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The only Global Network of experienced destination management companies you need!
Who We Are
World of DMCs is a global network of Destination Management Companies with a focus on inbound travel to their respective destinations for group travel, incentives, conferences and events.
What We Do

We support our members’ business growth through strategic tradeshow participation and an optimized digital presence; bolstering lead generation, cultivating industry recognition, whilst providing a collaborative knowledge-sharing platform.

How We Do It

We offer cost-effective trade show participation under the World of DMCs banner, a robust social media presence and regular email marketing activity to a curated database of potential buyers.

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Monthly News, Updates, Destination Insights and more, to assist you in planning that next group or incentive trip, conference travel or global event.

Who We Are

Established in 2007, World of DMCs is a network of professional Destination Management Companies (DMCs) worldwide, with offices in the UAE and the UK.

Our members operate locally in their respective countries and North American states, providing professional DMC services for incentives and meetings, special interest groups, corporate events, conferences & congresses.

Membership is restricted to one per country, or US State, and all are carefully selected according to proven track record, reputation, and ethical standards. All must be insured and licenced, and many are accredited, award-winning, certified, and members of ADMEI, SITE, MPI and other influential industry associations.

From Finland to Cuba, Indonesia to Argentina, Morocco to Mauritius – all our DMC members are committed to service, efficiency, creativity, respect, and transparency.

The Board

Member for UAE

Gaby Seikaly

Member for Indonesia

Norberto Rodriguez

Member for Austria

Johanna Schmikal

Member for Iceland

Olivier Didonna

Member for Morocco

Chakib Bouzid

What We Do

Develop business opportunities through participation at major trade shows (IBTM & IMEX).

Generate inbound enquiries via the World of DMCs website.

Promote brand awareness of World of DMCs & individual members through content creation, social media marketing and online networking opportunities.

Promote recognition of the Network in the media and the tourism industry.

Facilitate social and professional WODMCs activities at least once per year to focus on business networking and relationship development.

Attract as members genuine DMC professionals, who have the required high ethical business standards and provide the platform for members to share knowledge, seek information and benefit from referrals

Benefits of Membership

One of the most successful and long-standing networks for destination management companies, World of DMCs has since expanded to include focused and regular content creation for online marketing support benefitting all members.

Benefits of Working with Us

All World of DMCs members have been vetted and approved prior to joining the network, so you can rest assured that they know what they are doing, are fully insured, are members of relevant local and international professional bodies, and experienced in whatever type of trip or event you need.

Get the Latest News from our Global Network of Destination Management Companies

Monthly News, Updates, Destination Insights and more, to assist you in planning that next group or incentive trip, conference travel or global event.

How We Do It

An elected Board oversees activities, validates membership applications, and sets the direction during their two-year term.

An Executive Director manages day-to-day membership and trade communications, all marketing and social media activities and trade show participation.

A consistent, active presence is maintained on relevant social media platforms, sharing, and promoting member information and World of DMCs messaging.

Email Marketing to a growing database of travel buyers and potential clients

Exhibiting at IMEX Frankfurt and IBTM Barcelona, with competitive rates for member participation.

Regular member communications and engagement via email, frequent Zoom events and private members-only Facebook Group.

Benefits of Membership

All DMC members are focused on inbound group and incentive travel to their respective destinations; DMCs who create unique, bespoke programmes and itineraries for their clients; Specialists in the art of designing and creating memorable events for groups and incentives.

Benefits of Working with Us

World of DMCs members are professional event organisers, with an intimate knowledge of their own destinations, and close relationships with the suppliers you are going to need. These DMCs are your ears and eyes on the ground, your in-destination partners from arrival to departure.

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