Why Hire a DMC?

First of all, let’s look at what a DMC is:  A destination management company, or destination management services company is your ultimate outsource partner, whether in your own home town, or a land far away.  These specialised professionals are an extension of your company, working with you to ensure that every aspect of your meeting, incentive, convention, conference or group outing goes according to plan.  Whether it is a corporate incentive trip, a wedding party or a multi-national convention with delegates from around the world, a DMC is essential.

What does a DMC do?

A good DMC is the ultimate logistics and event expert in their destination.  They source and book venues and locations, create experiences, negotiate costs, arrange transportation, cater to special requests and generally ensure that everything works from beginning to end (and not just for the time you are actually there!).

So why hire a DMC? 

If you have an unlimited budget, plenty of time, and a large team with varied expertise and knowledge of your selected destination, perhaps you do not need a destination management company.  However, the chances of that being a reality are probably quite slim.  This is where a professional DMC steps in.  Your destination management professional is your eyes, ears and feet on the ground, with an intimate knowledge of the destination and the contacts to make everything happen.

The real question is, can you afford to be without a DMC?