Come and Try your Mojito in Havana?

The mojito was invented by Angel Martinez, a shopkeeper of a small grocery, in the middle of a Street in Old Havana. That is why everybody knows it as the Bodeguita del Medio, the grocery store in the middle of the Street. Ernest Hemingway came by there a lot as his printer lived in front. And to kill all that printing time Angel served him refreshments which ended in the mojito we all know now worldwide.

You take a spoon full of sugar, some good lemon drops and fresh mint leaves. But not any mint. It has to be the one that grows only in Cuba. You squash the mint so it mingles with the sugar and the lemon. Then you add the genuine Cuban rum at best 3 years old, softly aged. Add to your liking and don’t be shy. Add quite some ice cubes before you add enough soda to fill the glass. There is your mojito. Enjoy it as it refreshes you from the Cuban tropical sun.

Cubafortravel sets up incentive programs in Havana and for sure we include lots of mojitos and a visit to the original Bodeguita del Medio.