What is Incentive Travel – and how can a DMC help?


Incentive Travel is defined as a holiday arranged by the employer as a reward for performance achieved, or as a powerful motivational tool.  Research shows that a well-planned incentive trip yields high ROI in not only job performance but also in loyalty.  Well-rewarded employees stay longer and perform better.

The Millennials in the workforce value ‘experiences’, so the reward of a trip will likely motivate them more than a simple monetary bonus.  The trip, however, must be something they value; something they are unlikely to have access to by themselves.  This is why a good DMC (Destination Management Company) is an essential partner in any destination. Even in a well-frequented holiday destination, a good DMC will be able to arrange exciting experiences; experiences that are inaccessible on a holiday booked by individuals.  Value lies in unique experiences delivered in exciting ways, creative activities, and desirable locations.

Incentive travel is NOT a business trip for meetings.  Carefully planned, however, the time for networking, team building and unscheduled discussions will be invaluable to all involved.

When selecting your DMC partner, be sure to allow enough time for venues to be thoroughly researched and matched to your expectations; activities must be planned, and budgets carefully managed.  Your DMC partner can do everything ‘on the ground’ in your chosen location, from airport transfers to hotel bookings, event conception and creation, dining and excursions.

Every member of World of DMCs has a positive track record in group and incentive travel, and a professionally creative mindset.  So this is a great place to start when looking for your next destination partner!