On the Footsteps of Gaudí

We will take the guests on a city tour through Barcelona following the footsteps of the city’s most influential son of all times: Antoní Gaudí. This outstanding architect lived and worked most of his lifetime in Barcelona, and his “footprints” can be seen frequently as you wander through the Catalan capital.

Starting from the landmark Sagrada Familia, the Church of the Holy Family: this is Gaudí’s masterpiece “par excellence”, although he couldn’t finish it during lifetime; it is already the most emblematic building of the city, the Eiffel Tower of Barcelona.

We will move on visiting Parc Güell, and we’ll continuing down towards the city centre, we will reach the elegant Passieg de Gràcia where two other masterpieces of Antoni Gaudí are located: La Pedrera and Casa Batlló.

All Gaudí’s masterpieces are listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

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