Have you ever eaten a St. Martin’s Croissant, better known as rogale marcińskie?

111111111 What makes the St. Martin Croissant so special?

This is a traditional delicacy of Poznan: yummy croissants with white poppy seeds, nuts and raisins. There are many legends associated with the ‘rogal’ . One of them has it that the first person to bake the ‘rogal’ was the confectioner Jan Melzer, who encouraged his employer to bake croissants and offer them to the city’s poor. He came up with the idea in the middle of the 19th century, having listened to the preachings of a priest in St. Martin’s parish. As to the shape of the ‘rogal’, legend has it that it resembles a horseshoe because the town’s confectioners found a horseshoe which was said to have been lost by St.Martin’s horse.


On 11 November – St Martin’s Day – and prior to it, about 400 tonnes of the delicacy are sold – and eaten – in the Poznań region.

All the year round croissants taste the same and therefore being in Poznan it’s worth a try. And even better idea is to shop, where you can learn how to bake.