Your gala night in Old Havana

Cuba is the place for gala dinners because from an appetizer cocktail to a digestive cigar we dance to life music in the exotic surroundings of a beach with palm trees or the background of a colonial palace or plaza.

With Cubafortravel you can enjoy Cuban culture with all senses. We propose here a gala dinner during the stay of your group in Havana.

At sunset guests are picked up from the hotel by classic American convertible vintage cars. Don’t get dressed too fancy because Cuba is no place for tie and cocktail dresses. Just feel at ease and dress to dance.
You drive over the Malecon Boulevard to Old Havana while you see the Cubans enjoy the sunset and they see you drive by.
On arrival at the Plaza Vieja a variety of Cuban cocktails are served. The Plaza is public but a corner is set off for the group. The tables have gala outfit and are set in front of a stage. The surroundings is all colonial style architecture
When guests are seated a 4 set menu is served with lobster as main dish accompanied by fish and shrimps.
During dinner a band plays traditional Cuban music world widely known as Buenavista Social Club. Of course guests are invited to dance on the rhythm of the music.

After dinner we continue by bus to the newest night venue in Havana the Fabrica de Arte. In a former vegetable-oil-factory a group of Cuban artists have made a night venue that combines art exhibitions with modern music performances and not to forget the many bars with Cuban cocktails. The building houses many areas and quiet corners to walk around, meet people, listen to music or observe the art on exhibition. Guests have a special credit card to drink in the many bars of the place. There are buses returning to the hotel.

This gala dinner is possible starting 25 to 750 pax.

Come and try them in Havana with


Egypt THE Destination for a Gala Dinner…



Egypt is a destination packed with iconic locations for an unforgettable gala dinner…

Starting with “the Great Pyarmids” – one of the seven wonders of the world !


Egypt’s range of gala dinner venues will ensure that your delegates experience great culture, impressive surroundings, a perfect weather and enjoy great food and entertainment to mark the launch or wind-down of your conference proceedings.

Gala dinner venues can vary between pharaonic temples, ancient palaces or simply natural scenery of the desert & its mountains or beautiful sandy beaches with crystal blue waters.

With a moderate climate all year round; Egypt is a destination worth exploring for both authentic venues and world-class hotels ranging from less than 100 guests to tens of thousands.


Discover Unique Gala Dinner Venues in Bulgaria with Insight Events Ltd

In today’s event planner’s world demands and preferences change constantly. Clients are searching for new ideas for their events, for interesting concepts, unexplored destinations and memorable experiences for their gala dinners. At Insight Events Bulgaria we have come to believe that the choice of venue is probably number one in delivering all this to our clients.


In the course of our practice we have handled numerous functions at locations that you would not normally imagine for an event. Being one of the oldest countries in Europe, with historic sites and tons of restored buildings, Bulgaria gives endless choice of unique gala dinner locations.


Our team at Insight Events Bulgaria will share with you just a few ideas for organizing your next gala dinner in Bulgaria –


National History Museum, Sofia

Going Back In Time



Sofia’s biggest and most important museum is worth visiting if only for the chance to walk around the residence of a former communist dictator. The museum is housed in one of the buildings used by Bulgaria’s Communist head of state Todor Zivkov and his entourage. Access here was heavily restricted and the area still holds a certain mystique for the locals. For obvious reasons, no Bulgarian over the age of 30 would call the building’s typical 1970’s architecture “beautiful”. However, to a visitor unscarred by the memory of Communism’s constant aesthetical offences, the wood carving, marble floors and wall mosaics would seem intriguing.


As catering venue The National History Museum offers the opportunity for a grand welcome reception followed by seated gala dinner in the so-called Sunny Hall, surrounded by gold and silver treasures, Thracian, Roman and Early Christian artifacts and exquisite exhibits dating back from 4000 BC.


The Museum is suitable for seated dinners for up to 130-150 guests.


Roman Amphitheatre, Plovdiv

Dinner With A View




Plovdiv’s magnificent 2nd-century-AD amphitheater is one of the world’s best-preserved ancient theatres, located in the city center of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It was built during the reign of Emperor Trajan, was only uncovered during a freak landslide in 1972. It once held about 6000 spectators. Now largely restored, it’s one of Bulgaria’s most magical venues, once again hosting large-scale special events and concerts.


Our team at Insight Events Bulgaria will happily take you and your guests on this fairylike adventure by organizing your gala among the ancient ruins of this unique location. Despite its size, the amphitheater is suitable for more intimate gala dinners for up to 50-70 guests.


Ravadinovo Castle, Sozopol

In Love With The Wind


castle-ravadinovo-and-nesebar-43 Lidia turs Ravadinovo (111)

From first glance, the Ravadinovo Castle is made in the style of the classic Western European castles combining various styles from the Renaissance and Romantic periods – but this comes not to be true!  The style of the Castle is one and only – a unique Fairy style. This is the secret of its magic impact – the dream that came true to make a castle existing only in fairy-tales. It was built completely of 20,000 tons of stone, which was specially extracted from the bowels of the earth in the Strandzha Mountain. According to the Geological Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, these stones are aged about 227 to 247 millions of years. They contain traces of diamonds, which make the castle change its color – in the morning it has pink nuances, during the day it becomes white and at full moon – it glows.


The Ravadinovo Castle gives the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Gala dinners can be organized for up to 150-170 guests, depending on set up. Do not hesitate to turn to Insight Events Bulgaria for a full concept design of your gala event.


Sofia Event Center, Sofia

See The Future


2ef42d4a38431f5bf2d488d4ea32f601_SEC_Graduation_3-1156-577-c a851041f5c25de7adca678c238844d1d

Sofia Event Center – SEC is a unique multifunctional hall with no equivalent in Bulgaria. The hall was conceived and designed by leading experts in the field of organizing events and implementing the technical equipment.


SEC is suitable for all kinds of events – conferences, gala dinners and awards, ceremonies, fashion shows, chamber concerts, exhibitions, launch of new products, weddings, political events, TV and many other formats.


Combine outdoor cocktail with a fabulous gala dinner for up to 750 guests. At SEC you will see state of the art technical surroundings, 3D wall mapping and unique venue transformations, all contributing to your one-of-a-kind event experience.


This is just a glimpse of what Sofia and Bulgaria have to offer for your gala dinner. An ancient site or ultra-modern hall, an outdoor space or a restored factory, museum or gallery – you name it – we have it! The Insight Events team is experienced in thinking out of the box and will suggest the best option for your next unique event.


The function of a DMC could be mistaken by some individuals as an porthole to simply secure accommodation, some transfers and other services that are required to experience a destination.


My personal take on a DMC is, we are the concierge for our respective destinations. The one destination contact an interested guest can go to without looking any further. We remove the question on, how to get to us?, and, what to do?

We are the best compass for directing guests towards choice accommodations, and services that best compliment their needs and wants. Because we are specialist on our destination, we guide concerned guests with advise that guides away the conversation around safety and security.

How? We do not avoid the topic, but we show them our city and countryside, and let them meet the people of the land. We allow to open discussion around topics of concern, and answer those questions with actual local knowledge from guides, ourselves and the people of our destinations.

Our strongest response is educational journeys to our countries. By hosting agents ignorant on our services, attractions and value, we educate and enhance their knowledge, and allow them to depart as diplomats.

We use our websites, social media and many other platforms as advertising, but, there is very powerful messaging through word of mouth generated by actual guest experiences.

Cape Town – a Grande Beach Event

Our group of 100 guests were looking for a relaxed setting to welcome their guest to Cape Town and South Africa. The Grande Cafe & Beach, pitched on the shores of Table Bay set the table for this elegant Cape Town welcome. Welcome with some cocktail and a sensational beach setting, guests enjoyed a sensational dinner complimented by a local band to set the tone and tunes for a celebrated evening in this iconic city.



DMC services Made in Germany – reliable and safe

In a fast spinning and transparent world, the safety reputation of a destination becomes more and more important for a buyers decision today. In fact, safety is not only created by politics and police authorities, but also by selecting a professional DMC partner. Why so, you may ask?

When choosing a DMC for your ground handling, it will not only reduce your workload, but also ensure that all suppliers are well selected. You can rely on local expertise, up to date information and the experience of the DMC with these particular suppliers. The know-how of a DMC about solid suppliers is inevitable for securing standards as well as following local rules and laws. Also, you have one point of contact managing all relevant suppliers for you. Another vital point is the 24/7 availability of an emergency phone for all your booked services through the DMC.

Made in Germany is not only limited on machinery and cars, it also includes services. When choosing Germany as your destination, you get well trained and experienced staff from the suppliers side and the DMC will guarantee with its local know-how that these services will be rendered as expected and ordered – on time and on place!

Choosing a DMC aside does not mean you buy a particular transfer or event service, but you get the liability and the professionalism of the DMC, not to mention long experience which helps saving time and effort.

So, when deciding for your DMC partner, go for expertise and safety, stated by memberships in well regarded associations like ADMEI and World of DMCs.


Denmark Prepared for Emergencies

Hadler DMC Scandinavia’s Event Crisis Plan

Event Emergency procedures are a must unless you want to play with the lives of your event participants. Event emergency preparedness has been a key aspect of the DMC industry, and has caused several DMC’s to develop standardized “Event Emergency Preparedness Plan”.

“What do we do in an emergency?” This should be the easiest question to answer for any event planner. In recent years, it has become clear that emergencies can happen at any time, anywhere. From terror threats to environmental issues, the potential for something interrupting the event or program is now more real than ever. Unpreparedness is no longer an acceptable stance to take because negligence to prepare for the worst is reckless towards your clients’ safety.

More DMC’s are developing standardized Event Emergency Preparedness Plan templates to use together with their clients. At Hadler DMC Scandinavia we are always updating our own “Event Emergency Plan”, to match the threats that have appeared in the past several years. Risk avoidance and mitigation are important values we wish to provide every client.


“Fail To Plan, And You Plan To Fail.”


Hadler DMC Scandinavia’s well-documented “Event Emergency and Crisis Guide” details what to do before the event. The guide also states which procedures to follow if a crisis, emergency, or incident happen during an event. With new research and technology advancements, it is now also proactive. It also outlines how to safeguard against and handle any cyber security issues that may arise throughout an event. Together with World of DMCs we wish to set the highest standards in destination management,  by making sure that we are prepared for any emergency.

We at Hadler DMC Scandinavia offer our clients both risk avoidance and mitigation, through careful planning of every possible event scenario. Do not take risks with safety procedures – make sure you and your suppliers have proper plans and guidelines to handle emergencies during events.

Contact Hadler DMC Scandinavia if you want a DMC who values your safety, reliability, availability and speed.


Influential Tasneem


Managing Director of African Quest Safaris – Kenya & Tanzania

African Quest Safaris Managing Director and DMC Partner in Kenya and Tanzania Tasneem Adamji was nominated for CEO Global Award (Tourism). It gives us great pleasure to congratulate her on being selected as one of the finalists for the 2016 Most Influential Women In Business And Government Awards.

“I don’t know who the other contenders are, but having made it to the finals is already a great feeling.” said Tasneem as she reacting to the news on her finalists selection.

Finalists will be recognized and winners announced at the Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards function, which will be held in Kenya August 2016.

The meaningful contribution she has made in the industry and the positive impact this has had, makes us proud to be associated with her.

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ATALA, the Australian Travel Association for Latin America. Condor Verde, being a full member of the association, had to fulfill a number of criteria being the two key factors financial and experience in operating in Latin America.

LATA, the Latin American Travel Association, a UK travel industry association. The scrutinized members of the association promote travel to Latin American destinations.

Poles make wine? Yes we do!


Poland is not a leader in the winemaking business – for sure we consume much more wine in Poland than we produce.

These are all small vineyards, with their area totalling approximately 1000 hectares – but they are surely run by people with true passion for wine and wine making, who have to have patience and love for what they do. Polish wines can be more and more often found in specialist shops, quality restaurants, and wine fairs. They are appreciated by experts and win awards, also in international contests.

Interestingly enough, wine was made in Poland in Middle Ages- first mainly in monasteries and later also by the gentry. Allegedly, the oldest 10th century vineyard was located on the Wawel Hill – in the Kraków royal castle. Today, we again have a vineyard and winery in Kraków, making wines served in Kraków restaurants. Srebrna Góra winery is located in historical buildings of Camaldolese Hermit Monastery in Bielany. The wine making tradition of the place dates back to the Middle Ages. This 12-hectare vineyard is the second largest in Poland and one of the most beautifully located ones – on the southern slopes of Bielańskie hills, bordering on “Las Wolski” wood, near picturesque Vistula River valley.  The success of the winery lies in the owners – people of passion, who do love wine and are committed to make the best possible wines. It is an experience worth having when you come to Kraków – trying Polish wines in the picturesque countryside scenery will surely be an extraordinary experience that will stay with you for long.

For more info contact us