Zimbabwe Adjusts Visa Conditions Effective Immediately

The government of Zimbabwe has announced that a revised visa regime will be implemented whereby 29 countries will move from being Category C to Category B.
This change has been made with the hope of unlocking the potential of the tourism industry and to better facilitate travel. This new visa regime is being acknowledged with immediate effect. Various countries, including India, Ethiopia, Romania, Panama and Mexico, will now be included on the Category B regime. This will allow tourists from these countries to be issued with a visa upon arrival in Zimbabwe.
Category C requires tourists to obtain a visa before travelling. The full list of 29 countries moved into Category B will available soon.
Please note we do not have a full list yet, keep an eye on our Travel Updates for that announcement.

Once in a Lifetime

An integral part of an incentive itinerary is being able to provide winners with a once-in-a-lifetime experience; a view of the destination not available to regular visitors and tourists. This is at the very centre of our product design and we are always looking for new, exclusive experiences to add to our “arsenal” of ideas, making Metropolitan DMC one of the most forward-thinking and innovative event companies in Greece.


Ancient Greek Rowing

The trireme was an ancient vessel, a type of galley used by the ancient maritime civilizations of the Mediterranean, especially the Phoenicians, ancient Greeks and Romans. The Athenian fleet was comprised of 300 – 400 of these 70-ton, 40-metre warships, making it the most powerful ancient city-state to rule the Aegean.

The trireme needed 170 men, one man for each oar, to operate it. The amazing thing about the Athenian triremes was that rowers were free men – not slaves – and came from all social strata: the rich and poor rowed alongside each other. For the Athenians, this was an extension of their democratic beliefs. Quite a revolutionary idea for the times! Most of the rowers (108 of the 170), due to the design of the ship, were unable to see the water and therefore, rowed blindly. Coordinating the rowing required great skill and practice.

We believe this is the very essence of teamwork: a group of people/colleagues working together in perfect coordination, toward a common goal. What better way to drive this message through, than an exclusive sail of this legendary ship, by and for company employees?

We are very proud to have been granted permission by the Hellenic Navy, to charter the “Olympias”, a perfect replica of an ancient Athenian trireme, for corporate events! We are thrilled to bring this unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience to our clients.


Athens Vintage Bus Ride


Two brothers, determined to keep the family legacy alive, have for the last few years dedicated their free time and savings to refitting public buses that were taken off the streets between the mid-80s and early 90s.

These beautiful vehicles feature vintage wooden seating and original 60s design. They include a 1966 Scania 28seater, a 1970 Mercedes 30seater, a 1961 Mercedes/Biamax 31seater to name a few. All vehicles are fully insured.

A ride in these adds a touch of class but also fun to a transfer, either as a published feature of the itinerary, or choreographed to take winners by surprise, with their regular vehicle “breaking down” and everyone being picked up by a vintage bus that just happens to be in the vicinity.

Using these vehicles represents a CSR event as charges will be in the form of a donation to keeping this legacy of Greek civic history alive.



Mini Olympic Games in the Marble Stadium


The Panathenaic Stadium is a classical cultural monument of Greece, a venue for noble competition and fair play of mind and body, since antiquity. It was built for the 1896 first modern Olympic Games, the finishing point for the Marathon in Athens 2004 Olympic Games as well as being the spot from which the Olympic Flame begins its journey to the cities of the Olympic Games around the world.

The event is a fulfilling activity inside an Olympic site with all the ideals of the Olympic Games, providing the chance for teamwork, responsibility & most of all fun. The activities include classic Olympic events such as sprint, relay race, shot put, javelin, long jump as well as tug-of-war.

The main aim is to highlight the importance of teamwork, commitment, communication & achievement


The Lighthouse Venue, at the top of the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Foundation


Located near the sea, 10’ drive from the centre of Athens, the brand new Stavros Niarchos Cultural Centre houses the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera, tucked beneath a new 170,000-square-metre sloping park and beside a 400-metre-long rectangular lake.

The opera and library complex overlooks a plaza dubbed the Agora, a tribute to the beloved Ancient Greek market place, while the Lighthouse, a 900 m2 glass shell observatory with indoor & outdoor areas offers unobstructed views of the city and sea.

This breathtaking venue symbolizes the pinnacle of achievement & success for winners.



Four Seasons Astir Palace – opening May 2018

Astir Palace Vouliagmeni is a hospitality market leader with a history of over 50 years during which it became a world renowned luxury destination. In preparation for the Hotel’s rebirth as the new Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens, more than EUR 100 million is being invested. The facilities will be completely state-of-the-art, and include the latest green technologies, including energy conservation and bio-climatic living quarters.

J. Allen Smith, President and CEO, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts said “The Hotel’s location offers a unique combination of seaside tranquillity and easy accessibility to Athens city centre, making it an ideal destination for leisure and business travellers year round. We look forward to working with Astir Palace to introduce Four Seasons to Greece, creating a world-class hospitality experience characterised by product of the highest calibre and customised Four Seasons service.”

Features will include approximately 300 rooms, suites and luxury bungalows; spa and recreational facilities; state of art conference and event spaces; infinity pools; beaches; a unique beachfront promenade; and more. With interiors designed by Meyer Davis Studio, the concept draws heavily on inspiration from the beauty of the surrounding environment and local culture, embodying a contemporary yet timeless luxury design ethos with unique attention to detail, and establishes a connection to the property’s history. Select food and beverage outlets, conceived by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, will introduce new culinary dining concepts of local and international cuisines.


Destination Resource Management


















A Destination Resource Management Company is a newly coined term to define MICE professionals who have taken destination management to a higher level.
Companies that, with their in-depth knowledge of a destination, experience & expertise in orchestrating the best of all local resources & infrastructure, refine the process and create exceptional events that support clients’ objectives at all levels from concept to fulfilment.

The DRM Company fully understands the clients’ goals & endeavors to achieve them, keeping the customer’s interests foremost at all times.

As a SITE member & DMC of 17 years, we at Metropolitan DMC align ourselves with this concept & philosophy of striving for continuous evolution to provide ever greater value for our clients.


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The Game of Thrones theme

The success of the HBO series “Game Thrones” has once again put Iceland on the map. Iceland’s landscape, unspoiled nature and scenery plays a large role in throughout the whole series.

Boutique DMC Iceland was given the big task, taking part in creating a night of memorable event for a GOT fan.  The venue chosen was the Reykjavík Art Museum.

160 Guests walked behind the Ice wall, were welcomed by Daenerys like hostesses, jugglers and acrobats. They were able to enjoy specially made cocktails from a real ice bar in order to hit up in this blue Ice environment.


A photo-booth where a replica of the Iron Throne was at stake really pleased the crowd. Guests could dress up as John Snow and friends and even try out the coveted Crown. All this under surveillance by the Mountain of course.


Past the ice-wall, guests were invited to dine as if all tribes from the 7 Kingdoms would enjoy a moment of peace around an opulent medieval banquet, enhanced with silver chandelier, copper tableware and flower composition running down the long tables.

As negotiations during a four courses dinner prepared by one of the most eminent chef in Iceland went well, all characters danced through the night entertained by a very lively band of 9 musicians and dancers.




Glacier Experience

One of the most unforgettable experience we create is when we combine thrilling rides, unique activities and local meals. The Glacier Experience is all that and more.

We start the day by discovering the powerful Icelandic Super Jeeps, parked in front of the hotel and ready to welcome up to 8-14 passengers each.

These jeeps are unique, transformed in Iceland and mounted on 46” tyres, they have all necessary technical equipment for a true Expedition.

Driven by professional drivers, these jeeps enable us to cross-rivers and rough terrain, even climb glaciers.

On the glacier, another adventure awaits, it will be up to you and on your own snowmobile to reach the top of the  Europe’s second largest Glacier.


Surrounded with 360 ° panoramic views we might as well enjoy the moment a little longer and enjoy a buffet served on snow carved tables. From Icelandic Hot dogs to traditional lamb soup, a truly Icelandic experience awaits.

As this is a 10 hours day, we have set some comfort stops. On the way to the glacier we will stretch our legs down the canyon between the Euro-Asian & North American tectonic plates. This is the Thingvellir national park a UNESCO World heritage site.

Still on the way to the glacier, we take a break at Geysir. The name says it all, not only there are great shops and restroom facilities, you will be able to observe a hot spring spouting up to 30 meters high.

On the way back from the glacier to Reykjavik, right after a bumpy ride across snowfields and highland, we will stop by the majestic Gullfoss Waterfall.

Athens, but not as you know it!









Metropolitan DMC selects the best, most thrilling Athens experiences to motivate your incentive group. Voted second on the list of best European destinations for city breaks in 2016, Athens surprises & charms visitors.


New 5* Hotels open in Athens

The past few months have brought exciting new arrivals on the scene, most notably the much anticipated Wyndham Grand and the Electra Metropolis. A new 5* Coco Mat Hotel in the Acropolis area is set to open in 2018. Stunning views combined with top notch service and new facilities ensure your delegates have an unforgettable experience.













































(from top to bottom) Electra Metropolis roof top bar, room with a view at the Wyndham Grand Athens, the existing Coco Mat Hotel in Kolonaki area.


Unrivalled Night Life

Athenians are known for their love of enjoying the finer things the city has to offer, meaning there is no shortage of bars and restaurants that are continually upping their game. Cocktails are a serious business, and at Baba Au Rum they are treated with the respect they deserve! No wonder the bar earned a spot on the Worlds Best Bar Selection 2016. Another favourite is The Clumsies, a bar that  combines a modern yet cozy atmosphere with world class cocktails. For cutting edge cuisine right next to the Acropolis head to Epta, a sophisticated and imaginative restaurant that seamlessly combines the classic and the modern.






































































(from top to bottom) Unique cocktails created at Baba Au Rum, the Clumsies bar interior, a feast at Epta 7 Restaurant.


Al fresco entertainment

To make the most of the amazing climate many forms of entertainment that are usually enjoyed indoors are taken outdoors. Amazing amphitheaters like the Herod Atticus, just below the Acropolis, or Epidavrus are truly unique and unforgettable. The open air cinema is another unique Greek summer experience. Set in lush gardens or on rooftop terraces, some with views of the floodlit Acropolis. Let Metropolitan DMC arrange a private showing with cocktails & canapes under the stars!


































(from top to bottom) The Herod Atticus Odeon constructed around 174 AD, open air cinema in Thision area.


Unique History

The New Acropolis Museum houses an astounding array of marble sculptures & artifacts. The building itself is a work of art based on the mathematical & conceptual clarity of the ancient Greeks with an award-winning restaurant facing the Acropolis.

































(from top to bottom) Terrace bar of the new Acropolis Museum, overlooking the Parthenon temple, and the temple itself.


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Victoria Falls Zambia may just be THE Adventure Capital of the World for Incentives


Here’s a stirring challenge. Can any global destination match southern Africa’s “Wonder of the World” Victoria Falls (Livingstone, Zambia) for the pure thrill and wide array of adrenalin eco-adventures for incentive groups?

Can any destination also offer four countries in a day? See me at IMEX World of DMCs F430.

Victoria Falls, now in its 150 millionth fantastic year, is aptly acclaimed as the supreme Adventure Capital of Africa. It’s an incentive planner’s logistical delight as there are more than 30 adventure activities to excite the senses and all are centred on the Zambezi River and within 20 minutes from your hotel.

Then, just an hour away by coach, in Chobe National Park, Botswana, you may experience some of the finest wildlife on earth, including the largest elephant herds anywhere and the special added dimension of safari by boat, where crocodiles, hippos and elephants swimming are regular sightings. The narrow Chobe River overlooks Namibia’s Caprivi Strip and thus, as a creative DMC, we are able to offer the enticing possibility of visiting four countries in a day! You’ll have the passport stamps from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia to prove it.

The signature adventure is the world’s finest one-day white water rafting in the mesmerising gorges below Victoria Falls. Check it out on Trip Advisor – it’s the number one of 34 activities featured. You may select from half-day full-day or multi-day camping trips. Just look at www.safparrafting.com

Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls may be the ultimate adventure!


Right up on the high-adrenalin list are several Wow! Wow! Wow! activities that include taking a plunge in the rock pool at the very edge of the mightiest curtain of falling water in the world (with a 111m drop); canoeing the Zambezi through gentle rapids but being ever-aware of the presence of hippos and crocodiles; micro-lighting over the falls; the gorge swing and the terrifying 111m bungee jump off the bridge with the Victoria Falls as a backdrop.


Look at all of this and many more temptations on www.theexplorerfclubaftica.com and Let’s Keep Exploring!



The Copper Canyon is one of the longest and deepest canyon systems in the world, by far larger than the Grand Canyon. A spectacular railroad crosses the canyon, and the area is also home of the Tarahumara.
The Tarahumara Indians – also known as “The Running People“ – have been doing long-distance running contests through the immense Copper Canyon for hundreds of years. They just wear sandals, and they don’t train. Your Incentive to the Copper Canyon can include running and competing next to Tarahumara runners.
Thrill-seekers can also zip across the canyon along seven lines as high as 450 meters above the ground, for a total length of 5km.

Active Incentive Activities in Greece


Athens may have a reputation for it’s relaxing atmosphere, however there is plenty to offer for those who prefer a more action packed program.


Rib Boat Coastal Adventure










Excitement, Adrenaline & Fun, Swimming & Snorkelling – all this in one seaside adventure on Athens coast!

Super inflatable rib boat for a day of sea & sun along Athens Riviera. Stops are made at small islands and secluded coves for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing. Depending on time available, it is possible to cruise to the bay below the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion.

Here the group could disembark and enjoy a casual lunch at a simple seaside tavern before returning to the rib boats.


Vintage Scooter Art & Architecture Tour















Explore the unique beauty of the Athenian architecture. Your vintage scooter will offer you flexibility and comfort while discovering masterpieces of classic and contemporary architecture, exquisite neighborhoods and public spaces. A different way to approach sightseeing!