Status of Member Countries with Open Borders as at 24 June 2020

Below please find detailed updates from World of DMCs member countries, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Spain, where borders are open to certain countries and groups/meetings are permitted under certain conditions.

It is strongly recommended that you contact the individual DMCs for further updates and clear advice prior to planning travel.


Austria Country Update

Borders opened Mid-June with no quarantine for most European countries, including Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland.
Inbound passengers from Spain, Portugal and the UK, and all other countries will be tested on arrival and potentially subject to quarantine.
Many hotels will open on July 1st, but by beginning of July all businesses should be open again.

Masks are not required, except if a 1m distance is not possible. Masks are MANDATORY on public transportation, at the Doctor/hospital and in pharmacies.
Museums are open, with a maximum groups size of 15pax for most.

For further updates for group and incentive travel guidance, contact Imperial Connection


Czech Republic Country Update

Visitors coming from Sweden, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Portugal and Silesian Voivodeship (southern part of Poland) must present a negative test for Covid-19.
Visitors from all other European countries can visit the Czech Republic without any obligation of test or quarantine

Face masks are still mandatory in enclosed spaces for everybody older than 2 years (for instance in city transportation, trains, shops, theatres, cinemas etc.) until the end of June 2020
Face masks are not compulsory from July 1, but people can take them in case they feel themselves sick or want stay protected

Events with up to 1000 people are allowed from Monday June 22, 2020. Larger events will be separated into groups of 1000.


At Maxin PRAGUE we go beyond these measurements in order to fulfil our motto – Details Create Excellence – which changed in these days to Details Create Safety. Therefore, once you organise events with us we create a program within these additional precautions:

– Speeding up entrance of guests, avoiding queues
– Using dedicated areas only for our guests or separating our groups from the rest of the venue by our mobile dome solution – Quickspace
– Booking of rooms of sufficient size
– Disinfection of all rented rooms twice a day
– Non-contact disinfection available throughout the event
– Face-mask for each participant – 2 pcs a day
– Sanitizing gel for each participant
– Mobile in-desk – application for online communication with event manager / hostess and / or guide)
– All documents required for event delivered to guests in e-form

and Last but not least providing flexible payment and cancellation terms in these uncertain times.

For further information on group and incentive travel, contact Maxin PRAGUE



Slovakia Country Update

Slovakia has opened its borders to citizens of 19 countries: the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland with no quarantine requirements.

Trains to Prague currently operate a limited service. Trains to Vienna will start operating in full mode on 15 June 2020.

From 6 June, Slovak Lines buses will run to Vienna, Schwechat Airport, Hainburg Budapest and Ferenc Liszt Airport in Budapest

From 9 June 2020 the following measures apply:

• wearing masks outside is voluntary, the obligation to wear a face mask indoors remains in force
• children’s corners and nightclubs are open
• the two-meter distance between tables in restaurants changes from obligation to recommendation
• Outdoor swimming pools, spas, fitness, and wellness centres may open. Hotels that have these facilities may provide all these services, Indoor swimming pools and sports venues are open as well,
• Accommodation: 24- hour break between use of rooms
•Shopping centres are open, apart from playgrounds.
Meetings set by law, like municipal council meetings, party congresses and shareholders’ meetings, are allowed without any restrictions to the number of participants,
• Masks will be compulsory only inside, during events and when the distance between people is less than 2 meters,
• Indoor and outdoor tourist attractions are opened. Casinos, zoos, and botanical gardens can let visitors in, both interiors and exteriors. Museums, galleries, libraries, exhibition halls, cinemas, theatres are opened
• Taxi drivers are no longer obliged to have a barrier between the driver and clients in their cars. The government also cancelled the 15-minute compulsory break between individual clients. Air conditioning is allowed
• The requirement to close shops on Sundays is still valid but special opening hours for seniors are cancelled. The limit for one customer in a shop has decreased to 10 square meters,
• Competitive sports events are allowed again,
• At cultural events, it will be possible to have a chessboard form of seating instead of having a two-meter distance.
Between individual visitors, at least one seat must be empty. Artists are not required to have a COVID 19 test,
• Mass events from June 10, maximum of 500 persons, from July 1 until the end of the year, maximum of 1,000 people,
• Barbers, beauty salons and hairdressers, solariums, pedicures, and manicures are opened

For further updates for group and incentive travel guidance, contact Supravia Destination Management


Spain Country Update

The State of Emergency in Spain concluded on Sunday 21 June 2020. Residents can now travel again freely within the country without restrictions.

The borders are open for EU and EFTA states, and the UK. For any other country, it’s closed.

In Barcelona and major cities, only 20-30% of hotels are open, more are to open step by step but until September the situation will not be normalised. Hotel chains such as Barceló or Meliá with many properties in each city are opening only one or two in each city. More beach hotels are open, to take advantage of the summer season, as many close during the Winter months.

For further updates for group and incentive travel guidance, contact Ambiance Incentives