The City of Fashion and Design is a building located at the site of the old general storehouses on the quai d’Austerlitz in Paris beside the Seine; it was designed by architects Jakob and MacFarlane and is one of the most remarkable contemporary monuments of Paris. Its architecture, which reveals and celebrates the existing structures, is inspired by the river’s movement, and is in metal and etched glass, owes its green colour to aquatic reflections. A place resolutely facing the future welcomes all events on more of 6000 sqm, on the banks of the Seine. The space can have a modular use having different capacities:

  • La Galerie d’actualité is a glassed-in space measuring 250 sqm. La Galerie can be used for meetings and conferences/talks for up to 150 persons;
  • Le Quai, located on the riverbank, directly on the Seine, measures 1,200 sqm and has a direct view over the river.  This space can host up to 1.000 persons;
  • Atelier is 270 sqm of 180° glassed-in space with a unique view over the Seine and Paris. L’Atelier can host 150 persons for a seated dinner or a talk followed by a cocktail reception, 300 persons for a cocktail reception or party.