26th of April is the date marked on all calendars as Chernobyl Catastrophe Day. From that moment the meaning of the word “Zone” changed for Ukrainians. Zone is the unique reminder of this technical catastrophe. The open-air museum tells the story of the world’s largest and worst radiation and ecological disaster, a nuclear catastrophe at the Chernobyl Nuclear power station.
During this day tour you will visit Chernobyl city and learn more about the history of the tragedy, to see the fourth block of the Chernobyl Nuclear station and the Pripyat’ – the dead city where life stopped on this fateful day. At the end of the trip we will visit “self-settlers” – people who decided not to leave the Zone.

“This is possibly the most poignant eco-tourism trip one could take. Politicians from all over the world should visit Chernobyl before they consider commencing extolling the virtues of nuclear power in an effort to justify further investment in this technology.”
Charlotte Jones, travel blogger from UK