Incentive travel is back

We are quite impressed to see clients who were rebooked 4 times and who are still showing the absolute determination to make it from Europe to Australia in October this year . 100 of them who will land in Perth, travel to Ayers Rock and spend time in Sydney .

Starting West saves 2 to 3h of your international flight and takes you to a green city within a State covering one third of Australia. Western Australia has a total population just below 2.7M and Perth 2.15M. It says something about the magnitude of the States and the powerful contrast one encounter when exploring. The environment is absolutely unique, the wine is amazing, the population is relaxed and love spending time on the water.

In January next year we will be hosting 200 delegates from South America; an incentive dedicated to Sydney and including some dynamic activities such as a sailing regatta, surf and paddle lessons, while enjoying the best of the largest Australian by sea, land and air (seaplanes) .