Pho – Vietnam’s elixir of life!

Pho and Vietnam – this belongs together lke France and Croissants, Italy and Pizza or the Netherlands and cheese.

Apart from being Vietnam’s national dish, this soup is regarded as a kind of miracle cure that can heal almost everything!


Taking a stroll through the little alleys of Hanoi in the early morning hours, you will notice people sitting on plastic chairs lapping up this traditional breakfast soup with relish at nearly every corner. There are hundreds of little street stalls selling it and actually every family has their own recipe. But no matter where you try it, the basic Pho always consists of a hearty broth with pieces of beef  (phở bò) or chicken (phở gà), rice noodles and many different herbs and spices , topped with individual add-ons.

All ingredients are super fresh and healthy!




Coriander is good for the stomach, the Vitamin C of the lime helps against colds and in beef there is a lot of zinc that strengthens the immune system and acts anti-inflammatory. This combination is unbeatable and no matter if you are suffering from flue, tummy ache, cold or lovesickness – Pho will definitely support your soon recovery and apart from that it is just soooooo tasty!

Although the Vietnamese cuisine definitely offers other great and even more exotic dishes, a good Pho alone is worth a trip to Vietnam and can become an exciting element of your next Incentive trip. Whether you surprise your guests with a traditional Pho breakfast at an authentic local street stall or let them prepare their own Pho during a cooking class with a Michelin star awarded chef – there are many different possibilities to let them experience the magic of the Pho 🙂