Bushtracks Africa Steam Safaris

Climb aboard one of our elegant and opulent steam trains, that have been beautifully and luxuriously decorated, recreating a whimsical experience of a bygone era. Guests will visit the Victoria Falls bridge, where spectacular sunset views of the falls can be enjoyed, followed by a delicious five-course meal.


Winter Timings / Summer Timings

S: 16:30 / W: 16:00

Guests will be picked up from their hotels by our luxury Bushtracks vehicles and transferred by road to your respective station. A safety brief will be given by the Bushtracks guide en-route to the station. Tickets (including an indemnity on the back) will be issued to all guests.

S: 17:00 / W: 16:30 (depending on the guests’ hotel)

On arrival at the station, a red carpet welcome will lead guests to the train and the locomotive will be ‘in steam’: the perfect photographic opportunity. (NB: children are fascinated by the train, but should not be encouraged to approach too near to the train as it is a moving vehicle and can be dangerous!)

S: 17:30 / W: 17:00 The train will depart and chuff its way through the African bush to the border. The train will pause at the border so a ‘general declaración’ can be given by the train guard to the immigration authorities and then continue to the bridge.

S: 18:20 / W: 17:50 The train will arrive on the bridge between these times, depending on the game that has been viewed en route. Guests may alight from the train once on the bridge for some tremendous photo opportunities of The Victoria Falls, the train, the bridge and the sunset. Perfect photographic opportunities of the locomotive have a beautiful sunset background.

S: 18:50 / W: 19:45 The train will depart the bridge for its journey through the respective conservancy to pull into a siding for service of a 5 course crystal service dining experience. 

S: 21:00 / W: 20:20 The train makes its return journey to it’s station

S: 21:40 / W: 21:00 The Train will arrive at the platform where a Bushtracks transfer will be waiting to take the guest back to their hotels.