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Welcome to Across Morocco – Your Professional Destination Management Company

Embark on an enchanting journey to magical Morocco with your local experts at Across Morocco. Our team of seasoned professionals possess unparalleled local knowledge and technical expertise, bringing your travel dreams to life.

With an unwavering commitment to conceptual creativity, originality, and executional finesse, we curate unmatched experiences tailored specifically to your needs and preferences. Constantly seeking innovation and novelty, Across Morocco strives tirelessly to exceed your expectations and deliver incomparable services.

Unique and Beyond

As a team of travel and event organization experts, we are driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation and originality, ensuring your experiences transcend the ordinary.

Our mission’s success lies in the seamless fusion of satisfying your desires and overwhelming you with extraordinary encounters.

  • Satisfaction: We systematically adopt a holistic approach to understanding our clients’ needs.
  • Execution: We remain attuned to your needs and desires, ensuring flawless execution.
  • R&D Investment: We optimize our status as specialists by continuously deepening our knowledge of Moroccan tourism.
  • Quality: Creativity, trend, and innovation are at the forefront of our product design philosophy.

What We Do

  • MICE

Commitment to Excellence, Intelligent Planning & Focused Effort

We leverage our unrivalled buying power in hotel and land services to provide budget-friendly rate offers and aggressive negotiation strategies for our clients and their delegates. Recognized as one of the most renowned MICE specialized DMCs in Morocco, we invest in a proactive approach to research and development, ensuring creativity and innovation are the driving forces behind the organization of your event.


Travel for Fulfilment, a Travel to Remember!

Our experienced travel experts utilize Across Morocco’s reputed connections to match you with the perfect local destination(s) and experience, from a 1001 Nights getaway in Marrakech to a nomadic adventure in the great Moroccan desert.

We meticulously define the trajectory, ensuring each stopover fulfils your expectations and needs. We are committed to providing you with a unique emotional experience where you can savour every moment and appreciate every detail. Create moments of pure pleasure and satisfaction with a tailor-made concept, a whole new way of traveling.

Where We Operate

Our expertise extends across the entire kingdom of Morocco.


Sustainability, Diversity, Inclusivity

  • Sustainability:

Eco-friendly Operations: We adopt practices that reduce environmental impact, such as using electric vehicles and promoting recycling.

Conservation Efforts: We support local conservation projects and encourage responsible traveller behaviour.

Sustainable Partnerships: We collaborate with eco-certified accommodations and suppliers committed to sustainability.

  • Diversity:

Inclusive Itineraries: We showcase the rich cultural heritage of Morocco, including contributions from diverse communities.

Empowering Local Communities: We collaborate with diverse suppliers, including women-owned businesses and minority groups, to support economic equity.

  • Inclusivity:

Cultural Sensitivity Training: Our staff undergoes comprehensive training on inclusivity and cultural sensitivity to ensure all guests feel welcome.

Community Engagement: We involve local communities in the tourism experience, ensuring their voices are heard and respected.


Services Offered

  • MICE & Luxury Travel

Contact Details

Across Morocco
Lotissement Yasmina N°48, Ain Mezouar 40000 – Marrakech – Morocco

Chakib Bouzid
General Manager

Office: +212 (0) 5 24 43 42 43
Mobile: +212 (0) 6 61 23 60 07




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