Marrakech Trendy !

If you want to joy a flawless, impeccable experience. Our trendy dinner must be done …The places are stunning! worth the visit by itself and the fusion cooking is exceptional, words can barely describe the meals with a good Moroccan & international music and amazing show during the dinner.

Savor the enchanting Marrakesh nights !

Palais Jad Mahal










This is a highly colorful, festive place that includes a restaurant, a bar and a stage for shows. The décor wavers between India and Morocco with wide colorful areas.
Service is clever and the cuisine is “world food” style, organized by Damien Durand. It is a place to go for dinner or just to have a drink, listen to live music and admire the talent of the superb Oriental dancers.

Le Comptoir Darna












Comptoir Darna is an important nightlife attraction in Marrakech, which has arrived on the scene in 1999. It proposes a perfect fusion between the orient and the occident. It is « THE » place in the red city where every night is party night. Comptoir Darna is where we live unforgettable moments, where we meet and exchange mutual experiences… It is the house of the traveler, an unavoidable pause on the caravan trail. “Darna” in Arabic means “Our Home”, so: Welcome to your home !

Buddha Bar Marrakech











The Buddha Bar brand, internationally known, moved to Marrakech. The property offers a stylish atmosphere, an Asian menu and a festive atmosphere throughout the evening.

The birth of Buddha-bar was by the imagination of its founder, Raymon Visan, a the great visionary innovative spirit, which was able, through his many discoveries and encounters, make it one of the most beautiful creations in the world of catering Lounge.

Great traveler and lover of the unusual, its founder made the Buddha Bar, a trip around the senses, a discovery of the Pacific Rim influences the movement, a place both off time and present in his time evoking the cultural opulence of distant Asia today’s West.