Blood Lions “Born To Live Wild” Pledge

We believe that tourism companies are the natural partners of conservation initiatives and earlier this year Blood Lions, together with The Travel Corporation, it’s TreadRight Foundation and Cullinan Holdings announced an important partnership.

The international award-winning film Blood Lions® brought the realities of predator breeding, canned hunting and a variety of other exploitative activities involving lions and other predators to the world’s attention. The film’s powerful visual narrative, and the subsequent global “Born To Live Wild” Tourism Campaign and Pledge, provide a compelling call to action to stop all exploitative wildlife interactive tourism practices, which include cub bottle feeding and petting, walking with lions and posing with wildlife for “selfies”.

The group have endorsed the Blood Lions global “Born To Live Wild” Tourism Campaign by adding our logos as signatories to the Pledge, thus committing to aligning our company policies and continually promoting responsible and ethical wildlife practices.

Grosvenor Tours is a division of Cullinan Holdings and a proud member of, and contributes to, the TreadRight Foundation.

Should you wish to join this global campaign in its fight you can email Blood Lions at and form part of the solution with us!