Denmark Prepared for Emergencies

Hadler DMC Scandinavia’s Event Crisis Plan

Event Emergency procedures are a must unless you want to play with the lives of your event participants. Event emergency preparedness has been a key aspect of the DMC industry, and has caused several DMC’s to develop standardized “Event Emergency Preparedness Plan”.

“What do we do in an emergency?” This should be the easiest question to answer for any event planner. In recent years, it has become clear that emergencies can happen at any time, anywhere. From terror threats to environmental issues, the potential for something interrupting the event or program is now more real than ever. Unpreparedness is no longer an acceptable stance to take because negligence to prepare for the worst is reckless towards your clients’ safety.

More DMC’s are developing standardized Event Emergency Preparedness Plan templates to use together with their clients. At Hadler DMC Scandinavia we are always updating our own “Event Emergency Plan”, to match the threats that have appeared in the past several years. Risk avoidance and mitigation are important values we wish to provide every client.


“Fail To Plan, And You Plan To Fail.”


Hadler DMC Scandinavia’s well-documented “Event Emergency and Crisis Guide” details what to do before the event. The guide also states which procedures to follow if a crisis, emergency, or incident happen during an event. With new research and technology advancements, it is now also proactive. It also outlines how to safeguard against and handle any cyber security issues that may arise throughout an event. Together with World of DMCs we wish to set the highest standards in destination management,  by making sure that we are prepared for any emergency.

We at Hadler DMC Scandinavia offer our clients both risk avoidance and mitigation, through careful planning of every possible event scenario. Do not take risks with safety procedures – make sure you and your suppliers have proper plans and guidelines to handle emergencies during events.

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Influential Tasneem


Managing Director of African Quest Safaris – Kenya & Tanzania

African Quest Safaris Managing Director and DMC Partner in Kenya and Tanzania Tasneem Adamji was nominated for CEO Global Award (Tourism). It gives us great pleasure to congratulate her on being selected as one of the finalists for the 2016 Most Influential Women In Business And Government Awards.

“I don’t know who the other contenders are, but having made it to the finals is already a great feeling.” said Tasneem as she reacting to the news on her finalists selection.

Finalists will be recognized and winners announced at the Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards function, which will be held in Kenya August 2016.

The meaningful contribution she has made in the industry and the positive impact this has had, makes us proud to be associated with her.

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ATALA, the Australian Travel Association for Latin America. Condor Verde, being a full member of the association, had to fulfill a number of criteria being the two key factors financial and experience in operating in Latin America.

LATA, the Latin American Travel Association, a UK travel industry association. The scrutinized members of the association promote travel to Latin American destinations.

Poles make wine? Yes we do!


Poland is not a leader in the winemaking business – for sure we consume much more wine in Poland than we produce.

These are all small vineyards, with their area totalling approximately 1000 hectares – but they are surely run by people with true passion for wine and wine making, who have to have patience and love for what they do. Polish wines can be more and more often found in specialist shops, quality restaurants, and wine fairs. They are appreciated by experts and win awards, also in international contests.

Interestingly enough, wine was made in Poland in Middle Ages- first mainly in monasteries and later also by the gentry. Allegedly, the oldest 10th century vineyard was located on the Wawel Hill – in the Kraków royal castle. Today, we again have a vineyard and winery in Kraków, making wines served in Kraków restaurants. Srebrna Góra winery is located in historical buildings of Camaldolese Hermit Monastery in Bielany. The wine making tradition of the place dates back to the Middle Ages. This 12-hectare vineyard is the second largest in Poland and one of the most beautifully located ones – on the southern slopes of Bielańskie hills, bordering on “Las Wolski” wood, near picturesque Vistula River valley.  The success of the winery lies in the owners – people of passion, who do love wine and are committed to make the best possible wines. It is an experience worth having when you come to Kraków – trying Polish wines in the picturesque countryside scenery will surely be an extraordinary experience that will stay with you for long.

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Wine Tours in Bulgaria with Insight Events Ltd

Wine Culture in Bulgaria


Bulgaria is a country with long-established and rich traditions in wine-making. Grape growing and wine production have a history in Bulgaria, dating back to the times of the Thracians. Wine is, together with beer and grape rakia, among the most popular alcoholic beverages in the country.

Bulgarian wine has undeniable taste qualities. It is worldwide famous and it has won many international awards. Merit for the great taste of the Bulgarian wines is the specific climatic and geographic characteristics, and the ancient tradition in the area of viticulture and winemaking. Some of the unique sorts for Bulgaria are Gamza, Wide Melnik Vine, Dimiyat, Pamid, Red Misket and Ruby.

Ever since the ancient Thracians, who inhabited these lands, wine has been respected. They used it not only as a drink
on the table, but also for many of their religious rituals. They believed that with wine they could reach their gods. The ancient Greek god Dionysus and his Thracian analogue Zagreus were worshipped by the Thracians as gods of wine and merriment. Evidence for the ancient Thracian traditions in wine production and consumption are the magnificent Thracian treasures, which are mostly wine sets.

The taste for good wine and the interest in the local varieties triggered the entry of wine tourism, wine tours and tastings in Bulgaria. Many of the wineries in the country organize events where experts and guests get acquainted with their best products.

With the vast experience and fresh ideas of Insight Events as a local DMC, you can discover limitless opportunities for wine tours around the country.

Bulgarian Wine

Here is a sample wine tour you can make with Insight Events –

Starting in the capital Sofia we will take you on a trip to the second-largest city in Bulgaira – Plovdiv. Plovdiv has made it into the top three of the European Best Destinations 2016 ranking. “Nestling in the south part of Bulgaria, Plovdiv is a leading cultural, religious, wine and shopping destination which never fails to reveal exciting, new facets of its character,” a brief description of Plovdiv reads, posted on the European Best Destinations’ website.
A day of sightseeing or shopping in Plovdiv will be followed by a trip to Starosel. Winery “Starosel” was built in 2005.
Manufacturing plant has an annual processing capacity of 1000 tons of grapes and is unique for Bulgaria manufacturing technology, as well as special equipment for fermentation and selection of grapes.

The Enoteca complex resembles the rotunda, which proudly became the new temple of the god of wine – Dionysus.
A Temple, where you can experience the cult of wine and the world of the ancient Thracians who left us a gift of art to make and drink wine.

The Winery “Starosel” allows you not only to taste the wine from the land of the Thracians, but also to plunge into the atmosphere of a bygone era.

Your tour with Insight Events will then continue to Midalidare Estate.

Midalidare Hotel & SPA is situated in the center of Mogilovo village between the two Wine Cellars of Midalidare Estate.
The building dates back to 1886 and has a long history. Nowadays, decades later, the old school of Mogilovo is transformed into a cozy place for guests. The newly built section of the SPA offers a good vacation to all that have decided to combine a good wine tasting with relaxation.

Following the wine routes, we reach the Edoardo Miroglio winery near Nova Zagora. The winery is located in the Thracian valley in the village of Elenovo, on 22 km. from Nova Zagora. It is surrounded by vineyards spreading on rolling hills, a lake and green lawns, which provide excellent conditions for this wine tour.

Your wine tour with Insight Events will end at Katarzyna Estate – Svilengrad.

Katarzyna Estate is situated in one of the most fertile wine growing regions of Bulgaria and Europe.

The cellar is located in the southernmost part of Bulgaria, 2 km away from the village of Mezzek and about 7km away from Svilengrad at the foot of the East Rhodope Mountains. The area is hilly, picturesque and still remarkably wild. In the hills and the gullies flourish the emblematic for the area poplar trees, oak trees and hornbeam, a place where the Maritsa River valley is overgrown with dense willow.

Katarzyna Estate owns 5,500 acres of vineyards in one of the best regions for wine growing in Bulgaria. The main wine varieties are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Tempranillo, Carmenere, Mavrud, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Viognier , Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Traminer are consistent with the climate of the region and type of soil.

Your local DMC Insight Events will ensure a full program for this or any other trip you may wish to make, recommending the best wineries, restaurants and hotels on your way. Our broad experience and cool ideas will create an experience to remember. So just relax with a glass of wine and let us do the rest.


Educational Wine Tour In Denmark

Denmark DMC Wine Tour Incentive Educational

”You can never have too much of a good thing” – Danish Proverb

And here in Denmark we agree. Wine tasting can be quite an exciting adventure, as the taste buds go through a world of wonderful different flavors. Denmark is known for simplistic design, New Nordic Cuisine, the happiness of the people and an extensive folklore and history. In recent years, Danes has begun growing and producing their own wine from their own vineyard.

Independent Wine Makers

It was only 15 years ago, when EU allowed commercial production of wine, and now the fruits of the farmers’ labor are ready for harvesting. After many years of self-education, the best grapes for planting, growing and harvesting in Denmark are finally paying off. Grapes like Rondo, Leon Millot, Regent and Solaris are predicted to have a bright future in the Danish vineyards.

Get a Wine Education

With an incentive educational wine tour from Hadler DMC, you will return with a little more than a memory. We thrive to make every incentive personal as well as educational for your guests. We love knowledge, and we are a firm believer that knowledge is the key to success in life – both simple and complex knowledge. Come join us for an adventure in the vineyards, and get a little bit closer to becoming a knowing wine connoisseur.

Click – here – to learn more about an incentive wine tour in Denmark.

Wine Tours In Greece



‘No poem was ever written by a drinker of water’

Homer, Greek epic poet


Wine has been an important part of Greek culture for over 4000 years. The ancient Greeks loved to organize intellectual gatherings called “symposia” where they would eat and talk about philosophical subjects while drinking wine.

Wine tours in Greece, like every other aspect of life here, are inextricably entwined with the ancient culture.The outstanding location of some of the wineries & unique growing conditions makes a wine tour in Greece very attractive. While there are important wine growing areas in northern & southern parts, the breathtaking island of Santorini is one of the most exciting places to learn about wine in Greece, creating an exceptional incentive experience.



The different wines of Santorini owe their special qualities to the unique geology of the island. The volcanic explosion, circa 1650 BC, covered the island with volcanic ash, lava and pumice stone creating the foundation for perfect soil conditions which now produce very distinctive & unique wines from local grape varieties such as Assyrtico, Mandilaria and Vinsanto produced from sun dried grapes.

Venetsanos Winery is located in the most breathtaking location offering incredible vistas over the caldera and volcanic islands. Built in 1947, the exceptional architectural structure is combined with the history of one of the most important wine producers in the Aegean.
Its most distinguished feature the structural design, which essentially used gravity, facilitating energy efficiency, at a time when access to electricity and other energy sources was very limited.

A visit to the winery is a walk through history & tradition with a tasting of some of the exceptional wines in an exceptional setting. The winery is also an incredible setting for an outstanding gala dinner.



Domaine Sigalas produces some of the most highly acclaimed wines with ancient varieties such as Athiri, Mandilaria and Assyrtiko. The scenic location of the winery and the lovely west-facing terrace provided a magical place to taste & learn about Greek wines and food.



Assyrtiko, first grown on Santorini, gives a bone-dry wine that has citrus aromas mixed with the characteristic earthy flavors that the volcanic soil of Santorini provides It ends with a pleasantly mineral aftertaste.

Vinsanto the unique, naturally sweet wine is made from the traditional method of letting the grapes dry under the sun for 10 days to concentrate their juice. The wine is kept in barrels for many years and develops a wonderful color and bouquet with hints of chocolate, coffee, butter, honey, and flowers.

Germany’s best wine growing area – the Rheingau


Rheingau – Home of Riesling wine

“Sheer joys of life”, is the best way to describe the Rheingau, this sunny landscape with an extension of 38 km of length between the cities of Wiesbaden and Rüdesheim.

The Rheingau region can be reached by direct flights by Frankfurt International Airport – Germany’s largest airport (about 30 km from Wiesbaden).

The Rheingau is also called the “German Riviera”, due to its mild climate throughout the year and its proximity to the river Rhine and therefore known for excellent wine cultivation.

The area offers many possibilities for attractive tours and activities centered on the topic of wine like visiting wine productions, vineyards and wine tastings in the nice surroundings of the Rheingau. All in all, a great combination for meeting and leisure groups.


Wiesbaden is one of the oldest spa towns in Europe. Its name literally means “Bath in the meadows” – 15 hot springs are still flowing today and have their influence on the cityscape. Despite its rather small size, Wiesbaden is an enchanting city with a lot to offer.

One of the main sights is the Kurhaus (spa house) which also houses the city’s famous casino, and was built by Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Some of the oldest and most luxurious hotels in Germany are located in Wiesbaden, but the city also offers a variety of good tourist class hotels.


Rüdesheim, which lies in the Rheingau region, attracts many wine fanciers from all over the world. The famous “Drosselgasse” enjoys international reputation. Every year, more than 3 million people visit the “Gasse” to celebrate the Rhenish cheerfulness, wine, music and merry gatherings.

In and around Rüdesheim, wine can be experienced in all its facets – whether through a vineyard tour, a wine tasting directly at the place of production or by visiting the many small restaurants which serve the local wines

Activities in the Rheingau

Hiking tour through the vineyards

The winery Georg Breuer offers different wine tastings and tours through the vineyards of the region, for example to the famous Niederwalddenkmal. A cable railway from Rüdesheim leads directly up to the monument. From here one has a fantastic view over the region and can enjoy a picnic with local specialties and wines before walking down through the vineyards.

Wine tastings at Wine estate Georg Breuer

A tour through the wine cellar of one of Germany’s finest wine estate offers insight in the fermenting, pressing and bottling process and gives backgrounds to the estate’s history and cultivation philosophy. To experience the quality first-hand, a wine tasting is the best way to conclude the tour.

Cuba in the spotlights

No other destination has received so much positive attention last year as Cuba. Since Obama and the Cuban president Raul Castro have agreed to work towards reconciliation the increase in arrivals is above all expectations. People want to see the old Cuba before it changes.

Truly Havana is still a charming old lady with surprising architecture of the last 500 years from colonial buildings over neo-classic and eclectic styles to the Modernism of the 50ies. Everywhere in the streets you see the classic American vintage cars of the 50ies next to the ladas of the Soviet era. People are genuinely friendly and hospitable and it is one of the safest big cities in the world.

The country side is a green oasis of tobacco plantations with farmers working the lands in the most organic and manual way possible.  The beaches are pristine, white and inviting.

At Imex Frankfurt World of DMC stand F430 you find the member DMC Cubafortravel with Mr Johan Dorssemont always ready for a talk about the possibilities for your incentives to Cuba.


Eco DMS Sponsors First Caribbean Young Leaders Event

May 21st marked the kickoff of the first Young Leaders event for the Florida and Caribbean Society for Incentive Travel Excellence Chapter! Young Leaders Chairwoman Kelsey Gernert took the lead in organizing the event with the assistance of her Co-chair Maoreen Every and the support of Immediate Past President and Young Leader’s Mentor Wichita Villacres as well as Young Leaders Global Committee Member Darysse Croes. The event was hosted with the sponsorship of ECO Destination Management Services and Texas De Brazil. The socializer was hosted in Aruba at Texas de Brazil of Aruba. We had over 30 attendees and were able to raffle off one SITE membership due to the great sponsorship of our chapter. The lucky winner was Nayibe Herrera of KiniKini Tours and we are excited to welcome her as one of our newest members! It was a great success as we have received numerous follow up emails from interested Young Leaders who are inquiring about joining Young Leaders and becoming members of SITE. A two hours scheduled event was extended another hour and a half with the support of our sponsors Texas De Brazil and ECO Destination Management Services as people anted to continue the networking and discussions. While this kickoff was a great success it only sets the groundwork for more Young Leaders events within our chapter. The Young Leader’s Facebook Group SITE Florida and Caribbean Young Leaders” was created and serves as the primary hub for information sharing. Join in order to receive up to the minute Young Leaders updates. http:// Eco DMS Kelsey Gernert Maoreen Every Wichita Villacres SITE Young Leaders May Event