Abu Dhabi M.I.C.E. Support Programme


Always eager to support their partners, the Abu Dhabi Convention Bureau has come out with a new incentive scheme to encourage meetings and conferences during the quieter months of the year.

This is in the form of a monetary value that will go towards complimentary entrance tickets to attractions in Abu Dhabi, team-building activities, food & beverage (excluding alcohol & tobacco), Emirati cultural experiences, a welcome cultural performance and a cultural showcase at a gala dinner.

Applicable terms and conditions:

  • Minimum 2 nights stay in Abu Dhabi from 01 July – 21 October 2019 and 01 April – 31 Oct. 2020
  • Program must include a half-day meeting: training, team-building or gala dinner
  • Group must consist of minimum 50 international delegates/participants
  • Support will be reimbursed based on materialized number of delegates/participants (based on rooming list)
  • Support to be paid directly to Abu Dhabi registered suppliers after completion of the event
  • This offer can be extended to the winter months (1 Nov. 2019 – 31 March 2020) based on 50% of the rate scheme

Please let us know if you are interested to avail of this offer and we will be happy to assist you. Just send us your group/ meeting details by clicking here.


4WD cars (self drive cars) will lead to the most beautiful landscape of the Basque Country (CB radio in each car, the English speaking guide in the leading car give information along the trip).

During this tour you will discover at your own pace the roads and tracks used by smugglers and the wonderful scenery of the Basque country and its typical villages. Along the way you are likely to come across a pottok, one of the wild horses roaming free in the mountains.

Stop in Sare and Ainhoa, classified among the most beautiful villages in France lying in the shadow of the Rhune Mountain.

UWA Sets New Gorilla permit fees for 2020

For up to five years, each gorilla group has undergone an extremely delicate process (Habituation) which has gradually accustomed them used to the presence of humans, allowing a few privileged visitors to interact with them in the wild. However, the gorillas are by no means tame! A typical gorilla tracking or habituation in Uganda is accompanied by an experienced guide, every trek starts with a pre-departure brief at the tracking point to equip you with information about ‘gorilla etiquette’.

Gorilla tracking is a year-round activity, whatever the weather. Tracking commences every morning from the park headquarters at 8:30am. The gorillas cover large distances overnight, and they are never constantly in one area. The guides use their knowledge of the gorillas’ habits and information from the previous day to locate the group’s whereabouts. For this reason, one group cannot be said to be easier to track than another.

During a meeting with the members of the Association of Tour Operators in Uganda on 6th August 2019, Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) broke the news to the members that the tariff for gorilla tracking in Mgahinga and Bwindi will be raised from USD $600 to USD $700 beginning 1st July 2020.

In-spite the high cost of gorilla permits in Rwanda which is at USD $1,500, Uganda has maintained a low rate by increasing its permits by only USD $100 making it remain at peak demand. In a letter dated 7th August 2019 addressed to the Tourism Stakeholders new products, rates and clarity on fines of some UWA products and services were introduced.

Here is the the letter which show some of the changes made by UWA.


Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara brand new by 1st of Dec 2019

Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara  is closed for renovation since April 2019.

Its location at the top of Ounasvaara hill in middle of forest , makes it perfect spot to enjoy nature activities and Northern Light hunting.

This new 4 star hotel ideally located  will offer half of its room with own sauna.

Restaurant, auditorium and meeting facilities are all upgraded in same time.

Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara is part of Lapland Hotels chain, with 18 hotels in 12 destinations all over Lapland and Finnish urban cities.

The Grand opening is scheduled for 1st of Dec 2019.

MITM Americas MICE Fair in Havana

Havana is a unique city. And 2019 is special as it is 500 years since the city was founded.

For this MITM Americas organized by GSAR Marketing has chosen Havana and the emblematic Hotel Nacional de Cuba as the host City and Hotel for their event this year. From the 14th till the 17th of October hosted buyers (Corporate companies, incentive houses, international associations, tour operators, events, congress and fairs organizers, business travel, wedding planners and luxury travel mainly from Americas and Europe) and exhibitors (Tourism offices, convention bureaus, hotels, DMC’s mainly from Cuba) will interact during planned and casual meetings. 2 days are for table set meetings and social events. A 3rd day is for educational lectures and post-fair tours.

Of course World of DMCs’ Cuba member Cubafortravel will be present with an own table and 2 delegates to attend the many meetings with potential buyers. The delegates are Johan Dorssemont, general manager of Cubafortravel, and Yunier Ramos, incentive executive and commercial manager of Cubafortravel.

The potential for MICE in Havana and the rest of Cuba is enormous, and only limited by the already 60 year old embargo of the US against Cuba. But the rest of the world can take the situation as an advantage. Over the years the touristic infrastructure of the country has become very varied, professional and of high quality. The enormous tourist boom hasn’t arrived yet so the venues are just there for you to book and the rates are still acceptable and in the reach of a large market. A fair like this in Havana is an opportunity for incentive and meeting buyers to get to know a destination that will be a landmark for incentives and meetings in the future.

Your partner DMC in Cuba is Cubafortravel, of course member of World of DMCs.

Cubafortravel www.cubafortravel.com
MITM Americas www.mitmevents.com/mitm-americas-en.html
Hotel Nacional de Cuba www.hotelnacionaldecuba.com

Old Car Cuba

Havana Malecon

Havana Malecon by night

DMC Cuba - DMC - Dormeso SA

Cuba for Travel, DMC in Cuba

Hotel Nacional de Cuba

















It’s the final countdown … in just a few weeks the biggest and most popular folk festival in the world – the Munich Oktoberfest – opens its doors! In the beer tents at the Oktoberfest, the historic principle is still valid today: the customer is king. It is actually thanks to a bourgeois officer that about six million visitors come together so comfortably each year. A member of The Bavarian National Guard had the idea to celebrate the wedding of his prince regent with a huge horse race. Said and done:  the royal couple married just in this way in the context of such a festival on  October 17th, 1810 and the greenfield where the wedding took place was later named after the bride = the Theresienwiese (Wiese meaning lawn). That was the birthday of the Oktoberfest.

The Oktoberfest in Munich will take place from the 21st of September to the 6th of October,  2019 for the 186th time on this Theresienwiese and on the first day of the festival the first beer will be tapped at 10.00h … in Bavarian that is called “OZAPFT IS”! If you and your colleagues want to dress up in the traditional gear of Dirndl and Lederhosen for a corporate party of the special kind in Munich, feel free to call us any time … we will make it happen! By the way … even though Oktoberfest is on only once a year, Munich has loads of beer gardens and brewery halls to create this typical and traditional Bavarian feeling throughout the year, it is always worth a visit – and it has so much more to offer and explore as well. Not everything there is about beer! Ask us!

Marrakech Trendy !

If you want to joy a flawless, impeccable experience. Our trendy dinner must be done …The places are stunning! worth the visit by itself and the fusion cooking is exceptional, words can barely describe the meals with a good Moroccan & international music and amazing show during the dinner.

Savor the enchanting Marrakesh nights !

Palais Jad Mahal










This is a highly colorful, festive place that includes a restaurant, a bar and a stage for shows. The décor wavers between India and Morocco with wide colorful areas.
Service is clever and the cuisine is “world food” style, organized by Damien Durand. It is a place to go for dinner or just to have a drink, listen to live music and admire the talent of the superb Oriental dancers.

Le Comptoir Darna












Comptoir Darna is an important nightlife attraction in Marrakech, which has arrived on the scene in 1999. It proposes a perfect fusion between the orient and the occident. It is « THE » place in the red city where every night is party night. Comptoir Darna is where we live unforgettable moments, where we meet and exchange mutual experiences… It is the house of the traveler, an unavoidable pause on the caravan trail. “Darna” in Arabic means “Our Home”, so: Welcome to your home !

Buddha Bar Marrakech











The Buddha Bar brand, internationally known, moved to Marrakech. The property offers a stylish atmosphere, an Asian menu and a festive atmosphere throughout the evening.

The birth of Buddha-bar was by the imagination of its founder, Raymon Visan, a the great visionary innovative spirit, which was able, through his many discoveries and encounters, make it one of the most beautiful creations in the world of catering Lounge.

Great traveler and lover of the unusual, its founder made the Buddha Bar, a trip around the senses, a discovery of the Pacific Rim influences the movement, a place both off time and present in his time evoking the cultural opulence of distant Asia today’s West.


Since 1743 when it was founded, Moët & Chandon has been passing down unequaled winemaking savoir-faire and an innovative and pioneering spirit from generation to generation.

The 1,190 hectares of rich limestone soil, 50% of which is classed as Grand Cru and 25% Premier Cru, make up the largest vineyard area in Champagne. Underground, the Moët & Chandon cellars are the most extensive in the region. Extending more than 28 kilometers, they form a subterranean labyrinth where the wine metamorphoses under optimum conditions of humidity and temperature.


The team building Champagne is primarily a means of exchange, sharing and fun used as a key  to play together  and improve company engagement.
Our sommeliers entertainers will tell stories and anecdotes about the great world of Champagne, introducing the basics of tasting, and lead the participants, divided into teams, to test their sensory abilities, sharing sensations and comments.