Castle & Palace Venues in Greece

These unique properties and venues have the charm and mystique of a bygone era and are ideal for creating memorable, once-in-a-lifetime event experiences!

Achilleion Palace, Corfu

The stunning appearance of this stately palace takes the visitor back in history to when the palace was inhabited by two great figures from European history whose only common bond was their adoration for Corfu, Greece and its culture: Empress Elisabeth of Austria (known as ‘Sissi’) and Kaiser William II of Germany.

Only 10km from the town of Corfu, the palace is the perfect setting for a gala dinner, product launch, meeting, or even a wedding. Opulent, iconic, memorable: ideal for creating that tailor-made, behind the scenes experience an incentive is all about.


The Kinsterna Hotel, once an impressive mansion and estate dating from Byzantine, Ottoman and Venetian times, has carefully been returned to its former glory with an air of luxury.

Today there are numerous features in the mansion’s original construction and design that can be spotted everywhere and deserve a guided tour by one of the hotel’s knowledgeable staff members. From the old chandeliers, armchairs and inside water canal to the handmade lace in the rooms and studded fireplace, each chamber has a unique story to tell.

52 rooms & suites in total make this a boutique property ideal for buy outs for launches, meetings and incentives.

Location: 7km outside Monemvasia, in the SE Peloponnese. Roughly a 4hr drive from Athens.


Imaret is an intimate and luxurious property, located within the homonymous historical monument, built in 1817 in the historical district of Kavala, northern Greece. The monument is a rare example of late Ottoman architecture in Europe. The variety of decoration, quality of the delicate structures, the interaction between indoor and outdoor spaces create an original complex of high aesthetic and cultural value.


The hotel’s actual bedrooms lie beneath the graceful domes of the original construction with some of them overlooking the bay of Kavala and others radiating from the light of the orange tree garden. A large variety of exclusive room amenities and candles create Imaret’s indisputably essential atmosphere.


All 26 rooms are surrounded by three thousand square meters of inner gardens and marble arcades, reflecting the charm of an original Islamic garden set in the past. The variety of plants and peaceful areas, the candlelight and the whisper of running water and soft music make the complex a harmonious setting for relaxation and meditation.

For these and many more ideas for stunning venues in Greece, talk to us now!


Castles, Museums and Manor Houses  In Switzerland we are blessed with a lot of castles, museums, manor houses and other great venues. In the following attachment you find some of them, such as Chillon Castle, Olympic Museum, Domaine de Plein Vent, Portes des Iris and more….

On our homepage you find more details: or on our event-link a small presentation of an small event for 70 persons at a lovely castle in Geneva.

Golf safari in the Lake Geneva region including the French Jura Mountains

This programme is meant for a party of 10 or more persons, who still want to be on their own. It is a self drive golf offer but obviously we can organize daily transportation to/from the golf courses, vip treatments such as organising golf buggies, food and beverages on the turn and restaurant recommendations for the evenings.

Golf safari Lake Geneva & Jura (4 days)

A Royal Day with Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Denmark is one of the world’s oldest monarchies. With more than 126 castles and palaces, there is plenty to look at, whether you are a fan of Renaissance or Rococo style castles and palaces, and some more than 900 years old.

With a country famous for its rich history, gourmet food, happiness and ‘hygge’, there is plenty of memories to be had, when you together with design the amazing memorable moments that last a lifetime. Below is a full-day tour, great for groups in the size range of 25-1000, available from 750 USD per person with everything included.


Welcome to Denmark, A Beautiful Road Trip

Start the day with a smile, as our local authorized guides welcome you and the group to a day spent enjoying all the good things in life. Road Trips are a big part of growing up in Denmark, as we often travel around the country to visit family and friends for a visit or a special occasion.

The Danish nature is therefore treasured by many Danes, as the fields of corn, wheat, canola, and mustard are painting the landscape in their colours. While on the journey, our guides will tell you about what it is like to be a Dane. Who knows – maybe he will share a few secrets about Danish Happiness?


Into the Home of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’

At the coast of Helsingør, towering above the sea and bristling with cannons, lies Kronborg Castle, the fictional home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. After a photo session in the courtyard invited inside the old king’s wine cellar for a Danish lunch of ‘smørrebrød’ or other delicious dishes made with ingredients of the season.

Once our stomachs have been filled with tasty treats, we venture out into the old halls and secret passages, to hear all about the royalties who used to reside here, the battles which were fought, and the ghosts which are still haunting if you go around alone. Also get an exclusive look at ‘Ogier the Dane’, who is sitting asleep in the casemates of Kronborg – until the day when Denmark is in real trouble, and he will wake up and defend the mother country.

Once our tour has ended, we end outside in for a live play with actors, festivities, and drama. The play about ‘Hamlet’ is staged each summer at the castle, which enjoys UNESCO World Heritage patronage.


Fairy-tale-like Dinner

For centuries, kings and queens have celebrated victories, weddings, and births at the castle. You can now do the same. Welcome your guests with a fanfare of trumpets. Fire the canons. Hold a reception in the royal chambers. Start with drinks on the flag-lined bastion overlooking the sea.

The gastronomy at Kronborg Castle is of very high quality. It is inspired by Nordic cuisine with a focus on seasonal ingredients from North Zealand, an area steeped in Danish royal history. The menu can be adapted so that it draws inspiration from the Renaissance. The wine menu is carefully selected to match the menu and grapes enjoyed by the kings and queens through the centuries.

For entertainment, watch classic plays inspired by love or war, see the royal guard in a sword fight, or take the hand of your fair maiden and join the actors for dance and music. Truly a fairy-tale-night to remember.

Hadler DMC Scandinavia is one of Denmark’s leading DMCs and the only Accredited Destination Management Company in all of Scandinavia.
Contact our team (, and let us ask a 100 questions, so we can tailor the perfect program for you.

Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh City – the historic venue for your next event!


The Reunification Palace (also known as Independence Palace) built on the site of the former Norodom Palace, is a landmark in Ho Chi Minh City and a historical witness which passed through the two fierce wars against the French and American colonists.

As Vietnam was split into North Vietnam and South Vietnam, the building served as presidential home and workplace. Today in most minds, the palace is remembered vividly as a marked end to the war, when the North Vietnamese tank crashed its gates on April 30th, 1975.


Following its historic relevance, the palace draws visitors from all over the world and in fact appears like a time capsule frozen in 1975. Its original structures which include lush gardens, secret rooms, antique furniture and even a command bunker do not only function as a museum for the public, but offer a fascinating backdrop for official occasions and MICE arrangements.

The outdoor areas of the palace can accommodate 500 -1000 pax, while the banquet room is perfectly suitable for groups of 80-250 guests.                                                   


Historical expert talks, 5 star catering, beautiful decorations annumerous entertainment options can be arranged by Refine Asia to ensure that your guests will spend a memorable time in this memorable place.



We are looking forward to customizing your next MICE arrangements at the Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh City!

Marrakech 1001 night dinners

We’ll recreate all the magic, the bewitching, the fantasy and the mystery from the Far East for you!

The chosen location will be decorated in Arabian style with oriental carpets and rugs, oil lamps……Suddenly, enchanting sounds invite guests to dinner, performed by the Moroccan orchestra playing their traditional instruments. Enjoy the music while having a delicious dinner

The final highlight will be a fascinating belly-dance performance….

Palais Soleiman

Jewel of the traditional Moroccan architecture, the house which shelters ” Soleiman Palace” was built towards the end of the 19th century by the famous Cadi Layadi, one of the last big Lords of the Atlas.

The cream of the Fes and Marrakesh’s craftsmen worked for years on end in the construction and in the ornamentation of this magnificent big building. Through its zelliges, its antiques monumental gates and its moucharabiehs, the Soleïman palace gives to the visitor the rare privilege to taste, in each of its steps, in the plural expression of an art characterized by the celebration of the divine.

Palais Gharnata

Set in an alleyway dating back from the 14th century, The Palais Gharnata possesses that luxury that comes with passing of time.

Everything here speaks of antiquity, rarity, beauty, and preciousness.

Materials are of the finest (16th Century woodwork, multi coloured mosaics) and worked with the utmost skill: sculptures, paintings, carvings and much more

The Classic Kenyan Safari

A must for the first-time traveler, the experience is designed to put you in an immediate and direct dialogue with the natural world and the incredible Wildlife of Africa. Spoiled for choice from experiencing Hot Air balloon safaris in the dawn to star gazing near the foothills of Mount Kilimanajaro. Don’t forget the local treat on display during a visit to a masai village for that local touch. Later on extend your spectacular holiday to the coast for some moon dancing or just relaxing on the white sandy beaches.


Bushtracks Africa Steam Safaris

Climb aboard one of our elegant and opulent steam trains, that have been beautifully and luxuriously decorated, recreating a whimsical experience of a bygone era. Guests will visit the Victoria Falls bridge, where spectacular sunset views of the falls can be enjoyed, followed by a delicious five-course meal.


Winter Timings / Summer Timings

S: 16:30 / W: 16:00

Guests will be picked up from their hotels by our luxury Bushtracks vehicles and transferred by road to your respective station. A safety brief will be given by the Bushtracks guide en-route to the station. Tickets (including an indemnity on the back) will be issued to all guests.

S: 17:00 / W: 16:30 (depending on the guests’ hotel)

On arrival at the station, a red carpet welcome will lead guests to the train and the locomotive will be ‘in steam’: the perfect photographic opportunity. (NB: children are fascinated by the train, but should not be encouraged to approach too near to the train as it is a moving vehicle and can be dangerous!)

S: 17:30 / W: 17:00 The train will depart and chuff its way through the African bush to the border. The train will pause at the border so a ‘general declaración’ can be given by the train guard to the immigration authorities and then continue to the bridge.

S: 18:20 / W: 17:50 The train will arrive on the bridge between these times, depending on the game that has been viewed en route. Guests may alight from the train once on the bridge for some tremendous photo opportunities of The Victoria Falls, the train, the bridge and the sunset. Perfect photographic opportunities of the locomotive have a beautiful sunset background.

S: 18:50 / W: 19:45 The train will depart the bridge for its journey through the respective conservancy to pull into a siding for service of a 5 course crystal service dining experience. 

S: 21:00 / W: 20:20 The train makes its return journey to it’s station

S: 21:40 / W: 21:00 The Train will arrive at the platform where a Bushtracks transfer will be waiting to take the guest back to their hotels.