THE LADY IS MISSING | Team Building in Poland

What happened to the Da Vinci painting?!?! Help us to find it!

The peaceful life in thw city of Krakow is suddenly stopped, city is shocked by the news – the Picture was stolen!!!!

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Lady with an Ermine”, the most precious and important object in the Polish collection of art, undoubtedly one of the most valuable paintings in whole Europe has disappeared!!!

From the newspaper found in their rooms guests find out what happened and that anyone who might help is mostly needed. No one can stay indifferent to this appeal – guests form groups which specialize in solving different enigmas. Armed with detailed information and all instructions, iPads equipped with maps and clues, groups set off into the city.

Strolling the streets of Old Town of Krakow,  participants have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the most beautiful sights of the city, keeping in mind that the goal is one – to get as soon as possible the data about robbery and find missing painting. Equally, the agents have to do their best not to betray their real identity. Time is pivotal. The faster groups trace the thieves and get the painting back, the better.In order to win, the group has to solve the task set, but has to split into smaller team and thank to this their chances of remaining unrecognized will increase and help to fulfill the mission. Satisfaction from finding the painting is a wonderful award and a capstone of the long quest.