Water Polo as a Teambuilding

WATER POLO as a team-building

In September 2015 Escape Travel – DMC Russia made very special arrangements for a friendly water polo match between SAMSUNG, Egypt and Russian women professional water polo team “Diana”.

With the great help of the coach, Escape Travel rep and some bribe Samsung won 89:73!

Wise hints for those who are eager to repeat the experience:

  • Explain to the clients basic rules of water polo beforehand and make sure they can swim.
  • Don’t dispute your client’s ability to handle and pass the ball.
  • Exclude some “not-so-important” rules as throws by one hand only and do not ban holding the ball under water to keep them safe and help them survive.
  • Allow your clients to stand, walk or jump off the bottom to help them overcome the pros.
  • Make sure your guests play in the shallow part of the swimming pool to prevent drowning.
  • Make sure your client’s goal is small enough and pros goal is large.
  • The size of your goal ideally should accommodate only head and shoulders of the goalkeeper.
  • Explain to the pros that your clients want fun, not sport to avoid black eyes or other physical abuse.

Drop me a line if you you like to receive more innovative ideas for team-building in Russia. Nothing is impossible! Andrey Gousyatsky andrey@escapetravel.spb.ruWATER POLO AS A TEAMBUILDING SAMSUNG WATER POLO ATTACK