Marrakech 1001 night dinners

We’ll recreate all the magic, the bewitching, the fantasy and the mystery from the Far East for you!

The chosen location will be decorated in Arabian style with oriental carpets and rugs, oil lamps……Suddenly, enchanting sounds invite guests to dinner, performed by the Moroccan orchestra playing their traditional instruments. Enjoy the music while having a delicious dinner

The final highlight will be a fascinating belly-dance performance….

Palais Soleiman

Jewel of the traditional Moroccan architecture, the house which shelters ” Soleiman Palace” was built towards the end of the 19th century by the famous Cadi Layadi, one of the last big Lords of the Atlas.

The cream of the Fes and Marrakesh’s craftsmen worked for years on end in the construction and in the ornamentation of this magnificent big building. Through its zelliges, its antiques monumental gates and its moucharabiehs, the Soleïman palace gives to the visitor the rare privilege to taste, in each of its steps, in the plural expression of an art characterized by the celebration of the divine.

Palais Gharnata

Set in an alleyway dating back from the 14th century, The Palais Gharnata possesses that luxury that comes with passing of time.

Everything here speaks of antiquity, rarity, beauty, and preciousness.

Materials are of the finest (16th Century woodwork, multi coloured mosaics) and worked with the utmost skill: sculptures, paintings, carvings and much more