PIEROGI GOURMET – Taste of Poland

Considered to be the dish which Poland is famous for, Pierogi is good for all occasions. Whether eaten in a high-class restaurant, in a market place cafe with a cold beer, or home-cooked for a few friends – it’s hard not to eat in and enjoy them.


As everybody likes eating well and if it takes place in a nice scenery of Krakow’s places and if in addition this food is being prepared before our very eyes by a person, who is not only an excellent cook but also tells brilliant stories about origins of prepared dishes… This is a very interesting activity for people interested in getting to know more about the Polish culture and, of course, its gastronomy! We start in the morning walking Old Kleparz market where we will buy the ingredients for today’s cooking class. For the pierogi – dumplings, we will hand out a buying list, together with a few euros – at Kleparz, all ingredients are fresh and best quality.


In the restaurant the chef is already waiting for us with all necessary equipment and cooking stands and ready to start preparation of pierogi. In the beginning of the lesson, you will receive a booklet of Polish recipes for pierogi. Pierogi are served in a variety of forms and tastes ranging from sweet to salty to spicy. Pierogi were traditionally peasant food, but eventually spread in popularity throughout all social classes, including nobles. They are served at many festivals, playing an important role as a cultural Polish dish.

Roll up your sleeves and put on your aprons for a few hours of hands-on cooking – Polish style!

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