Check out the latest MICE Products in North Vietnam with Refine Asia

Vietnam’s North and in particular the capital Hanoi and the famous Halong Bay boast a lot of great MICE potential and  the following new products and services are a great addition to the already existing MICE portfolio of Refine Asia.


The newly opened Legacy Yen Tu Resort, a boutique hotel close to Ha Long Bay.

About 50 km from Ha Long bay, on the road to Hanoi, we find the Yen Tu mountain. This is the ancestral land of Truc Lam Zen Buddhism. For centuries it has been the destination for spiritual pilgrims. Since the Tran dynasty in the 13th century different pagodas, towers, and temples have been constructed. At the same time, the mountain has maintained its natural diversity. This idyllic setting is the décor for the Legacy Yen Tu resort.

The hotel has been designed following the Yen Tu region’s traditional architecture. It was built by the nearby villagers with handcrafted materials and ancient construction methods. Spending a night in one of the luxury rooms is a true testament to the rich history of this sacred place.

The Legacy Yen Tu resort is the first boutique hotel option close to the Ha Long Bay that can accommodate MICE groups. Making those long trips back to the capital after a day cruise a thing of the past.

Besides offering an upmarket overnight option close to Ha Long Bay it also has a large conference hall of 852m³. More importantly, the venue can be broken up into 5 separate meeting rooms and a dedicated foyer. The Legacy Yen Tu resort has a broad choice of trekking and adventure activities. A wellness and meditation center will be available starting from the second quarter of 2020. Altogether, it provides one of the most exceptional options for Incentives and Management meetings in Vietnam.




Cocktails and sightseeing, what a combination!

Looking for that conversation starter at the beginning of your event? Hop On Hop Off Vietnam offers an experience that does just that! Get on one of their well-known doubledeckers for a cocktail reception. Up to 40 participants can buckle up their seatbelts while taking in the view of the different monuments of the capital.




Meet Dr. Marc Rapoport and get an interactive introduction into Vietnam’s ethnic minorities

Dr. Marc Rapoport first came to Vietnam as a volunteer physician in 1969. At the time, few American doctors gave medical attention to the ethnic people of central Vietnam. During his work, he developed an interest in the local cultures and started collecting old artifacts. After gathering a vast collection of over 1000 antiquities he opened a gallery on Hang Bun street in 2001. At “54 Traditions”, Dr. Rappaport can share his passion and knowledge of the cultures of central Vietnam. Some of the activities include; a round table discussion with a woman of an ethnic minority, making traditional Batik beeswax patterns on textiles, a discussion with an active shaman from the northern mountains. Dr. Rapoport also holds private lectures in larger venues