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Generation T, identified as the 18–24-year-old demographic, born from 2010 onwards, is a crucial target group for travel planning in 2024 and beyond. These are young adults who have grown up in the digital world.  Hyper connectivity, speed and instant gratification are some of the words that describe this generation.

This is the generation ready to be incentivised by a travel reward, or corporate group travel experience, but their expectations are unlike those who have travelled before them.

What are Generation T’s Travel Preferences?

This age group stands out for their frequent travel habits; for example, data from ABTA shows that from September 2022 to August 2023, they took an average of 2.7 holidays, which is significantly more than other demographics who averaged 1.4 holidays in the same timeframe. This pattern of increased travel activity is not a recent development; even between August 2022 and September 2021, Generation T averaged 2.2 holidays. 

Their consistent interest in travel makes them a valuable demographic for the group and incentive travel industry, and one for which incentive travel will clearly appeal.

Destination Preferences

Generation T’s destination preferences align pretty much with other demographics.  Their favoured destinations (UK outbound) include Italy, France, the US, Spain, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, and Ireland, with China being the only distinctive choice for this group.

Generation T is characterized by a desire for longer and more adventurous holidays, a shift from their previous travel experiences when younger, which likely involved more conventional holiday packages.

This shift is attributed to their entry into the workforce and the desire to spend their earnings on unique and different travel experiences, leaning towards adventure trips.

What an opportunity Generation T presents to group and incentive organisers who are able to appeal to the younger generation.  

With adventurous and ‘off the beaten path’ itineraries, this could be your ideal target market for the coming years!

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