UGANDA the Pearl of Africa’s Crown, as clearly spelt out in the third stanza of the national anthem. Uganda’s rich culture, vegetation cover, animals and the weather is a rhythm of contrast, a country that harbors Africa’s biggest lake and the source of the world’s second longest river. A country ranked 16th on National Geographic Travelers Cool List, there is this one particular attraction that has driven tourist from all over the world into this country.

Gorilla trekking! yes it is one thing you will spend your money on and it will live up to its full potential, the activity is less expensive in Uganda compared to Rwanda, in simple terms gorilla trekking in Rwanda is worth gorilla habituation in Uganda or having two treks and even spare part of the money for a game drive in Queen, with this golden deal I bet it’s a more rewarding thing to gorilla trek or habituate in Uganda than elsewhere in the world.

Seeing the guide crashing through the thick jungle brush of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with a machete as you follow along is that real authentic gorilla trek experience not just a gorilla walk! No wander its called a gorilla trek not a gorilla walk. It is possible to trek fifteen minutes into the jungle and see the gorillas, though it may sometimes take up to six hours before finding them. These incredible animals are nomadic and frequently on the move. They are wild animals in the park and free to move as they please though Uganda Wildlife Authority guides normally have a general idea of where they will be based on where they were the day before, the guides’ excellent tracking abilities and instinct.