Unique venues in Athens

Athens is a one of a kind beautiful city with many hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Here at Metropolitan DMC we have selected four of the most unique and surprising venues that will give your incentive group an unforgettable experience.

Zappion Megaron, the Classical Greek experience



Zappion is an historic landmark dating back to 1874. The stunning neoclassical building, located in the heart of the city, is a venue to truly impress and inspire. Inside the building a circular atrium, open to the Greek sky & surrounded with marble columns creates a uniquely Greek space.

Ideal for: Gala Dinners, special events, award ceremonies


An organic farm: the perfect escape from the city



This charming farm is located on the outskirts of Athens, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards. Delicious organic fruit and vegetables, all produced on the farm, allow you to sample Greek cuisine at its freshest and finest. An event at the farm includes a visit to the gardens, a cooking demonstration and al fresco meal accompanied by live music.

Ideal for: Dining outdoors, cooking demonstrations, organic local cuisine


A grand estate & vineyard: sophisticated glamour



This gorgeous, purpose built winery welcomes you with sprawling lawns and local stone. The size of the building itself as well as the imposing interior, magnificent terrace and cool green garden make this versatile venue perfect for an event at any time of the year.

Ideal for: Special dinners, meetings, cocktail parties, wine tasting


A secret garden: dine al fresco in an urban oasis



The beautiful neo-classical building hides a secret garden nestled in the heart of the bustling city. The cool, manicured garden is the perfect setting for a memorable breakfast, a bespoke picnic, or a sophisticated cocktail party.

Ideal for: Dining al fresco, a surprise urban picnic

For more inspiring ideas contact Metropolitan DMC today and let us create an unforgettable incentive event.


The winter season in Bulgaria typically lasts from end of November until March. Sometimes there is enough snow even in April.


Bulgaria is famous for its mountains and snow-capped peaks, offering excellent conditions for all sorts of winter sports and activities. If you are thinking where to book your company’s next winter incentive trip, wonder no more – Bulgaria will surprise you with endless possibilities for accommodation, memorable team building ideas and nonetheless great value for money.



Classic Winter – Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing

Experience an unforgettable winter wonderland at one of Bulgaria’s famous winter resorts. Try snowshoeing at the Balkans oldest nature park – Vitosha, less than 30 minutes from Sofia. Or go for a ski trip to one of the oldest ski resorts – Borovets (1 hour from Sofia), or the world-renowned Bansko (2 hours from Sofia).

With good networks of hiking trails and excellent ski facilities you will be amazed at how much Bulgarian mountains have to offer for you and your team. Beautiful scenery, unique views, first class hotels, delicious local food, plenty of teambuilding possibilities and much more. Come and see for yourself!


Snowmobile Adventure

 Looking for an extreme twist for your next incentive? Here is one of the most exciting mountain entertainment options – snowmobile rental. Feel the adrenaline boost and enjoy unseen before views while riding through fresh powder snow without speed limit. Perfect way to create everlasting memories for your team. An incentive trip to remember!


Build an Igloo

 Ever wondered how eskimos handle the winter? Here is a chance for your team to bond and work together to construct a real igloo while showing great amount of creativity and overcoming a number of challenges. This is a fantastic snow based challenge, ideal for team building and testing your limits as a person and as a team.


Christmas Party

How about holding your Christmas party in one of Bulgaria’s fabulous venues? Combine your company’s retreat with festive celebration in a new and exciting destination. Our team at Insight Events will give you unique ideas for your party theme and will advise on the best venue to hold the event. Old factory or classic grand ballroom; gourmet restaurant or fancy night club – you name it – we’ve got it! The party will be unforgettable!


Iced or Mulled

Freezing This Winter? Cure it with this exciting ice skating activity and unwind with a glass of mulled wine.

The famous Bansko resort offers an amazing ice rink on the main street. Enjoy great fun with your teammates and relax after with a well-deserved glass of mulled wine.


Yacht Cruise in the Greek Islands





Source a stunning location for hard working winners to relax, destress and spend quality time with their colleagues. Create a finely-balanced program both exciting & fulfilling without being rushed.


Two private yachts with several common areas on sundecks allowed guests to socialize together or relax alone during sailings. The route around the lesser known Greek Islands of the Dodecanese was the perfect backdrop for the most relaxing possible incentive event.


Visits to quaint villages, awesome archaeological sites and buzzing towns wowed the delegates on land. Swim stops in small bays with crystal clear waters kept everyone cool. Watersports injected some thrilling action. Evenings in port offered the opportunity to experience delicious local cuisine, explore the shops and night life.
At the end of the week guests had the opportunity to spend the last night in a 5* property on land but voted unanimously to remain on board until the last possible moment.


Mission accomplished by Metropolitan DMC!



Architecture in Mexico City, Museo Soumaya


Mexico City offers a variety of experiences, one of them is to admire the architecture from prehispanic, colonial and really modern like Museo Soumaya, one of newest buildings in Mexico City, designed by the Mexican architect Fernando Romero.

The museum’s holdings include a collection of European Old Masters, with some splendid works of the Italian, French, German, and Spanish schools from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century. There are also works from New Spain and South America in the collection, including paintings, sculptures, ivories, estofado carvings, and furniture from the viceregal period.

Museo Soumaya possesses the largest collection of works by Auguste Rodin outside of France. Rodin’s sculptures marked the advent of modernity. Also on display are emblematic works by the French impressionists and examples of nineteenth-century Mexican portraits and landscapes.



The “Bulgarian UFO” – The Abandoned Buzludzha Monument



Our team at Insight Events Bulgaria presents to you one little known architectural jewel.

In Shipka Pass, on the top of 1441m peak in the mountainous scenery of central Bulgaria, a UFO-shaped building stands like a watchtower. This concrete giant on Buzludzha mountain is the former Headquarters of the Bulgarian Communist Party and it’s beaming up increasing numbers of curious visitors.


Right in the heart of Bulgaria, the Buzludzha monument’s sci-fi architecture, history and setting cast a powerful spell.


Originally built as an assembly hall for the socialists, the building has been abandoned for decades. The region itself is not so popular for travellers. Most of the foreign tourists visit Shipka (10km southwest of Buzludzha) to see its famous pink and gold church, or Kazanlak (12km further south), the gateway to Bulgaria’s Rose Valley. But the “Bulgarian UFO” is increasingly tempting for day trips from historic cities Plovdiv and Veliko Turnovo (about 2 hours drive).


The road leading to Buzludzha bends along cliffsides and rigid terrain. These steep valleys are the scene of a series of battles from the 19th-century Russo-Turkish War. During the Battles of Shipka Pass, Russian and Bulgarian fighters repelled Ottoman troops against incredible odds and in sub-zero conditions. By building a meeting hall here, socialists broke ground at a nexus of Bulgarian national pride.



When you get to the monument itself you cannot oversee the signs of its former greatness. On the exterior wall, slogans in huge concrete letters urge workers towards glory. But today the dominant message is the striking red graffiti that reads, ‘Never forget your past’. Next to it, the word ‘Communism’ is redrawn as a Coca-Cola logo.


Despite the prohibition of local authorities to enter the building due to safety reasons, the braver can make their way inside through one of the busted panels. Once inside one can really feel the grandeur and pride or the old regime as remains of red carpeting, mosaic portraits and latticed glass ceiling glow alongside modern graffiti and piles of debris.


The Buzludzha Monument has been the center of a dispute for Bulgarians for years now. The choice of demolition or repair is the dilemma. It represents an image of the communist past that brings vivid memories for some, and on the other hand, it is seen as a blank space of opportunity for younger generations.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.45.13 AM

There have been projects for restoration of the building, including a grand plan to turn it into an event venue for congresses, concerts and other happenings. As the road to the monument is accessible and offers plenty of parking spaces, such repurposing of the building is hypothetically a feasible idea. However, to date, none of the proposed projects is accepted and the building continues to deteriorate.


So the question is – is the Buzludzha Monument the next big tourist attraction or event venue in Bulgaria? As visionaries Insight Events’ team is eager to see this impressive wonder reborn and brought to modern times. We can only imagine the scale and uniqueness of the events we could organize there! Maybe one day…


Hafencity Hamburg – the new “downtown at the water”


The new district HElphilharmonie Queen Mary 2afenCity in Hamburg is one of the most outstanding urban development projects. The idea to transform the edges of the port around the city center of Hamburg was partially developed in the 1990s. Based on a sophisticated concept, the new district expands the area of Hamburg City by 40 percent.

With its over 100 projects and places the Hafencity already regarded as a model for major international urban development projects, although its development time scale continues through to 2025.

There are three major projects that play a special role in the cultural and architectonical make-up of this new part of town: the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall, the International Maritime Museum Hamburg and the Science Center.

Especially the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall is important as it is the new incomparable landmark of the new district and the entire city. Swiss star architects Herzog & de Meuron have created a spectacular concert venue. On top of the historic Kaiserspeicher A, a former cocoa warehouse built 1963-1966, the new facade of the Concert house is installed.

This architectonic hybrid is worldwide unique and a fantastic and outstanding landmark of the Hanseatic city. The official opening of the Elbphilharmonie is in January 2017 and will add a new spot on the touristic and cultural map of Hamburg!


Picture source: Elbphilharmonie ©Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de/ Jörg Modrow

Batukaru Temple

Batukaru Temple, referred to by locals as Pura Luhur Batukaru, is one of Bali’s key temples, located at the foot of namesake Mount Batukaru. At an altitude of 2,270m above sea level on the second highest peak in Bali after Mount Agung, the temple is surrounded by cool natural forests, providing a pleasant sightseeing stopover for nature lovers.

Mount Batukaru as a whole is considered a sacred site and the misty slopes of the heavily forested mountain enhances its spiritual vibe. The temple complex is frequented by visitors on any given day; however several parts of the temple’s inner sanctum remain off-limits to non-pilgrims. The temple is devoted to the Hindu god Mahadeva, considered the master of the air, water and plants. The 11th century Batukaru Temple shares the cool and quiet upland vicinity of the Wongaya Gede farming community in the Penebel Village of Tabanan regency.

Old Balinese chronicles state that the temple suffered major destruction following a siege by the neighboring Buleleng kingdom during the warring times of 1605 AD. The temple remained in ruins for a considerable period, until major restorations began in 1959 for over two decades, reinstating Batukaru Temple back to its current form.

A visit to the temple calls for proper attire and conduct. As with any Balinese temple visit, you must wear a sash around your waist, which are available for free at the security post before the temple entrance, and women during their periods are not allowed to the temple grounds. There is a large parking area a kilometer down from the temple, where a variety of local kiosks and warungs offer local cuisine, snacks and refreshments. One of the traditional must-try cakes in the Tabanan region include klepon, palm sugar-filled gelatinous steamed rice flour balls served with shredded coconut.


  • Ancient Temple Building
  • Tropical Rain Forest with Temple in The Middle of Large Pool

ALLIANZ ARENA MUNICH – events in the home of FC Bayern München

Bild 2Bild 182Bild 53

What is your first thought of Munich? Oktoberfest, Hofbräuhaus and the FC. Bayern München? Our suggestions for an unforgettable event in Munich is of course the ALLIANZ ARENA, home of the famous football club Bayern München where 75.000 enthusiastic spectators support their teams. The most modern football stadium in the world  offers the ideal setting for your event up to 2.000 people in more than 20 rooms. Whether it is a gala dinner in the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt for 150 guests, a meeting in an Eventbox for up to 60 persons or party in the Sponsor area for up to 500 guests. The ALLIANZ ARENA is the perfect venue for exclusive business meetings, a presentation, a gala dinner or simply a private party. And all of it can be combined with guided tours of the arena including a visit of the team rooms, a visit of the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt or a VIP tour.