland by snowmobiles, husky sleds or back country skies. Big adventures in the North!






Skiing & Snow Shoes

A fantastic and active way to enjoy the pure nature of Lapland is by snowshoes or cross-country skis! Reach some of the most spectacular and untouched beauty spots, br...






midnight sun

During the magical nights of the Arctic summer, the sun doesn't set below the horizon, fully recharging the batteries of the nature in Lapland. During this special time...



Saariselkä is a powerful part of Lapland – a place full of events. This is a location that immediately arouses strong feelings in visitors. Saariselkä and its surroundings provide travelers with the opportunity to experience the reality of the North and the powerful current of exoticism that runs through it. The glimmer of the gold country, a place packed with legends, as well as the Sami culture and reindeer husbandry are authentic aspects of Lapland that visitors should experience. The untouched wilderness has remained unspoiled for millennia. Numerous rivers, lakes and fells dot the landscape. Lapland’s seasons are full of magic, from the Aurora Borealis that alight the sky during the dark period to the nightless nights of summer, and set the stage for nature’s own spectacles.

The village of Saariselkä is inhabited all year round and it has a long history and vibrant culture. Its hotels, restaurants, stores, the spa and other amenities are all a stone’s throw from each other. After the day’s activities, locals and travelers fill the nightspots which are often enlivened by musical performances.



Culture, history and traditions are a part of the dream in Saariselkä. Plunge into the days of the Lappish Gold Rush, familiarize with original Sámi culture and enjoy the fell archipelago of northern Lapland. Closeness to the Arctic Ocean offer specialties like King Crab Safaris and the real wild arctic north.



Levi is, for good reason, the destination for active travelers; the resort’s offerings are constantly updated and harmoniously blend in with the surrounding natural environment. Guided outings into the surroundings take travelers into unbelievable adventures that will remain in their memories for long after. Levi offers you such a wealth of experiences that you’ll find making a choice hard!

Levi is like a small city and provides ample activities, events and cultural experiences. You need go no further than the fell village for services and shopping enthusiasts are guaranteed many pleasurable moments within a short walking distance. Levi is also famous for its youthful nightlife and relaxed atmosphere as well for high-quality entertainment performances. In season, the music is uninterrupted and well-known singers take to the stage every night.



Easy arrivals, an excellent start for relaxation and fun! Levi is only 15 min away from Kittilä airport, but still it seems far removed from anything you have experienced before. Levi is a trendy ski resort with an international flair, yet its Lappishnes is still tangible. In Levi, everything is close at hand, the opportunities are immense and for party-people, the bars and nightclubs offer relaxed fun and entertainment.



Rovaniemi is the lively capital of Finnish Lapland and embraces two major rivers right on the Arctic Circle. This international city is developing constantly and has always been a gateway to Lapland. Here, modern services join cultural and natural elements to form a unique totality. The wilderness of Lapland is a mere ten minutes from the city centre, beckoning adventurers to come to its untouched expanses. The most exciting Arctic Circle crossing is also located in Rovaniemi; come to Santa Claus’ Village, where Lapland’s most famous inhabitant, Father Christmas himself, is on hand to welcome international visitors.

Rovaniemi is home to the northernmost university in Finland, in addition to which it is the most important centre of commerce, sports and culture of its region. The city is famous for its lively nightlife, which caters to all tastes. The range of services on offer in Rovaniemi makes it possible to arrange various types of programmes and events to groups of all sizes, ranging from tens to thousands of participants.



Exotic nature, professionalism and service quality which exceeds expectations. Combine these with new experiences and deliver the dream. Our expertise is not merely restricted to memorable itineraries but also to a high standard of implementation. We operate comprehensive incentive and training programmes from the setting of goals through to follow-up.

Northern Lights – LAPLAND – Plenty of new Luxury Resorts

In the last five years the offer for Glass Igloos have been increasing magically.

We have now beautiful hotels all around Finnish Lapland with capacity from 20 to 75 units.

There are all warm with proper bathroom, some even have sauna and outdoor hot bath for each room.

Come to have a taste of Lapland under stars and Northern Lights!

Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara brand new by 1st of Dec 2019

Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara is closed for renovation since April 2019.

Its location at the top of Ounasvaara hill in middle of forest , makes it perfect spot to enjoy nature activities and Northern Light hunting.

This new 4 star hotel ideally located will offer half of its room with own sauna.

Restaurant, auditorium and meeting facilities are all upgraded in same time.

Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara is part of Lapland Hotels chain, with 18 hotels in 12 destinations all over Lapland and Finnish urban cities.

The Grand opening is scheduled for 1st of Dec 2019.

Accommodation for Northern Lights orientated travelers

Finnish Lapland has been investing a lot lately in different new concept of accommodations to permit to see Northern Lights from your bed and/or living room.

It can be cabin, teepi shape or igloo style, all have the same aim, to permit you to see the Northern Lights in best conditions.

It goes from simple glass igloo to very high level of cabin including sauna and outdoor hot tub in each unit.

Contact: Arctic Incentives – Finnish Lapland – [email protected]

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