What is Incentive Travel – and how can a DMC help?


Incentive Travel is defined as a holiday arranged by the employer as a reward for performance achieved, or as a powerful motivational tool.  Research shows that a well-planned incentive trip yields high ROI in not only job performance but also in loyalty.  Well-rewarded employees stay longer and perform better.

The Millennials in the workforce value ‘experiences’, so the reward of a trip will likely motivate them more than a simple monetary bonus.  The trip, however, must be something they value; something they are unlikely to have access to by themselves.  This is why a good DMC (Destination Management Company) is an essential partner in any destination. Even in a well-frequented holiday destination, a good DMC will be able to arrange exciting experiences; experiences that are inaccessible on a holiday booked by individuals.  Value lies in unique experiences delivered in exciting ways, creative activities, and desirable locations.

Incentive travel is NOT a business trip for meetings.  Carefully planned, however, the time for networking, team building and unscheduled discussions will be invaluable to all involved.

When selecting your DMC partner, be sure to allow enough time for venues to be thoroughly researched and matched to your expectations; activities must be planned, and budgets carefully managed.  Your DMC partner can do everything ‘on the ground’ in your chosen location, from airport transfers to hotel bookings, event conception and creation, dining and excursions.

Every member of World of DMCs has a positive track record in group and incentive travel, and a professionally creative mindset.  So this is a great place to start when looking for your next destination partner!

What We Learned from International Confex 2019

International Confex (London Olympia, February 26-27, 2019) was an amazing expo for event professionals seeking suppliers, ideas, products, and services, but not so great for those seeking UK or International Venues and Destinations.  Having said that, World of DMCs was located in the International Pavilion, and as one of the few International Destination Suppliers, had exclusive access to those visiting event and meeting professionals looking for new partners.  We came away with over 25 strong connections with firm groups in the next 12-24 months!

We also talked to an awful lot of ‘event industry’ students who didn’t have a clue what a DMC was. (that is Destination Management Company for those who don’t know the abbreviation!).  So we helped to educate some of these impressionable young minds, and hopefully guide them towards working with DMCs when they join the workforce.

Behind our stand was a small presentation area, so we were also able to listen in to some of the speakers throughout the show (something we can rarely do when managing the stand at an exhibition).  One of these presentations was on Millennials and their attitude to Incentives.

Millennials are those born between (approx) 1977 and 2000.

The following points are key when talking about travel incentives to this market:
  • Almost 50% of millennials would be more inclined to make a purchase if their purchase supports a cause. This applies to travel too. Activities that involve ‘giving back’ or ’causes’ are very popular.
  • 69% of Millennials crave adventure
  • they want Experience not things; the incentive travel experience must be something they could not find when travelling with family or friends.  It must be unique. it does not have to be expensive.
  • Destinations that would not be ‘first choice’ or even affordable if travelling alone/with friends are preferred
  • Images depicting experiences and activity attract the most attention, not landscapes or buildings
  • millennials take their own photos for social media, and can spot ‘Shutterstock’ type images = brand becomes less attractive if the images are not authentic and unique.

We would thank the person making this presentation, if only we could remember who it was, but thank you anyway!

Food for thought when considering your sales pitch, proposal, and images for your website and social media.  And yes, we are now working on incorporating more ‘action’ into our own website and social media images.

Next stop, IMEX Frankfurt.  See you there!

Update on Zimbabwe

Dear Valued Travel Partners, 

In light of recent events in  certain areas of Zimbabwe, we would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that all our guests currently traveling in the tourism areas of the country are perfectly safe.  

Popular tourist destinations such as Victoria Falls, Mana Pools and the Hwange National Park are far  removed from cities such as Harare and Bulawayo, where there has been unrest.  

Victoria Falls is operating as normal, and through our Zambian office the issue of unavailability of the internet has been resolved. 

Our team in Zimbabwe and myself are monitoring the situation closely, and we shall advise you accordingly should anything change.

Should you have any queries regarding travel to these regions please do not hesitate to contact us at reservations@bushtracksafrica.com 

All the best,
Christopher Tett

Bushtracks Africa

Why Hire a DMC?

First of all, let’s look at what a DMC is:  A destination management company, or destination management services company is your ultimate outsource partner, whether in your own home town, or a land far away.  These specialised professionals are an extension of your company, working with you to ensure that every aspect of your meeting, incentive, convention, conference or group outing goes according to plan.  Whether it is a corporate incentive trip, a wedding party or a multi-national convention with delegates from around the world, a DMC is essential.

What does a DMC do?

A good DMC is the ultimate logistics and event expert in their destination.  They source and book venues and locations, create experiences, negotiate costs, arrange transportation, cater to special requests and generally ensure that everything works from beginning to end (and not just for the time you are actually there!).

So why hire a DMC? 

If you have an unlimited budget, plenty of time, and a large team with varied expertise and knowledge of your selected destination, perhaps you do not need a destination management company.  However, the chances of that being a reality are probably quite slim.  This is where a professional DMC steps in.  Your destination management professional is your eyes, ears and feet on the ground, with an intimate knowledge of the destination and the contacts to make everything happen.

The real question is, can you afford to be without a DMC?

Opportunity to Join World of DMCs for 2019

Membership of World of DMCs runs January to December and is restricted to one member per country.  If you are a destination management company looking to expand your international marketing, and perhaps join a network of professional DMCs at IMEX (Frankfurt) and IBTM (Barcelona)  at cost effective rates, AND we do not already have a member for your country, please contact us for membership details and benefits.

We have openings for new DMCs in Australia, Germany, Lebanon, Singapore and Thailand, as well as any country not yet shown on the website.

Special offer until 30 January 2019 – no joining fee (save Euros 350)!

Contact Caroline on info@world-of-dmcs.com 

World of DMCs welcomes UGANDA

World of DMCs is excited to welcome The Safari Chapter, representing Uganda, a new destination for the association.

Uganda has something for everyone. From the most hard bitten adventurer to the most discerning connoisseur of food and wine. Safaris in Uganda have become irresistible. It holds a richness of wildlife that tugs at our heartstrings, sweeping savannahs that beguile the senses and fascinating cultures that overwhelm us with humanity and dignity. Its quite simply, a land that inspires lingering on.

The people with their diversity, warmth, hospitality, dance, song, love culture and passion for visitors are hard to resist. Inspired by Uganda’s physical beauty, Sir Winston Churchill named it “ Pearl of Africa”, and the country maintains its beauty to this day. This is a land of contrasts – from snow capped peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains to the tropical, sandy, freshwater beaches along the lake shores and smiling faces wherever you go, Uganda is a feast for the senses. It is an extremely diverse country.

Visiting Uganda, you can see the whole of Africa in this beautiful country. It is Africa condensed, with the best of everything the continent has to offer packed into one stunning destination.

Uganda also has the highest concentration of primates on earth including the majestic mountain gorilla. This is the Uganda we know, and the Uganda we are proud to show to the world.

Lebanon joins World of DMCs

World of DMCs is delighted to announce a new member representing Lebanon, Exclusive Services Group SARL.

World of DMCs is an association of worldwide destination management companies, with one member per country.  Supporting members with online marketing, including website and active social media channels, World of DMCs also hosts a stand at two key trade shows each year – IMEX Frankfurt and IBTM Barcelona, giving members a cost effective way of reaching these vital markets.

Exclusive Services Group has over 15 years of experience in the Middle East, and is headquartered in Lebanon.